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Why Lucky Mobile Slots?

We are a team of experienced gamblers with over 20 years of industry experience between us. We love playing and reviewing slots online, on mobile and tablets.

We only play on the best licensed casinos with a proven track record of dealing with their players fairly, giving you the best opportunities to win big. In other words, we spend our pennies testing slots and casinos so you don’t waste your time and real money.

We give you all that and an easy-to-use search function to filter through all the noise and find your perfect game.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On our casino journey, we find the best slot tournaments, casino bonuses, free spins bonuses or exclusive no-deposit bonuses to help you play longer and play smart.

Because with so many choices around, it’s good to get a helping hand in where to start so you can have your happy ending. Whether you’re from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Europe or anywhere in between, LuckyMobileSlots.com is your go-to guide to playing casinos and slots on the go.

Why you can trust our slot reviews

We take great pride in our slot reviews, mostly because before anyone thought of giving people the truth, we were happily giving one-star reviews to the biggest casino software providers out there.

We never shy away from giving you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because we are not getting paid by the game studios to lie, and we don’t take traditional advertising on our site.

To keep the site free and unbiased we make our money via affiliate links – if you click to go to a casino (any casino, it doesn’t matter which one), we might earn a fee at no extra cost to you.

It’s in our best interest to ensure that once you are there, you find slots and games you enjoy playing. Otherwise, why would you come back to read our online slot reviews and find new games and new casinos to play?

It’s not all about slot variance – it’s about slot quality

Many other slot review casino sites would have you believe that all that matters is how big you can win.

And sure, top win matters, but what matters more is how likely you are to get that top win and whether you have fun playing along the way.

We decide on the quality of the slot based on its own type. So, we don’t compare high variance slots with low volatility slots. We compare apples with apples and pears with pears.

A game may be risky and have a top win of 10,000x your bet and look great on paper. The reality may be that there’s a high volatility slot next to it with a top win of 5,000x, which gives you a greater chance of reaching the top win with bigger features.

Equally, a slot like Starburst may only have a top win of 500x your bet, but the wins come often and quick, making it a joy to play.

Whatever your style, we give you a quick breakdown of each slot

You may not be the type to read through a whole slot review, and you want to know the highlights.

That’s why we divide our mobile slot reviews into five parts:

  1. Overall thoughts on gameplay, theme and features
  2. Real live screenshots taken from when we tested the slots
  3. A quick glance at the statistics, including: RTP, Volatility, betting range, features and max win
  4. A breakdown of all the main game slot features and how they work
  5. A final quick conclusion of the overall slot machine

You don’t have to read it all. You don’t even have to read half of it. But we do recommend you check out our star rating, the features and conclusion.

We check the slots sites for the games

You know what would be easy? Deciding that all Microgaming casinos have all the Microgaming slots. And whilst that’s true of some, it’s not true of all.

At the time of publishing the slot game reviews, we check all of our approved recommended casinos and slot sites to make sure they have the game. If they don’t, they don’t go on the review as a casino you can go play.

There is nothing more frustrating than reading a good slot review, clicking to go play, and then finding out that the casino doesn’t have your chosen game.

Note: not all countries have the same mobile slots available at the same time due to regulations and licensing. Ie. Casinos in Canada might not have the same slots as UK casinos.

How our star rating works

We wanted to put down stars, but our mascot, Lucky the Cat, decided to walk all over our keyboard and put little paw prints all over our slot machine reviews.

What can we say? Curiosity may have killed the cat, but here at LuckyMobileSlots.com, we think curiosity makes for clever and good gamblers.

  • 1 star: Unplayable. Avoid with all your might. This slot will take your money and keep it.
  • 2 stars: Salvageable. It might have old-fashioned animations and graphics, and it might just not have a great top win, but its features are decent for its type. It’s a play once and forget mobile slot game. Read the review to see if it’s for you.
  • 3 stars: Playable. It’s an all round good slot; not brilliant, not bad, just a middle of the road good casino game. It probably doesn’t do anything new or different, or maybe it’s a little forgettable but has great wins within. Either way, you won’t be wasting your money here.
  • 4 stars: One to Try. These are the video slots that we recommend you spend your money on when they come out. Overall, they represent the best of their type, whether you like to bet high, low, or enjoy risky or low-risk games.
  • 5 stars: Must Play. The coveted 5 star slot review is rare, but when you see it, pay attention. There’s something here that makes the game special, and it might just become a new favourite if you give it a chance.

