What Are and How To Play PopWins Slots

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They arrived with a pop back in 2020 and have since popped all over online casinos worldwide. So what exactly are Popwins slots? How do you play, and how much can you win? We investigate.

PopWins Slots How To Play & Where
PopWins Slots How To Play & Where

The Popwins slots all share one unique game mechanic that was created by the AvatarUX Game studio and powered by Yggdrasil Game studios.

So what are Popwins slots online?

A Popwin is a feature in a video slot. Every time you trigger a winning combination, the winning symbols will pop and are replaced by two symbols, expanding the ways to win and creating the potential for a further win.

There are multiple slots with this feature, each with its own unique twist, top wins, and added features. We take a look at what has made these casino slots so popular, how to play PopWin slots and where you can find these innovative games.

How to play PopWins slots online

Popwins slots tend to start their life as 486 ways to win casino games with 3 rows of symbols. The ways to win are useful because, with each pop, two symbols replace them, giving you more ways to win.

To figure out ways to win, you simply count the number of instances of a symbol from left to right, and for every 1 instance of that winning symbol, the win is multiplied.

A way to win slot works by multiplying the number of symbols on each of the reels to get the final win. If the first reel contains 2, the second reel 3, and the third reel 2, the pay table value is multiplied by 2x3x2= 12x multipliers.

The higher the reels, the more symbols you can find, the more pops, and the bigger the multiplier wins.

Place a fixed bet amount

Because Popwins slots work on ways to win, the bet amount is usually fixed.

What do we mean by that? Unlike many other video slots with paylines where you can pick how many paylines you can turn on or off and change your bet amount, in Popwins slots, the amount you bet is fixed.

That’s not to say it’s limited. The MonkeyPop slot, for example, has a betting range of 0.20 all the way to 100 a spin, and many betting amounts in between.

PopWins Monkey Pop Slot Machine
PopWins Monkey Pop Slot Machine

Press the Spin Button

Once you’ve placed your bet amount per spin, it’s simple enough to press the spin button and see what lady luck brings you.

What makes the Popwins online slots so exciting, of course, is that one spin can feel like 20. With a win, the symbols pop, the reels increase, the ways to win expand, and you get another chance at catching another win.

It’s a chain reaction similar to the avalanching reel slots like TNT Tumble Dream Drop slot or the Cygnus 2 review, only backward. Only instead of removing symbols, you add.

More wins than Megaways slots?

When Megaways online slots came around, we were all amazed at being able to play 117,649 ways to win. Other slot studios tried their best to recreate the magic of getting the ever-changing number of ways.

The Popwins slots have come closest to matching the energy and the action of these volatile high win slots, if not always in the number of win ways, then almost certainly in hit rate and top wins.

Most of the Popwins slots have wins of over 10,000x your bet. Most have high hit rates and high RTP amounts.

Take a look a the WildPops slot for example, which has an average hit rate of 21.8%. That means you can enjoy the Popwins mechanics more than twice every 10 spins. And considering you can win almost 11,000x your bet, it has a super high RTP of 96.2%.

Wild Pops Slot Game
Wild Pops Slot Game

Those are good odds and some of the many reasons Popwins mobile slots have become so popular over recent years.

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What are the best PopWins slots to try?

There are many PopWins slots that you could try. Using our advanced slot search and filter by ‘popwins’ as a feature, you will get every single slot review we’ve written with this unique mechanic as part of the package.

Our advice is to start with Popwins online slots with smaller potential ways to win and move up to the bigger games. How does that work? Well, it depends on the max amount of popwins rows that you can open up the game.

Our selection of the best Popwins slots are:

1. WildPops slot – open up 33,614 ways to win

The original WildPops slot is the best place to start, mostly because it sets the scene for the Popwins slots feature, from that high hit rate to high wins.

Wild Pops slot with Multiplier
Wild Pops slot with Multiplier

You can win 10,941x your bet because symbols pay whenever they are adjacent to each other over the 5 reels. You start with 3 rows high, and you can grow the game to up to 7 rows.

There are no free spins here instead, when you expand all columns to 7 symbols high, you get three lives where you can’t lose the 7 rows or the multipliers collected along the way.

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2. TikiPop slot – open up 33,614 ways to win

The next evolution on your path to discovering these Popwin slot games is not to open up more ways to win but to go more volatile. Once you’ve conquered this TikiPop slot, you can easily move on to bigger and more dangerous games.

Tiki Pp Slot Game
Tiki Pp Slot Game

TikiPop has a top win 32,015x your bet and has medium-high volatility. If you unlock all the reels in the base game, you get a 2x multiplier. If you catch the scatters, you can unlock those 33,614 win ways and that huge top win.

Add an exotic theme that sets you in the middle of the Aztec jungle, and you can happily spin away many hours as you enjoy a bright, fast, colourful slot with a high RTP of 96.1%.

