New Mega Fortune Slot Millionaire Revels In Beginners Luck

Saturday, July 9th, 2016 by LuckyMobileSlots

This week, Casumo casino had the pleasure of creating the latest NetEnt Mega Fortune slot winner millionaire, David. Here he reveals how he did it, how it felt, and why it was all beginners luck.

Casumo Mobile Casino Mega Fortune Jackpot Win
Casumo Mobile Casino Mega Fortune Jackpot Win

Less than one hour from registering on the Casumo mobile casino, David had won a fortune of €2,971,469 on a €1.25 spin.

In fact, if we are going to be more precise, less than one hour from having put his first bet on a slot machine, ever, David was the latest millionaire created by the infamous Mega Fortune slot.

We caught up with the winner and newbie casino player and asked the all important questions:

How did he do it, how does it feel, and why did he do it?

A casino slot virgin, but not for long

To be honest, we’ve been playing casino for so long, we can’t quite remember when we started, and how it felt.

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But, David’s story is probably very close to how most of us start playing online casino; someone told him he could win playing games, add a dash of hope and boredom and… voila! You’ve got yourself a newbie gambler.

“I was at home with my girlfriend with nothing special to do. A few weeks before, a friend of mine told me he had won a little money playing online casino and we thought, what the heck, why not?” David told Casumo.

A quick search on his mobile is all it took to find Casumo Casino

Casumo is one of our recommended mobile casinos reviews for a reason: they have a beautiful selection of games, are totally original, and constantly rewarding players.

So when David stumbled upon it, he was immediately drawn in by the bright happy graphics and the promise of getting the £€1,200 Casumo bonus + 200 free spins.

Hey, even newbies can spot a good deal when they see one, even if he had no idea what is free spin casino bonus. It sounded good, right?

In fact, it was more than good.

Why the Mega Fortune slot game?

There was no way that David or his girlfriend had any idea of this brilliant casino game’s reputation.

Mega Fortune Touch Slot Jackpot Wheel
Mega Fortune Touch Slot Jackpot Wheel

Once they registered, they started clicking around, and found it easy enough to make a conservative deposit, knowing that with the 200% first deposit bonus, they’d get 3 times their money’s worth.

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They literally chose Mega Fortune on a total whim. And why not?

With it’s French riviera theme set in the Summer sun, it suited the couple perfectly.

Who doesn’t want to escape from their day to day lives and pretend to live on a yacht in St Tropez?

He had no clue he’d hit the progressive jackpot

Remember, they’d picked this on a whim. They didn’t realise this was a progressive jackpot mobile slot where you could win millions.

They were just hoping to come out with more than they came in.

And it wasn’t looking likely either. David and his girl took turns pressing the spin button at €1.25 a spin, but the balance was going down quickly. They’d reached €9 and told themselves that once they hit zero, that would be it.

But then, the unimaginable happened.

“We had absolutely no clue what was going on or how the bonus wheel worked. Then it finally stopped and on the screen we saw a bunch of numbers ticking. It was so unreal. I got a shiver down my spine as if there was something unbelievable going on, but we just couldn’t understand if we’d won or how much, so I took a screenshot and sent it to my friend.” David continued with his story.

Remember David’s friend who is kicking himself right about now?

This is the friend who told David, only a week ago, about how he’d won a little money playing casino.

The same friend who looked at the screenshot and laughed, as he was certain that David had somehow clicked on the free play version of the game.

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The winnings, surely, were just a demo? This was David testing out mobile casino slots before putting in real money?

But once David explained how he had registered, deposited and started playing at Casumo, that was when his friend realised the truth.

“YOU HAVE WON THE JACKPOT! My friend shouted. That’s €2.9 million!!” David said, not being able to contain his excitement.

We are sure that friend is totally happy and supportive, and in no way jealous. Ahem.

A life-changing amount for the newbie slot winner

So, of course, the first question you ask anyone who’s has just won €2,971,469 is the obvious one: how are you going to spend this fortune?

David reveals to us that his family has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately; always being forced to think about every penny, living paycheck to paycheck.

It will be a relief to know that now they can breath a little easier, without having to worry about the future.

That said, he knows he’ll want to buy a bigger house, and share his winnings with his immediate family, but than that, he doesn’t want his life to change.

The biggest mobile casino win in Casumo’s history

Whilst there has been bigger wins at Casumo casino – only 6 months ago, a UK player took home €2.7 million – this is by far the biggest slot win on mobile ever.

That means that they want more.

And whilst Mega Fortune slot is still a long way from where it needs to be before it triggers, there’s a couple of jackpot slots that are just aching to burst.

The first is the always popular Microgaming Mega Moolah, which currently stands at 6.8 million at the time of writing.

But if NetEnt is your game studio of choice, then look no further than the Mega Fortune Dreams slot, which at 3.1 million, could be the next millionaire maker.

Both of which you can find at Casumo casino right now.

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