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The Age of the Gods slots are progressive jackpot games that boast millions in prizes. If you want to win big, take a look a the full Age of the Gods collection, and find a favourite and the best Playtech casinos to play them at.

Playtech has made a name for itself by creating a vast catalogue of beautiful slots, but none are as famous as their Age of the Gods slot games.

The most famous of their slots are set at the time f the Ancient Greek Gods, with the entire pantheon each getting its own wonderful slot theme. That’s what makes these special. They have unique features with their own volatility, none of which copies each other.

But they’ve also added the Age of the Gods Norse series, introducing the mythological world of the Viking Gods and their own special jackpots.

Regardless of your favourite slot themes, the reason to play is to catch the Ultimate Power jackpot that seeds at 100,000 and grows into the millions in progressive jackpot prizes.

Expect 0.99% of your bet to go towards building the jackpots within the game, but that’s the price you have to pay to get the lottery ticket into this huge cash prize draw.

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What are the Age of the Gods Jackpot Slots?

To start with, these progressive slots were created to the slot theme of Marvel characters. Think The Avengers slot and the Incredible Hulk game, at the height of the movie frenzy.

They became the most popular Playtech slots for many years.

When Disney bought Marvel in 2009, they took away the license to use the characters in online gambling. Because of Disney. Let’s be honest, online casinos don’t really fit into their family-friendly brand.

So what did Playtech do? They shut down the Marvel game and instead moved the jackpots and mechanics to a new series of machines.

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The Popular Ages of the Gods online slots

You could argue that these games are only popular because they inherited the popularity of Marvel.

But you can’t deny that part of the popularity was, in part, tied to the jackpots and the game mechanics.

Playtech casinos have a whole host of popular games on their rota because they know how to create beautiful and fun slots.

If you had a favourite Marvel machine, you’ll find the same game mechanics and jackpots, only with heroes of ancient times filling the reels.

How to win the Age of the Gods slot jackpots:

Most of the Age of the Gods Jackpot slots share four random progressive jackpots.

These are generally triggered completely randomly in any casino game; you never know where or which slot. You just have to find your favourite and try your luck.

If the Age of the Gods jackpot slot feature triggers, you’ll get to pick from a grid of 5×4 symbols. To win the jackpot, just find three of the same symbols on the reels.

How much can you win?

These are progressive jackpots, which keep growing until they burst. We can’t predict when or how big they’ll grow because if we could, we’d have millions in the bank and drinking champagne instead of writing slot reviews online.

Not that we don’t love our job, but a jackpot is a jackpot for a reason.

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But because there are so many different Age of the Gods games, the pots tend to grow quickly and to great heights.

Hence their popularity.

What do the Age of the Gods jackpots seed at

A jackpot seed is an amount the jackpot resets after triggering it. This jackpot is paid for by Playtech and grows from there.

  • Power: seeds at 50 in cash
  • Extra Power: seeds at 500 in cash
  • Super Power: seeds at 5,000 in cash
  • Ultimate Power: seeds at 100,000 in cash

You contribute 0.99% of your bet towards the jackpot. The Ultimate Power Jackpot has been known to hit over a million, though it can take some time to reach those heights.

The Difference with the Age of the Gods Norse Slots

We can’t mention the Age of the Gods slots without mentioning the Norse collection. The Norse games is a special series of slots that also boasts the Ultimate Power jackpot.

However, unlike the other Age of the Gods games, it doesn’t have the other three.

The Age of the Gods Norse slots have three progressive jackpots, but only the Ultimate is shared with the rest of its brothers and siblings.

The different slot themes

Of course, the most obvious difference is the slot theme. In Norse, we are playing with the like of Odin, Thor, and Loki in Asgard.

A Viking slot theme full of the old Norse gods. Hence the name.

The original Age of the Gods slots has an ancient Greek slot theme that celebrates Zeus, Athena, Appolo, and the rest of the pantheon.

One is a little dark, full of warriors and axes. The other is a little lighter full of muscle-bound men and beautiful women. It’s all down to your taste on the day.

What are the different jackpots?

Generally, the same RTP is removed as with the others, only this time it goes to feed these three pots:

  • Daily Jackpot: won once a day on the specific game you’ve opened and played.
  • Super Power: won randomly for playing on the Age of the Gods Norse slots series
  • Ultimate Power: seeds at 100,000 and is shared with all Age of the Gods slots

In other words, you get an exclusive jackpot and almost exclusive jackpot, and a big fat jackpot shared by everyone.

Are the Age of the Gods Norse slots better than the Original Age of the Gods slots?

Much like the others, each one is slightly unique in terms of mechanics. If you want to read what we think of them in full, you’ll have to read our Age of the Gods Norse slot reviews.

In terms of the jackpots, however, there are pros and cons.

The Ultimate Jackpot is why most of us play these games. We want to win hundreds of thousands, maybe even a cool million if we’re lucky.

But it’s on so many online slots, it’s a hard one to win because it could trigger on any game with any bet to any of the millions of Playtech online casinos players.

Easier to win jackpots, but smaller jackpots

Nothing is ever easy, is it?

The Ultimate Jackpot in the Age of the Gods slot grows big because so many players play. But it lowers your odds of winning it.

The Age of the Gods Norse jackpots, both the daily and the one shared just by the series, is considerably smaller than the others.

The daily probably only grows to a few hundred whilst the superpower goes in the thousands.

But you are more likely to trigger the Age of the Gods Norse jackpots.

What’s The Best Age of the Gods casinos?

Where can you play the Age of the Gods slot games? In other words, what are the best online Playtech Casinos?

Not all Playtech gambling sites will have jackpots. You need to have the right audience and be able to afford to host the jackpots – these aren’t free; you have to buy the license.

As such, only the best and biggest gaming sites host these, and some may even just pick between some of these games.

Our top Age of the Gods casinos:

  1. Videoslots Casino: They have a UK and Malta license and offer over 6000 slots from over 120 providers. So yes, they have all the games and more. They even have Age of the Gods live casino tables games, because why not play roulette and win a jackpot?
  2. Casumo Casino: Easily one of the slickest online casinos around, they have a reward system like no other and some of the best jackpots, from Mega Moolah to IGT to NetEnt and (of course) Playtech.

If you love playing big jackpot games, there’s no better selection to play than the Age of the Gods slot – whether you like

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