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3. BountyPop slot – open up 59,049 ways to win

Brave Buccaneers should head to the sky and open up the first of the upgraded Popwin video slots, which reach a height of 9 symbols high instead of 7 symbols.

Pirate themed BountyPop Slot Machine
Pirate themed BountyPop Slot Machine

The BountyPop slot has a huge top win of x37,910 your bet wins, but you’ll have to jump through multiple hoops to climb those heights. It will take patience and carefully budgeting of the min/max bet of 0.20 to 10 a spin.

When you fully increase each reel to 6 symbols in the base game, you trigger the Mystery Reels, which is a mini wheel of fortune game that allows you to catch multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x.

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4. HippoPop slot – open up  65,536 ways to win

Do you know what you get with bigger win ways? Bigger wins. And this game has some of the biggest in the whole collection.

Hippo Pop Slot Game with Multipliers
Hippo Pop Slot Game with Multipliers

With the HippoPop slot you can win up 48,150x your bet, but the minimum bet is set higher at 0.40 a spin, making it more difficult to fit all budgets. But if you can afford it, you get some wonderful popwins mechanics where every row you unlock gives you higher paying paytable symbols, and progressively richer reels.

Add some multipliers in the free spins, which gives these hippos some real weight, and high variance slot lovers will be as happy as a hippo in mud.

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5. Lollipop slot – open up 118,098 ways to win

You can’t win as much as in the HippoPop slot, but with all those mouth-watering sweets making you dream sweat dreams of wins, you won’t care.

Lollipop Slot Game
Lollipop Slot Game

The top win of the LolliPop slot is 13,000x your bet and you get pay all way win reels and popwins as usual. Only now when you unlock a reel you get a 2x multiplier which grows by +1x for every unlocked reel after that. The free spins are a mini-game of itself, where you have to have the balls to gamble to get to the top wins.

This is also one of the few buy free spin bonus slots with Popwins, meaning that those with the cash to splash and no patience can enter the big win bonus instantly.

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6. Piggypop slot – open up 524,288 win ways

As you might have started to understand, the best way to win big with the Popwin slot mechanics is to find the hidden multipliers within the reels.

PopWins Piggy Pop Slot Game
PopWins Piggy Pop Slot Game

The Piggypop slot pays both ways and wins all ways, opening up a whole world of opportunities. But it’s the free spins where things get interesting. Potentially, they are unlimited, and with each free spin, the multiplier increases by +1x, which also means unlimited multipliers.

The top win of 26,725x your bet is not easy to reach, but then we didn’t say these were high variance slots for nothing. Only the bravest men and woman will be able to go head to head in this animal farm.

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Other slots with Popwins include: Raging Pop, Papaya Pop, Cherry Pop, and Runner Runner.

Why you should play Popwins slots

Why do any of us play new video slots online? Because we love gambling, we love trying new types of games, and we want to chase big wins.

It’s why these games have become so popular. It’s hard to find something that brings new thrills and new ways to win from the standard 5 reel and 20 paylines.

But at heart, they are all still very much the same idea. You place a bet, spin, and hope the symbols line up from left to right to give you a big win according to a paytable. If you win big, you cash out happy; if you don’t, you can walk away or take another spin.

And with that simple concept, AvatarUX has given you a versatile feature that gives you pure value for money for every spin, making you feel like one spin could last a lifetime of wins.

The Pros of Popwins slots

  • A unique feature you can only find at Yggdrasil Casinos and AvatarUX games
  • Value for money mechanics as one spin can lead to a chain reaction of wins
  • Popwins tend to be high variance slots – perfect for more experienced gamblers
  • High hit rate slots
  • High top win amounts
  • Most Popwin slots tend to have an RTP of around or over 96%
  • Visually appealing graphics and animations
  • The versatility of the feature allows for a variety of slot themes 
  • Mixes in well with many other features such as multipliers and free spins
  • A variety of themes and mechanics already available to play
  • Constant evolution and development offer new exciting win potential

The Cons of Popwins slots

  • Volatile slots can mean a slow burn – sometimes, it can feel like you are losing slowly rather than winning big.
  • Not suitable for total beginners – start with something with one or two features with easy wins, like the Starburst slot.
  • The mechanic can be licensed out – other software providers can use the mechanic, and they don’t always match the quality of AvatarUX.
  • The Popwins are just the start – the big wins usually come in combination with another feature, which can be hard to trigger depending on the game and its volatility.

What are the best Popwin casinos?

There are many great AvatarUX online casinos around, but we only recommend a select few. Why? Because we are picky and only the best make our list. If you want to see the full list, just go to our recommended casinos list and pick anyone you like.

If you don’t have the patience and are too excited to try these Popwins slot machines, then here are our top three selections:

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Any one of the three will give you some of the best gambling experiences around, allowing you to explore all that PopWins slots have to offer.

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