Each slot game is played by gamblers for an hour, ensuring we hit every feature and give them a fair chance of showing us their full potential.

It’s not the fastest way to write a video slot review, but it is the fairest and best way to ensure that we give them all the same chance to impress or disappoint.

How well do they work on Android phones, tablets, iPhone and iPad

We know that with the introduction of HTML5 slots, most mobile slots tend to play as well as, if not better, than any online game.

But we started this website a decade ago when that wasn’t the case, and we still like to compare and contrast how easy it is to play on the go.

Does it load slowly? Are the symbols squashed on your phone? Is it hard to view wins? Does it lose half the game when you play in portrait mode?

A bad mobile gaming experience can ruin your whole time at even the best mobile or table casino.

We are trusted partners with Game Studios

With years of experience in the online gambling industry, we’ve got the connection to give you the best and latest news and gaming experience.

Game studios will send us all their latest games to play and review, and best will in the world, we can’t do them all.

But we filter through the noise and write about every new interesting mobile slot and casino promotion from trusted sources.

From big casino softwares to new and upcoming studios

What matters to us more than anything is… regulation.
Hold on, don’t leave! The casino gaming journey starts with the casino software studios that create the games you love to play.

Whether that’s NetEnt, Aristocrat, Playtech, Microgaming and IGT to Big Time Gaming, Play’n GO, Relax Gaming and Yggdrasil, do you know what they all have in common?

No, it’s not that we cover them in our casino slot reviews. It’s not even that we work with them closely to ensure our reviews are accurate. It’s that each one is regulated and licensed by reputable gambling licenses.

Why does that matter? Because the casino could be the best thing since sliced bread, but if someone is there to test the RTP and spins on a slot machine to ensure fair play… what’s the point?

Whether it’s the UK Gambling Commission, Alderney, or Malta, we only work and review casino game software that ensures fair play, so what you see in the paytable is what you get.

No funny business.

Our Online Casino Reviews: Fun, Fair and Factual

Most of our online casino reviews will be 4 or 5 stars because we only pick the best at the time of writing, and we go back and check our data and experience.

Our selection of online casinos may be smaller than most, but that’s because we’ve selected only slot sites that we’ve played ourselves for enough time to trust to play fairly.

That’s not to say we play on all the mobile casinos all the time – we have a few favourites. But if it has been six months or more, we go back and check that they can still meet our high standards of play.

What you’ll find in our casino reviews

Much like our mobile slots, the casino reviews are broken into multiple parts so you can read the parts that are the most important to you.

Maybe you just want to make sure they have the right games. Maybe you won’t play at a casino with withdrawal limits or no jackpot slots.

That’s what the review is for to give you a clear idea of what you’ll be getting before you make a deposit.

  1. Overall review of the whole casino: from its promotions to slots and casino games to license
  2. Detailed screenshots of the casino taken by players
  3. A quick overview to glance over: when it was founded, the software it hosts, currency supported, payment options and cash-out times
  4. An in-depth look at its slots and games available
  5. An in-depth look at its security and available deposit and payment methods
  6. In-depth test of its customer service
  7. The Casino bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs available to you when you sign up
  8. A quick conclusion of the site’s features and gambling experience overall

If the casino is not available in your country (ie. It’s not a UK casino or German Casino), the site will not be available for you to view. So, if you find yourself moving home, come back for a new casino recommendation!

At the end of the day, our casino reviews are written by gamblers like you who want somewhere safe and fun to play their favourite mobile casino slots.

We love writing big winner casino stories

We have a casino blog where we post news and promotions, but our favourite current stories to write are the ones given to us by the casinos themselves.

Mostly, they tend to be jackpot slot winners because nothing screams ‘hope’ like someone winning 4, 8 or 17 million in cash.

But thanks to some good relationships with our casino partner, we try to find the not-so-obvious big-win stories highlighting slots you may not know pay big.

It may not be as sexy to win 2,000 in cash, but it looks pretty darn sexy to us if the person gambling was betting $€£1 a spin.

The anonymity of the player is always kept, and nothing is published on the site without full consent from the winner.

If you have any good big winner stories to share, with screenshots, maybe you can make it on our list of big winners by contacting us.

The Best Casino Bonuses, Free Spins, & More

Casino bonuses are important. We don’t care what anyone says. Even the most experienced gambler likes to get a little something extra when spending money at a casino.

It’s the online version of the free drinks at the Las Vegas casinos. You know they probably won’t help you win money, but they add a little zing to your gambling experience.

