Mega Fortune Dreams Makes Mobile Slot Winner 4.5 Million Richer!

Monday, July 20th, 2015 by LuckyMobileSlots

The Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot slot has burst dramatically, and on mobile no less. We've got the full crazy big winner story and how it happened, right here.

NetEnt Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Wins Big On iPad
NetEnt Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Wins Big On iPad

Look. We’re not incredibly superstitious people. Maybe, maybe, we have favourite set of underwear we put on for big meetings. But mostly we are sensible, rational people.

Still, we’ve decided that, from now on, if ever one of the big jackpot slots start to look like their are ready to burst, we are heading over, on our mobile, to LeoVegas.

They currently hold the record for the largest jackpot mobile win ever, on the original Mega Fortune slot, at €5.6 million, which happened this year.

Now, Mega Fortune Dreams Touch just burst, at a cool €4,583,260 to a lady who was just looking for a little R&R on this very same gambling site, whilst playing on her iPad.

Two huge jackpot slots win in one year

We are just saying. These are progressive jackpot slots that are hosted over hundreds of casinos, both online and on mobile.

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The chance of hitting two in one year at the same casino site is pretty amazing. And on mobile, no less.

We don’t care if Leo Vegas made a deal with the devil in order to be become the number one mobile casino.

If they have to pay with their soul, so we can get a jackpot slot win, we think it’s a fair exchange.

Agneta from the Gothenburg would certainly agree.

She won how much on what bet?

That’s always the first question that comes to mind isn’t it? Never mind that this ladies life will never be the same.

Give us the numbers and let us dream of what it would be like to win a multi-million jackpot ourselves.

So, for our international readership, here’s some numbers:

  • She bet SEK 40 a spin = €4.25 / £3 / AU$6.30 / US$4.60
  • She won SEK 43,054,917.41 total = €4,583,260 / £3,189,040 / AU$6,778,128 / US$5,001,929.

We used Euros as a standard, because it gives a nice average and, if we are being honest, using the SEK amount sounds like Monopoly money.

And just because it’s fun to throw these numbers around, that’s a win of… 1,078,414 times your bet.

You’ve got to set the scene for us

We actually know quite a bit, as Leo Vegas mobile casino contacted Agneta the morning after her win to get a full interview.

But, because we are we will give you a far more lively story.

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New to mobile casinos online

Agneta is not what you call a ‘natural gambler’. In her fifties and with two fully grown sons, gambling wasn’t even a hobby.

In her own words, most of her casino gaming experience came from placing the occasional bet on the slots machines on the Gothenburg ferries.

To call her a gambler would be like calling us gym enthusiast because we get a membership around new year, every year, for two weeks, out of food guilt.

However, she had a few days holiday to take, and not a whole load to do. So a couple of days ago, hearing about Leo Vegas, and unable to go to sleep as her puppy was keeping her up, she signed up and received 20 free spins no deposit bonus.

Families that gamble together, stay together?

Last night, one of her two boys came over to visit. She showed him this whole mobile casino contraption, and like any good son… he totally asked to join in the fun.

So together they made good use of the four deposit bonuses you get as a welcome, and started playing on a selection of the 240+ video slots available.

They weren’t betting as high as €4.25 to begin with. But one big win left them with €321 in one spin, which obviously made them both happy.

That tells you a fair bit about how conservatively they were betting. This was only for fun after all.

At this point they turned to each other and asked the critical question every slots gambler asks themselves after a big win: do I cashout? Or do I keep playing at a bigger bet?

Agneta looked at her son. Her son looked at Agneta.

What the hell. What else were they going to do at 10 o’clock at night? Sleep?

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At 22.17, the jackpot triggered

By this point they’d hit the bonus wheel of fortune within the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot slot several times.

So when they hit it again a little after 10pm, Agneta didn’t think much about it. This feature triggered once every 20 to 50 spins. She hadn’t won much more than 20 times her bet on it, so wasn’t expecting much more.

The first wheel lined up to enter the secondary wheel of fortune. She then hit the second arrow to enter the third wheel of fortune. Now, things were hitting up.

Then she hits the one of twelve possible spaces that lands her in the centre of the wheel.

The Mega Jackpot.

“I was in total shock and so was my son…. it took quite a while before I understood that I had won. I had been super happy if I would have won a half a million SEK but now I got so much more!” stated our happy winner.

What is she going to do with all her winnings?

You know, one day, we wish someone would say something crazy, like, ‘buy a plane’.

But Agneta will do what everyone who wins millions (us included) would end up doing: spend it on family, friends, and see the world.

“I have two adult sons that will get their share of course. I will also share some with my relatives and spoil them a bit. I will probably also be travelling a bit and maybe buy a new car. I don’t think I will have problems with finding things to spend it on!” Continued Agneta.

What would we do?

We’d take a big slice of that and head straight to Leo Vegas casino to gamble on the Mega Moolah slot machine.

It’s currently climbing to new incredible heights of over 8 million, and this mobile video slot rarely goes over 5 million.

And not being superstitious or anything, but all good things come in threes… right?

A hat trick of jackpot wins would certainly make for an amazing 2015 for Leo Vegas mobile casino.

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