Waiting at the Airport? Bored? Here’s €32, 910. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 by LuckyMobileSlots

No, we are not going to actually give you €32, 910. We are not secretly Bruce Wayne. However, Niklas managed to turn his summer vacation on it's head with his win on mobile slots... and his holiday hadn't even started. Here's how Niklas went from second class to first class in just two spins.

Lucky Winner at VJ Casino, Will You Be Next?
Lucky Winner at VJ Casino, Will You Be Next?

You know how these things go. You get an early cab ride to the airport with your wife, all sleepy eyed but excited. You get to the airport, and the dream of turquoise Turkish waters seems so close as you board your plane, holding hands with your other half at the joy of finally taking some time together. It’s going to be amazing.

Until you have 3 hours to wait at the transfer airport, waiting for your connecting flight and you are bored out of your tiny weeny brain. There’s only so many miniature bottles of last minute shampoo and toothpaste you can buy in the world.

So there’s Niklas, trying to remain cheerful, but failing.

However, this gentleman, not one to let life get him down, took matters in his own hands. Literally. He took out his mobile phone, as his wife wandered off somewhere, and logged into Vera&John casino for a few spins.

Imagine the conversation he had with his wife on her return.

Greedy Goblins by Betsoft was the game of choice

The 32 year old restaurant manager has always been a fan of Betsoft Gaming mobile slots. Mostly they entertain, let you play for a good long time, but every once in a while you manage to get on top.

It was all Niklas was looking for. Entertainment. His favourite mobile slot game of the lot? Greedy Goblins video slot. With a return to player rate of 97.02%, it ones of those games that keeps giving you wins so you’re not risking your livelihood. And considering how much this Turkish holiday was costing him, it was a smart choice.

Smarter in fact because Greedy Goblins is a progressive jackpot slot. And whilst its not one of the biggest progressive jackpots outs there, only going into the tens of thousands rather than the millions, when you are playing €1 a spin, it’s going to be about the only way you’re going to get any type of thousands of anything.

€21,910 in a single spin and he then kept spinning

You can guess what happened next right?

Any time there’s a ‘in a single spin’ big slot winner story, it’s almost always a mobile jackpot that does it. That’s because regardless of how much you are betting, you can generally trigger it. That makes the amount you win almost always crazy in comparison to what you are betting. Those crazy wins makes the best stories.

In this case it was the very generous and startling amount of €21,910.

He looked around for his wandering wife and found her no where around. He couldn’t hug anyone or shout in celebration. If he has all on the people around him may have started thinking that he was a few fuses short in that crazy brain of his.

So he did what any sane man would do after winning enough to pay for his holiday and a small deposit. He increased his bet and kept spinning.

Wait, did we say sane?

No doubt partially inspired by the fact that his wiser half wasn’t around to tell him to just take the money and run, Niklas upped his bet dramatically and witnessed that first time thrill you get from betting big.

But apparently these greedy goblins were defying their name and being very generous indeed. Because it only took a few more spins for him to get another huge win of €11,000 – this time simply on the base game.

Complete shock and bemusement

When Vera&John mobile casino staff managed to get a hold of our lucky winner he was in Turkey, but still in shock. He couldn’t believe his amazing stroke of luck.

But hey, if you are going to be in shock, that not a bad place to try and get your head out of the clouds again.

He fully admitted that neither him or his wife had any idea what to do with the money. Not because they have so much money that it made no difference to them, but simply because they hadn’t had a chance to process how much he’d won. The best he could say was that they weren’t going to worry about how much they were spending on this vacation!

Personally we can think of about 100 things we could do with 32 thousand in cash. If Niklas would like some ideas, we have a swimming pool full of jello idea that is ripe for the investment by a crazy… we mean intelligent entrepreneur.

What will you be doing on your next wait at the airport? Shopping? Or winning money using our exclusive 10 free spins no deposit bonus + 100% up to £$€500 bonus at Vera&John?

That’s right. Go get it.

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