€50 Deposit Leads to €70,245 Big Win at Vera&John

Thursday, May 1st, 2014 by LuckyMobileSlots

Jonathan got some beginners lucks as he won his way through several big jackpots on a variety slot games over at Vera&John casino. So how did he do it?

One Lucky Winner Wins Big on Golden Goddess & Magic Portals
One Lucky Winner Wins Big on Golden Goddess & Magic Portals

We like winner stories where people win big in one spin as not only is it impressive, but it gives you hope that you too can do the same.

But big winner stories where a gambler wins big through sheer determination and guts are always the best ones to read. Because sheer, blind luck can give you some crazy streaks that boggle the mind.

The real stars of the show? The video slots of course. In this case the new Golden Goddess, NextGen’s The Codfather and the fiery Magic Portals slot game. All are available to play online and as mobile phone slots.

A new player, a new bonus, a new day

Jonathan has been a gambler for years. He knows the drill and he knows what to look for in a casino online.

So when he saw Vera&John casino, he decided to go right ahead and take the 100% welcome bonus and deposit €50 straight off. Though if he’d searched a little harder and found us he would also have gotten our exclusive Vera&John bonus of 10 free spins no deposit needed on Starburst.

Still, with the luck he had, we don’t think he’ll mind having missed out.

He played big till he had nothing left

With €100 in casino chips in his account, Jonathan went full steam ahead and started betting as big as he could on The Codfather. Three minutes later and the sweat dripped from his brow as only €4 remained in his account.

This was it, he thought, all that build up to walk away with nothing. What a waste… but no wait! His destiny wasn’t to sleep with the fishes after all, but to win a lifesaving €2,098!

At this points, having only risked €50, you would have forgiven Jonathan for walking away. But then we wouldn’t be telling his tale of joy if he had.

Multiple mobile slots and multiple big wins

During the first two hours he kept swapping and changing slots like a bad pair of itchy underwear. His account balance kept jumping from €1,000 to €4,000, making his stomach flip as much as any good roller-coaster.

So he went to pray to the soothing sounds of the Golden Goddess and was rewarded for his slot devotion. First he won €7,388 in one spin and not seven minutes later he hit another big win on this slot at €9, 576.

This was it. This was the moment that he realised that he’d been blessed with midas’ touch.

He just couldn’t lose

The wins just kept on coming. Here another €7, 296, there an amazing €22, 797. Why would you ever stop if every spin you took created pure gold?

By now he had well and truly played the wagering on the Vera&John casino bonus about two hours before and there was nothing stopping him from walking away.

Except a glint at the corner of his eye as he spied a blue haired beauty leading him to a new slot. Magic Portals was calling him.

Magic Portals slot sealed the deal a wild kiss

Known for it’s random wilds streaming across the screen in a haze of fire and ice, Magic Portals has lead to big wins in the past for others.

It sent Jonathan over the moon as two big wins of €8, 435 and €12, 653 brought him to an incredible amount over his starting balance.

Tempted to continue, Jonathan took one look at his account and decided to call it a day.

€70, 243 and no clue what he’ll do

That, ladies and gentlemen, is 1,404 times his starting deposit amount. We probably would have stopped too. In all fairness we probably would have stopped right around the first big win on Golden Goddess.

When Vera&John caught up with Jonathan right after his streak he was stunned and ecstatic:

Wow! What a great feeling, it’s unbelievable that I pulled it off! I really enjoy playing slots and when these kinds of wins come your way, I have to tell you, it feels euphoric! I think I need to calm my nerves now...”

So what winning slot strategy tip can he give all of us who would love to recreated his 5 hour gambling euphoria?

The more slots there are available, the better the chance of hitting a big win. I also think it is more fun to play on various slots.

There you have, straight from the winner: bet big and keep changing and swapping till lady luck decides to pay you a visit. She sure seems to be a fan of hanging out at Vera & John mobile casino, with more big winner stories than anywhere else.

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