Lucky Slot Symbols From Around The World

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Are you a slots aficionado or an online gambling novice there’s one thing that all online slots have in common: those crazy, brightly coloured symbols. So which are the luckiest symbols of them all? We investigate.

Lucky Slot Symbols You'll Find In Slots Online
Lucky Slot Symbols You'll Find In Slots Online

Things have come a long way for casino slots. Thanks to changes in the law, we now see slots advertised as often as any other product. This means developers now have the chance to make the games as visually appealing as they can.

They’re also a lot more exciting thanks to changes in technology. We’ve got mobile gambling, live dealers and even gamification. That’s a lot of slot themes to explore – so how are developers changing things up?

By creating casino games with the luckiest symbols from around the world! Let’s have a look at which symbols might give you a little luck whilst you spin.

Multicultural slot themes

Beyond the classic bells and cherries, we’re now seeing developers playing with all sorts of themes. One theme that’s been on the rise in recent years is culture-based slots. Think Egyptian pyramids, Irish lottos and lucky Chinese dragons.

Each of these cultures has its own symbol for Lady Luck… so which should you choose? And are any of these lucky slot symbols luckier than the other?

Here’s some of the history, because this is our casino blog and we get to write whatever we fancy.

Ancient Egypt’s Scarabs and Cats

It’s not just about the pyramids when it comes to Ancient Egypt slots. There are many lucky symbols in Ancient Egyptian culture, and we’re not talking about the gods on the reels.

The scarab beetle is a staple of these ancient times. Look for a scarab on the reels, like in the Wild Scarabs slot – it represents new beginnings by restoring life. Who doesn’t dream of getting a new beginning?

Microgaming Wild Scarabs Slot Machine
Microgaming Wild Scarabs Slot Machine

Another classic lucky symbol in Ancient Egypt is the cat. These majestic animals were highly regarded by the Egyptians – so much so they even dressed them in jewels!

A cat was said to bring good luck to the family, so look out for any purring prizes on Egyptian themed games.

China’s lucky red

One lucky symbol in Chinese culture is the money tree – if only we could be so lucky! You may find a lucky money tree on the reels, or if you want something easier to spot, it’s simple. Just look for the colour red.

In slot games such as Long Mu Fortunes, red is a recurring theme. Why? Because red is associated with luck – in Chinese culture, brides wear red to ward off evil spirits and you get red envelopes full of money during Chinese New Year. It also symbolises joy and happiness – just what we need when we’re playing slots!

Fortune Factory Long Mu Fortunes Slot Game
Fortune Factory Long Mu Fortunes Slot Game

Next time you’re playing, look out for the red dragon. While in Western culture, dragons are usually symbols of evil, in Chinese slots they bring luck and prosperity.

Numbers are also a common theme, so expect to see these on the reels. In particular, the number 8 is considered lucky because it sounds similar to the word for “wealth” and “fortune”. Remember your lucky number next time you play 88 Fortunes Megaways.

Four-leaf clovers

They don’t call it the luck of the Irish for nothing! We see Irish themed slots time and again, largely because luck is so ingrained in their culture. From the Blarney Stone to mythical leprechauns, there’s always a symbol waiting to crop up and change your luck around.

Barcrest Rainbow Riches Slot Machine
Barcrest Rainbow Riches Slot Machine

Without a doubt, the shamrock or four-leafed clover is the best-known lucky Irish symbol. Again, this rare plant is said to ward off evil spirits, so it’s often a scatter symbol on the slots. Other legends include the pot of gold or the toadstool – otherwise known as where you’ll see the leprechauns sitting!

The many Rainbow Riches slots capitalise on these colourful themes, so try your luck and see if there really is gold at the end of the rainbow.

US cherries

You might think cherries are just a classic symbol with no real significance. They actually have their own story! It goes back to the 19th Century when arcade games would line the streets of San Francisco. Within these arcades, we’d see all manner of sweet treats and other tempting images like baseball icons or funny clowns.

Play'n GO Mystery Joker 6000 Slot Game
Play'n GO Mystery Joker 6000 Slot Game

Fast forward to today and the cherry has remained a staple “sweet treat”. Whereas arcade games would reward players with sweets, today’s slots reward us with money.

The cherry is a humble reference to the gaming days of 19th Century San Francisco, while the classic bell is actually a nod to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. (Bonus fact: the very first slot machine was named after the Liberty Bell back in 1899!)

You’ll find these symbols in “classic” games or as part of a larger network of symbols in other themed slots. They’ve come to re-present luck for many gamblers playing all over the world, but especially in Vegas.

What’s your lucky symbol?

Before you play any slot, make sure you understand the difference between the symbols. Some will have higher values than others, for example, a five-time multiplier rather than a two-time multiplier.

Others will be “wildcards” or “scatter symbols”. These are generally higher up the hierarchy – think King rather than Prince. A wild can be used with any other symbol to create a winning combination, while a scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reel for a win – it doesn’t have to be in the same payline.

In short, any symbol can be lucky if it brings you wins, so try your luck by reading many of our great slot reviews at Lucky Mobile Slots.

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