Pros And Cons Of The Autoplay Function In Slots

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Should you play slots with autoplay or are there unwanted dangers you should know about? We explore the most basic of slot functions.

The Pros & Cons Of The Autoplay Button
The Pros & Cons Of The Autoplay Button

There are lots of different features in online slot games and the autoplay function is by far one of the most common and the most basic.

Autoplay allows players to repeatedly play slot games without manually having to activate any buttons.

Often seen as a very convenient feature, as it automatically speeds up the game. However, there are various pros and cons of using the autoplay function when enjoying slot machines, which we are going to discuss with you today.

Pros of playing slot with autoplay

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s just easier to set a game to play X amount of spins on a game at one bet level.

Not all casino games have autoplay, and you shouldn’t use autoplay automatically. We would always suggest you take a few spins, get your head around the game, and if possible do it so the autoplay stops after a bonus feature.

That way, you can re-assess any wins from a big feature.


If you want to free up your hands, or are just not interested in the overall process of the game, the autoplay function is very useful.

It offers you the potential to win money without having to constantly tap at your screen, especially useful if you are more interested in winning than the entertainment value of casino games.

It’s basically hands-free gambling. You can cook, watch TV, even go to the toilet, all while the fruit machine spins.


With the autoplay function, you will not have to click on the ‘spin’ button all the time which can save players a significant amount of time.

It can be used to play multiple spins for you at a time without making an effort for playing each spin individually. As slots use random number generators, you also do not need to worry about the autoplay function ruining your chances of winning.


This feature is especially handy when playing games such as progressive slots, as it will maximise your spins in a short period of time.

For a jackpot progressive slot, it gives you the best chance possible of grabbing the prize before anyone else.

It is even useful when participating in slot tournaments, as they are often based on how much you bet, how much you win or how many rounds you have played over a specific time.

But on a more practical level, sometimes you are short of time and you don’t have the time to just watch the reels tumble and fall once a minute when you want to take 100 spins in a couple of minutes.

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Cons of autoplay online slots

If you are new to online slot games, we would never advise you jump straight into the autoplay function.

After a while, some gamblers can accept that they will spin 100 spins at $1 a spin, and then look again at the screen to see if they’ve won anything. Win or lose, the thrill is in the result, not the experience.

But until you get to that level of jadedness, you should always keep an eye on the slot and the wins and losses. Your bank balance is the most important aspect in gambling, and if possible, set a limit for when you want the autoplay to finish.

Whether it’s once you hit a bonus or you hit a win over a certain amount, try and set a limit.

Lacks excitement

If you are an avid slot player who enjoys the overall experience and looking to have the most fun possible, the autoplay function is not for you.

Using this feature usually allows the game to skip some or all of the animations and special effects during the game to save time, which some players thoroughly enjoy and do not want to miss.

For particularly beautiful slots, especially casino games with cascading reels, maybe avoid using it so you don’t miss all those free re-spins wins.

Doesn’t always take your bankroll into consideration

Bankroll management, as I’m sure you know, is one of the most important aspects of playing slot games – but the autoplay feature is not able to rationalise as the human mind can.

Autoplay can seriously damage your bankroll, as it is not able to make a careful judgement when it would be best to quit to save some money, especially after a big win.

You may inevitably end up playing, and spending, more than you usually would in a gambling session or even miss a big win.

Same size bets level

As we have already touched upon, the feature cannot make decisions for you – so when you start an autoplay function, it will generally use the same wagering settings for every single spin.

The coin size and paylines will not be adjusted automatically, so it is important to ensure you are completely happy with the settings before pressing play.

If you are not careful, you can easily lose your bankroll all in one go. If you want a more clever game that changes the bet level, you can try the betting strategies in any of the Elk slot games.

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