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Here you’ll find the best mobile slots games around. Our mobile slot reviews will give you a clear look at how each slot machine plays, how much fun you’ll get and at which mobile casinos online you can play them.

The transition from online slots to mobile slots games has not always been an easy one. Some of the best casino slots created to be perfect online do not always render as nice on the small screen. But with the advance in mobile phones and tablets, online casinos have started providing a real mobile casino games offering worthy of their online desktop counterparts. We provide you with all the mobile video slots that have been turned from online to mobile so you can have the best on the go experience.

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Mobile Slot Machines

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Real money mobile slots

Gaming slots, slot machines, fruit machines, fruities, pokies... different words for the same great online gambling games we all know and love. They have become symbolic with the glamour of Vegas and online casinos everywhere. When those reels line up, the casino slot game flashes and the bells and sounds of a jackpot sing... it can turn grown men into dazzled children.

In fact, we would argue that the moment video slots went from your brick and mortar to your online casinos, their popularity increased tenfold. Many people have never played on a physical real money slots machine, but on hundreds of their online cousins. This is because online and mobile slot machines, in our opinion, are basically just games and a great form of entertainment. Some people love Halo or Farmville. The rest of us spin those reels and hope.

But why do people play mobile slot machines?

It’s the simplicity of the game that most of us love. There are no complicated slot rules. No long list of slot strategies. You pick your coin, pull the lever and let Lady Luck do her magic.

Although there might not be any physical lever to pull, the feeling is still the same. In fact the hardest decision you’ll have to make is which one of the above real money slots you’ll want to pick. Then you relax and watch as the reels spin.

How to play mobile slots online

Yes, video or classic slots are simple. But still they vary enough in their rules and game play to require a deeper look. Depending on the features and coin value, you can play very different types of mobile casino slots. You should always take into account the minimum and maximum requirements on the casino games so you can tailor your budget. As a rule, you should always try and play all the reels in each slot game to maximise your chances of winning. So be sure that the coins minimum and bet per line can account for all the reels.

Once you decide how many bets per line and the amount per lines, you can press the button and spin. The random number generator spins the reels until the symbols come to rest. The mobile slot machine will then pay out according to it’s paytable and bonus features. The slots payouts differ per game so be sure to check the individual paytables to see if it's the one for you.

The basics of mobile casino slots

  • Bet Max Button: The player chooses to place the maximum number of coins on the paylines chosen.
  • Gamble Button: A popular bonus feature, after a win you can gamble to double your winnings or lose it all – usually on a pick of two choices. (spin of a coin, pick the right card etc...)
  • Lines: The number of betting lines you can bet real money on. This can be as little as 1 to 99+ lines.
  • Bet Per Line: The player decides how much they want to bet on each of the paylines. Think of it as multiplier – x 1, x 2, x 3 etc... usually x 5 tends to be the maximum.
  • Spin Button: Spin it. Win it.

Here's our complete list of all the online and mobile slot terms you'll come across.

Should I play progressive jackpot mobile slots?

Mobile progressive jackpot slots are on the rise. That said, there are fewer of these in the online mobile slots sites world than there are in general desktop casinos. So the amount tends to be smaller and harder to hit. That said, big mobile wins are starting to be more common and definitely worth pursuing, one of the biggest being on Mega Moolah jackpot slot, hitting over 3.7 million!

What’s the difference between in-game jackpot and progressive jackpot slots?

In-Game Jackpot Slots: These have an internal fixed jackpot. If you get the jackpot symbols, then you win the jackpot amount. This jackpot does not accumulate over time but are easier to hit than progressive jackpot slots.

Progressive Slots: When a mobile slot is part of a network of online casino sites, a small percentage of the amount players pay contributes to one big jackpot prize. So the more players that play, the bigger the jackpot gets. Although they are harder to win than in-game jackpots, the bigger jackpot amounts (often into the millions) have made these increasingly popular. One of the biggest ever payouts online being on Mega Fortune slot at over 17 million.

Playing mobile slots when you want to, how you want to

When video slots went online everyone cheered. Now we could play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only you couldn’t really. You were still tied to your laptop or computer. Now that you have online mobile casinos, it is possible to play mobile real money slots whenever you want – and not just in the comfort of your own home. You can play on your Android mobile phone or tablet, your iPad or iPhone with a multitude of mobile devices supported. It’s revolutionising some of the best slots on mobile, not just in the quality they have to offer in order to compete with their online relatives, but because we truly believe that this will become people’s preferred method of playing any casino games like blackjack, video poker, roulette and bingo, not just mobile slot games.

As long as you see mobile slots games for what they are, a form of entertainment and a great game, you’ll be able to get the most out of your mobile phone casino experience.

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