Huge 2.9 Million Mobile Casino Jackpot Winner Tells All

Monday, July 18th, 2016 by LuckyMobileSlots

Leo Vegas are celebrating a huge casino jackpot winner as the Yggdrasil Joker Millions slot pays out a huge 2.9 Million to Chris from Oslo. Here's what he had to say about it.

Joker Millions Casino Slot Jackpot Big Winner
Joker Millions Casino Slot Jackpot Big Winner

What do you do when you’re waiting around for your girlfriend to come back from the grocery store?

For this 21 year old, the solution was simple; log on to the Leo Vegas mobile casino and take a few spins on the slot machines.

Hey, Chris was bored, he was waiting, and it’s better than playing Candy Crush where you spend money, but win nothing.

What he didn’t realise when he chose to play on the mobile jackpot slot Jokers Million is that it would change his entire life.

How he triggered this Casino Jackpot Win

Chris wouldn’t call himself a regular gambler, but he likes to take the occasional spin and has a couple of favourite online casinos he likes to play at.

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He hadn’t planned to play slots that day, but his girlfriend decided to make an unscheduled stop at the grocery store to buy some apples, and Chris couldn’t be bothered to go in with her.

His girlfriend didn’t appreciate it at the time, but she’d certainly change her mind soon enough.

He opened up Leo Vegas casino

Having borrowed his father’s van for the day, bored, and waiting for his girlfriend so they could go home there’s wasn’t much for Chris to do.

He did what any of us would do; he took out his phone and found some entertainment. In this case, by logging in to LeoVegas casino.

He’s been playing there for a couple of years, and always had fun, though he’d long ago played through the huge casino bonus of 1,000 in cash + 200 free spins.

“Its quick, easy, and best of all, accessible everywhere.I really like the setup on mobile and find it very easy to use.” On why he picked Leo Vegas that afternoon. >

Why he picked the Joker Millions slot

Like we said, Chris doesn’t gamble that regularly. He probably doesn’t even gamble every week.

In fact, before this massive win, most of his slots spins were done as a social occasion with friends.

When asked about his favourite casino game, Joker Millions didn’t even pop into his head at first.

“Before this, I’ve had some great nights with my friends having the South Park slot on a big screen and playing together with them.” Continued Chris.

Joker Millions is a completely different beast from the South Park slot; for one, it’s far more simple and resembles a classic fruit machine more so than a mobile video slot.

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The multi-million casino slot jackpot drew his eyes

You can pretend that it was all about the look of the Joker Millions slot machine that made him play, but that wouldn’t be totally true.

The fact that it had a progressive jackpot was no doubt part of the appeal.

And sure, Chris is usually a NetEntertainment slots fan, but this Yggdrasil game had enough similarities that he didn’t notice the difference much; great graphics, sounds and features.

He bet €1.25, and thought he’d won €100

It didn’t take long for the jackpot slot to hit. In fact, it took less time than it takes to buy a bag of apples.

Joker Millions Jackpot Slot Screenshot
Joker Millions Jackpot Slot Screenshot

One of the main features of Joker Millions is that when you get 5 joker symbols on screen you get 5 re-spins. Each joker gives you a mystery win, and if you get more jokers on screen, they stay sticky on screen.

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The trick to winning the jackpot is to get 15 jokers, or every column filled with the symbol, on screen.

“I immediately thought they’d been some kind of technical issue, and that it had to be wrong. I thought I’d maybe won around €100 from the full screen of jokers, and went in denial.” Said our disbelieving casino jackpot winner.

He had to log out and log back in to allow his brain to finally understand what had just happened.

“The chances are so slim, but it ended up being me!”

What do you do when you win €2.9 million? You roar like a mighty lion in the middle of the street.

It’s ok, if you’re a millionaire that’s called being ‘eccentric’ rather than mad.

“After realizing that my balance actually was updated, I ran out of my car and screamed as loud as humanly possible.”

He quickly drew in quite a crowd around him, as he shared his happiness and joy with every passer by he could find.

“People came running from the shop, and close by, to see what was happening and even they could not believe me after telling what just happened. I got a lot of congratulations from both the employees and other customers.”

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It wasn’t long till all the commotion drew the attention of his girlfriend who was just as over the moon as Chris.

Spending his huge casino jackpot win

We love big casino jackpot winner stories here at It reminds us that one spin is all it takes to change your life.

And, more importantly, it lets us dream. What would we do with 2.9 million? Chris knew exactly how he was going to spend the money.

“I’m buying two apartments as an investment for the future first of all, as well as upgrading my current apartment” He reeled off “I’m also looking into upgrading my car, something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time now.”

And that still won’t make a dent in his winnings. But you’ve got to start somewhere right?

But, proving that love is stronger than a bag of apples, and perhaps as a thank-you for forcing him to make that stop, Chris also had one fun idea:

“My dream vacation is going to the Maldives. I’m taking my girlfriend there soon to celebrate our new life.”

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