A bonus, whether that’s a no deposit casino bonus, a free spin bonus or a deposit bonus, should be seen as that: a fun extra to help you play longer at a casino, but not necessarily win big.

We give you the best welcome and exclusive casino bonuses

Most of the time, the welcome bonuses at casinos tend to be their best offer. They don’t need improving; they just provide you with a deposit bonus and maybe some free spins to make things interesting.

That’s why we give you all the latest casino bonuses and break those down by type so you can find what’s important to you.

Maybe you just want lots of free spins for a small deposit. Maybe you want a casino no deposit bonus to test the casino before you put your money in. We have them all.

And if we feel the offer is lacking, we go back to the casino and ask them for an exclusive bonus to give you a little extra.

All the terms and conditions, clearly laid out

Have you ever heard the term, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” that’s true of any free casino bonuses. It may sound good, but every offer will have terms and conditions attached.

We laid them out clearly for you so you are never taken by surprise. Things to watch out for are:

  1. Wagering requirements – around 35x or less
  2. If there’s a withdrawal limit on winning once you clear the wagering
  3. Whether you can play on anything other than slots
  4. The minimum deposit needed to trigger the bonus
  5. Max amount of bet per spin to clear the wagering

If you like the conditions, then it’s time to get playing.

Find out all the latest casino promotions as they happen

Sometimes, it’s not just about what you get when you walk through the door but what you get if you decide to play.

In our casino blog, we break down more than just the welcome offers. We publish any seasonal promotions that give you added value to your gameplay, from Christmas bonuses to Easter Egg hunts.

But more than that, we take an in-depth look at both the welcome bonuses and the long-term casino promotions on offer.

From loyalty programs that reward you as you play at Rizk Casino to the slot tournaments at Casumo, where you can win free spins every day, to the 10% real cashback offer at All British Casino, we look at the whole experience and what’s in it for you to stay and stick around.

The best gambling sites with casino bonuses no wagering requirements

The holy grail of offers is a casino bonus with no wagering requirements. There are not many, and it’s not to say that they do it all the time, but there are a couple we can offer you to get started.

GUTS Casino was the first site to remove all wagering requirements from all the free spin casino bonuses and they stuck by their mantra, for a while at least. In their view, what you win from the free spins should be yours to keep no matter what.

Rizk Casino is also one of the few gambling sites whose loyalty program is based on wager-free casino bonus. As you go up levels, you’ll be able to spin the wheel of Rizk and win free spins or even cash prize with no wagering.

Play The Best Slots With Our Casino Tools

There’s no point in having experience if you can’t share some of the things you’ve learned along the way.

This is where our blog, full of casino tips and a variety of helpful tools, comes into play. With 20 years of experience, we’ve got lots to write about.

If that’s not enough, we have lots of slot tools and pages to help you find your perfect game.

The slot filter has 13 different options

We know that many slot sites will boast that they have the best slots search around, but we disagree. Because that’s on our website.

Our slot filter allows you to search through slots via one or more of 13 criteria, including software, paylines, volatility and mechanics.

Do you love 243 ways to win slots with free spins, avalanching reels and expanding wilds? You can find them.

Maybe you want to play 10 payline slots with expanding scatter pays like the Book of Dead slot. Or maybe you love high variance Play’n GO grid slots like the Rise Of Olympus slot.

Once you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll know what you love, and we’ll help you find online slot games that give you everything you want.

Our Casino Wagering Calculator

One of our most popular casino tools at LuckyMobileSlots.com has to be our casino bonus calculator.

What does it do? It helps you figure out how much you’ll need to play to clear the wagering of a bonus.

All you need to do is put in your deposit or free spin winnings. Then you put the wagering requirements and whether it’s on the bonus only or on the bonus and the deposit.

Then, it gives you a clear total of how many bets it will take to get your winnings out of the casino. Are you facing a mountain or a small hill? It’s always good to know before you start this casino hike.

LuckyMobileSlots is here to help

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows the different between Megaways slots, Grid slots or an avalanching feature. We’ve been doing this for a while, and we like to pass along whatever nuggets of wisdom we have.

If you’ve ever had any frequently asked questions, chances are if you use our search bar, you’ll find your answer, whether in our slot FAQs or casino blog.

We explain them all clearly and concisely so beginner slot players can understand and learn. Because hey, we’ve made mistakes along the way, and we own those too.

LuckyMobileSlots is all about giving you honest and real opinions about the best (and worst) in casino. Have a look around and become a smarter, better gambler.

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