New Piggy Smash Casino Game – Bank or Bust? The Full Gaming Corps Interview

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We are talking today with Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps who recently released an intriguing new game into the world of casinos. Here’s what you need to know about Gaming Corps and the Piggy Smash game.

Gaming Corps Piggy Smash Interview
Gaming Corps Piggy Smash Interview

Gaming Corps produces online slots such as Mighty Mammoth and Vegas Payouts Rapid Hold and Win, which are a couple of gems you might know by now. With beautiful visuals and graphics, they’ve started to make a name for themselves by perfecting the world of gaming and iGaming.

But can they sway us into the world of instant-win play games with their brand new Piggy Smash game, the first in a series of “Smash4Cash” games? Is it (dare we say it?) better than video slots?

We talk to Connor to find out more.

Gaming Corps, Head of Games, Connor Blinman
Gaming Corps, Head of Games, Connor Blinman

1. Welcome, Connor; thanks for talking to us today! We’ve played your new Piggy Smash game and are intrigued. Can you walk us through the inspiration behind Piggy Smash and how the idea for the game came about?

Thank you so much for chatting with me!

The initial idea for Piggy Smash came about back in 2023, although we spent some time fine-tuning the concept. We wanted to make sure that the first game we released this year was a hit with players.

As you may know, Gaming Corps has an affinity for arcade-style games. Piggy Smash is really an amalgamation of arcade-style games and traditional slots, all with a nostalgic twist. During the game, each time the player places a bet, the hammer drops down to smash open the different-coloured piggy banks in the hope of winning different prizes or unlocking different features.

The idea for using piggy banks came around when discussing symbols of nostalgia; everyone had a piggy bank growing up, and we all reminisced about how exciting it would be to smash them open to see how much you had managed to save. We really wanted to capture that sense of excitement with Piggy Smash.

Piggy Smash Casino Game
Piggy Smash Casino Game

2. What sets Piggy Smash apart from other arcade-style instant-win games in the market, particularly in the casino gaming industry?

If I had to pick one thing that makes Piggy Smash stand out, it would definitely have to be the Smash4Cash™ mechanic. It’s something that the casino industry has never seen before.

We wanted to make Smash4Cash™ as simple as possible; sometimes, some mechanics that are available on the market are complex and take some time to fully understand. But the simplicity of Smash4Cash™ means that it feels familiar to all players. I fully believe that Smash4Cash™ really has the potential to overlap both a casual demographic that is well-versed with arcade-style content and ‘seasoned’ slot players.

This mechanic allows us to carve out a new vertical within the online casino space that still resonates with our core demographic of bettors.

3. Can you tell us about any specific feedback or reactions from players since the release of Piggy Smash on January 23rd?

Casino and player feedback for Piggy Smash has been excellent so far!

The average rounds per player have been incredibly high compared to some of our other releases, which has shown us that players have been enjoying the product and keep returning for more!

Further, casinos have given us great feedback, indicating that this game is giving their players something entirely different to play, and that is exactly what we set out to do.

4. Can you elaborate on the decision to release Piggy Smash as the first instalment in the “Smash4Cash” series and what players can expect from future entries?

I think Piggy Smash is the first step towards us making waves within the online casino space. It acts as a nice way of introducing Smash4Cash™ games to players without overwhelming them.

As for future games in the series, we are already in the process of releasing “Rampage!”. I don’t want to give too much away, but this will also centre around a stripped-back design. We wanted to resonate with that core group of players who enjoy arcade-style games.

However, from Gaming Corps’ perspective, this simplistic design allows us to work on branded opportunities with our partners.

5. How does Gaming Corps balance innovation and staying true to the core slot gameplay experience when developing new titles like Piggy Smash?

This is a great question.

During the development process, achieving that balance was quite tricky—it wasn’t straightforward. We are very fortunate that Gaming Corps has such a wealth of experience in both arcade-themed games and more traditional games such as slots and table games.

However, combining those different verticals presented its own challenges; we had to make sure that the game we created appealed to our audience.

Slot players know what they like and, more importantly, what they don’t. We had to balance that sense of innovation with something we knew players would enjoy.

That was a big driving force behind why we wanted to keep the mechanic as simple as possible. We didn’t want to detract from the traditional slot experience; we wanted to offer that extra sprinkle of excitement.

Gaming Corps Games - Mighty Mammoth, Wild Woof, Book of Luck
Gaming Corps Games - Mighty Mammoth, Wild Woof, Book of Luck

6. For anyone in our audience who’s never heard of Gaming Corps, talk us through your top three favourite video slots and why they represent all that’s good about your gaming company

In no particular order:

  1. Mighty Mammoth slot: This game was released at the tail end of 2023. It is a high-volatility extraordinary game centred around the prehistoric mammal, our Mighty Mammoth. The artwork is incredible, and the mechanic, which is all about the Mammoth multiplier stacks, makes for a unique experience.
  2. Wild Woof slot: Once again, the artwork and animations are next-level. The mechanic is innovative and volatile. Eternal wins come out of nowhere, and the Super Free Spins bonus feature, where you build up a Multiplier, is good old-fashioned volatile entertainment. The game features a cross-over between the beloved Cats and Dogs, with the Sheriff “Woof Garret” hunting down the wanted “Feline Four.”
  3. Book of Luck slot: I cannot answer this question without mentioning our favourite new explorer, Luke E. Chance, who stars first and foremost in our slot game Book of Luck. This is our take on a classic Book game with a twist that allows players to shuffle their chosen expanding symbol at the start of the Free Spins feature. Look out for Luke E. Chance in his next adventure, releasing on April 25th, known as Luke E. Chance and the Inca Sun God!

Thank you for talking to Lucky Mobile Slots today, Connor. We look forward to seeing what Gaming Corps and your future releases have in store!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in playing any of the Gaming Corps slots or trying Piggy Smash for yourself head over to one of our recommended online casinos.

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