Online Slots Myths Debunked

Updated: Thu, Jun, 13th, 2019 by LuckyMobileSlots

Here at Lucky Mobile Slots, we completely understand that the gambling industry is full of myths.

Online Slot Myths Debunked
Online Slot Myths Debunked

It’s tempting to think that if you find just the right trick or tip,  you can increase or decreases your advantages when playing casino games.

To help you understand the facts rather than the myths, we have put together a list of some of the most well known “truths” that you may come across which are complete BULL.

As in the lie is as big as a cow. Because we don’t swear on this site.

Myth #1: Slot machines are more likely to pay out when they haven’t hit the jackpot in a long time

Unlike what many players may think, slot games are not programmed to pay out on a particular schedule.

The majority of online slot games use a random number generator which is used to generate thousands of numbers per second. Each number corresponds to a combination of reel symbols.

Although you may find certain patterns in the randomness, there is never an opportunity to take advantage of this – so there is no point adjusting your strategy around this myth.

All spins are entirely independent of one another and have identical percentage probabilities of being a winning spin.

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So is there no such thing as a hot or cold machine?

Nope. We’ve been writing big slot wins stories for years and we’ve not seen any particular patterns. We’ve written stories where millions are on one day, and a week later the slot breaks again and pays out only a million.

The same happens to slots without jackpots. Just because it hasn’t paid out recently, doesn’t mean you should keep playing because you are ‘due’ a big win.

In the same way, just because you’ve got a few big wins, doesn’t mean that you should keep playing because it’s on a hot streak and it’s going to keep paying out.

Stick to your budget limit, and don’t chase your losses or your wins.

But what about when a jackpot is ready to burst?

So, sometimes, you will hear us refer to some jackpot slots as being ready to burst. Are we lying? No. We are not.

What we mean by that is that, historically, this slot machine tends to drop the jackpot once it hits a certain amount.

So, for example, the IGT Megajackpots slots like Cleopatra or Siberian Storm usually hits around the 800 thousand in cash, and if it hits a million, you know it’s going to go see as it rarely goes much higher. But it may also hit at 300 thousand, or 100 thousand or 1.2 million.

Hall of Gods slot tends to get ready to burst around the 4 or 5 million marks, whilst Mega Moolah tends to be anytime it’s over 10 million.

So when you read that a progressive jackpot slot is ready to burst, it just means that looking at past wins, it hits around then on average. But they can hit at any point, and just because you play before or after that amount is hit, doesn’t mean it will again.

It’s called a ‘random number generator’ for a reason. It’s random.

Myth #2: Land-based slot machines pay better than online ones

As we have previously mentioned, slot machines all use random number generators, so the odds of the game paying out is just the game as any other casino – land-based or online.

Each and every game you play at an online casino uses an RNG, including slot machines, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps and many more casino games.

In any case, the chances of winning remain the same, no matter where you play, especially if they are electronic machines. A slot machine in a land-based casino is using the same math as the ones sitting at the Leo Vegas mobile casino.

What about live casino tables?

So obviously you can’t play slots live, but some prefer to play on live blackjack or roulette table because they feel the odds are better when you play against a ‘human’ dealer VS a computer dealer.

Here’s the thing. Even the online blackjack games you find need to state how many packs of cards they are dealing with. The live dealer also has a certain number of pack cards to draw from.

The odds of getting a blackjack is all down to the cards in the pile – and the computer gives you the same odds as just a human picking up the cards.

The same with roulette. It’s a wheel, the ball bounces randomly, having a person there doesn’t increase or decrease your odds of where it lands.

That said, it’s nice to play with a friendly dealer and people around, so it’s certainly more social.

Myth #3: Online casino games are rigged

This isn’t technically a myth, but it’s used so much that it’s become one.

In the UK (for example) gambling is very highly regulated for our protection, so by playing at a regulated casino, this means that the games you are playing are completely fair.

Both online and offline casinos are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and have to have their games tested by third-party independent auditors to ensure fair play.

The same is said of a casino with a Swedish licence, a Maltese license and a Curacao license.

Some go even above and beyond. Grand Mondial casino, for example, publish their fair play accreditation every month (the games are tested that often) to make players feel twice as safe that’s it all random.

But that’s why you need to play on good casinos

However, there are some illegal and unlicensed casinos, so it is important to ensure you are playing on a reputable site.

Here at Lucky Mobile Slots, we only showcase the most trustworthy brands to play, fully licensed, usually by multiple gaming authorities, giving you twice the safety.

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As long as you play on licensed casinos, the games can’t be rigged.

Myth #4: Slot games pay out at certain times of the day

Despite being online, casinos cannot pick their winners or influence whether or not a slot machine pays out.

Slots spins are entirely random. We know we sound like a parrot, but almost every myth about slot machines can be debunked by one word: random.

There are no cycles of outcomes that re-occur at certain times of the time. Casinos can’t stop machines from paying out until their coffers are full and then give two or three players big wins.

All online slots are strictly licensed and checked for fairness, there is absolutely no way for anyone to control any person’s payouts, therefore it is entirely random – no matter what time of day you decide to play.

The closest thing you get to this is the Red Tiger Games must drop daily jackpots, where they state, openly, that one jackpot has to hit by 3 pm every day. But it could be at any point during the day.

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