£20 Deposit Turned Into £2.9 Million Win For One Lucky Player At Leo Vegas Casino

Saturday, May 14th, 2016 by LuckyMobileSlots

One lucky chap from the UK literally hit the casino jackpot when he decided to take a £2 spin on a random slot machine called ‘Mega Fortune Dreams’, all at Leo Vegas casino.

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Slot Big Winner
Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Slot Big Winner

Whenever a NetEnt jackpot slot hits, it’s always an occasion to celebrate.

What makes this big slot winner story all the more impressive is that you don’t have to gamble long, or very much, for a chance at a huge win, thanks to those big progressive jackpots slots.

Now a multi-millionaire, we ask the all important questions: how did he do it, how did it feel, and what on earth do you spend £2,906,306.34 on?

Just another day at Leo Vegas Casino

The happy fellow in question has asked to remain anonymous, so we don’t even have a name – just that he is from the UK.

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So, we will call him Tom. Because it’s a friendly kinda name.

Tom has been a customer of Leo Vegas mobile casino for a little while now.

He’d found out that their office were based in Malta, and many happy childhood vacation memories made him want to play on their platform.

Though we suspect the hundreds of online mobile slots may have helped a little too.

A long day at work lead to needing to blow off steam

After weeks of beautiful weather, Tom was looking forward to working in the sun on Saturday.

However, the unpredictable British weather meant that thunderstorms and rain greeted him that day, making the fact that he had to work the weekend just a little more miserable.

So you can imagine that when he got home from work that evening, bone tired and not having had the greatest day, he decided to head to the best iPad casino around.

He’d never before played on Mega Fortune Dreams

Tom is what you’d call a casual gambler. He’s played slots for a few years, knows how they work, but he comes and goes as he pleases.

Mega Fortune Dreams Mobile Slot Reels
Mega Fortune Dreams Mobile Slot Reels

Sometimes he goes months without playing, other times he’ll play every weekend. Just depends on his mood, and his cashflow.

Lately, cash-flow hasn’t been a problem, but time has; a new father of a 2 month old, he certainly wasn’t spending his cash on his usual haunts, instead his new little family was keeping him very busy.

So when he opened up the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game, it was purely on basic instinct: he knew nothing about it, had only vaguely seen it before, and it just ‘felt lucky’.

Well, he wasn’t wrong.

A £20 deposit and a quick 5 minutes later…

Like we said, spare time wasn’t something Tom had in spades, and with a newborn in the house, he wasn’t looking to blow a fortune.

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So he made a small deposit of £20 and started spinning at £2 a spin.

He knew the money wouldn’t last very long, but he just wanted 5 minutes of a quick thrill to brighten up his gloomy day.

What he hadn’t expected was to get the wheel of fortune bonus within the first few spins, followed by moving closer and closer to the Mega jackpot until…

It happened. Just like that, Tom was the latest winner on this beautiful NetEnt jackpot game.

A huge £2,906,306.34 win that will change his life forever

Tom had heard of people playing on video slots and winning big, but he’d never truly believed that it would happen to him.

When Leo Vegas casino called him to confirm the win and start the process to making him the next UK millionaire, he was understandably overjoyed.

“The win was so unexpected! I am deliriously happy, and would like to thank LeoVegas customer support team for their help with keeping me informed throughout the process of the win!” Stated our winner.

I don’t think any of us can truly understand how it feels to sit where Tom is sitting today, but we can certainly try.

How much is £2.9 million in other money?

If you’re not reading this from the UK, you might have a hard time realising just how much money this actually is.

So let is use the powers of Xe.com to give you an idea. £2,906,306.34 equals:

  • €3,7 million
  • AUD$ 5.7 million
  • CAD$ 5.4 million
  • US$ 4.2 million
  • 34.5 million SEK
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Now that you’ve gotten a clearer idea of how much money it is, can you imagine what you’d spend that on? Round the world luxury trip? Buy your own private island off the Caribbean?

Taking care of his family comes first

Although we are sure that Tom will come up with lots of inventive ways to spend almost £3 million in cash, his first instincts are to his family.

As such, he’s promised to spoil his little girl rotten, and take a little extra time off work with her for a little while.

And, as usual, he’d do what any rational man would with that kind of cash – buy his first home, outright, so that his family don’t have to worry about a mortgage or rent for the rest of their lives.

It’s the small things like that that change a life and make big winner slot stories a pleasure to read.

Will you get as lucky at Leo Vegas casino?

Obviously you could do what Tom did, open up this brilliant mobile casino, and find a slot game that just feels ‘lucky’ – though not Mega Fortune Dreams as it’s unlikely to hit again soon.

Or you could use the fact that you are reading this on LuckyMobileSlots.com and get a little head start. By that we mean that there are two mobile slots in the Leo Vegas jackpot portfolio that look close to breaking:

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What would you do with 3 million?

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