€40K Big Slot Winner on Gonzo’s Quest at Guts Casino

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One lucky winner walked away from the Aztec city of gold with a big bag of €40,000 to bring home. Guts Casino tells us how he won.

Big Slot Winner with Gonzo'sQuest Slot Online at Guts Casino
Big Slot Winner with Gonzo'sQuest Slot Online at Guts Casino

Bjorn, as you can probably tell from his name, is from the land up north of Europe; Norway to be precise. The land of snow, ice and gamblers who don’t know when to quit when they’re ahead.

Honestly we’re not joking, not that long ago we published another big winner story about a guy from Norway who, on a measly €100 deposit, spent 11 days building up a €130,000 win.

Is there something about the weather that makes these Viking men fearless when it comes to spinning their winnings?

A series of big wins on Gonzo’s Quest

So, let’s say hi to Bjorn, our latest crazy winner from Norway. It was a weekend, a Saturday afternoon in fact, when he decided to go to Guts Casino and start gambling. Not on his mobile, just his desktop computer online, but still, can’t blame a guy for his choice of devices right?

Bjorn has always been a fan of NetEnt slot games, but had only been playing at Guts for about a month and a half. He was enjoying the vast range of slot machines, but mostly, in all honesty, he doesn’t much care for anything other than Net Entertainment.

Which in this case is probably not a bad thing.

€20 a spin was not a cheap spin

But bear in Mind that Norway, apart from it’s wonderful salmon and fjords, is always well know for being expensive. You and I may think that €20 is a pretty decently high wager, but in Norway a pint of beer costs €10. So what he is betting is two pints of beer. Not so bad really.

However, this isn’t the crazy part. The crazy part is that he won 40k not on one spin. But over a number of spins with a number of big wins on this popular slot. It took him, in total, over an hour to build up his €40k worth of winnings on Gonzo’s Quest, getting a couple of thousand here, a couple of thousand there, 5 thousand again… and finally a great big €15,000 in one spin to finish the hour.

It was at that point that our friend Bjorn decided that perhaps, continuing down the path of throwing your money away would just end up with having no money. We think. We don’t know what he was thinking, in all honesty, even at €20 a spin we would have probably stopped playing way before we hit that win of €15,000. But then we are sensible people with mortgages and cats to feed.

What is Bjorn going to spend his slot winnings on?

The guys at Guts told us that he was going to buy an oil rig. But considering it’s April fools today we are going to take that with a pinch of salt and let them have a chuckle at their joke.

Bjorn has not decided quite what he is doing with his money. If €20 is two beers, then €40,000 is perhaps a small cabin in the woods somewhere. Maybe he’ll have a bath of money whilst singing the Norwegian national anthem and drinking schnapps.

At this stage nothing would surprise us.

Congratulations Bjorn, a well deserved big slot win.

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