What’s A High Roller At An Online Casino

Monday, August 31st, 2020 by LuckyMobileSlots

Are you looking to be a VIP? Do you have the cash to spare? Or are you just wondering what level you need to get special treatment? Find out exactly what it means to be classed as a casino whale or a high roller.

What Is A Casino High Roller Explained
What Is A Casino High Roller Explained

If you’re new to using online casinos and you’ve only just started playing mobile slot games, you may find that you come across a few different phrases that you don’t really understand.

One of these phrases will be ‘high roller’ and ‘whale’, which may come up when you start reading the terms and conditions, or when you make that first deposit. So we thought we would explain these incredibly common phrases.

After reading this, you may find that you easily fall into the high roller category or that it’s not relevant. Either way, at least you’ll know where you fall.

What is a high roller or a whale?

Both of these phrases mean the same thing and they both essentially refer to a gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money.

High rollers tend to be incredibly experienced gamblers who don’t hesitate to gamble huge sums of money whatever game they’re playing.

These high betting players come from all over the world and are from completely different backgrounds. You may also hear them referred to as VIP players.

It’s like a high-class restaurant – they’re not here for just one meal, they come here often, have their own special table and always order the most expensive wine off the menu.

How much do high rollers bet?

There isn’t a specific amount of money that you will need to bet in order to be considered a high roller.

However, in general, gamblers can become a high roller at an online casino by betting much less than they’d need to in a land-based casino to get the same status.

As long as you’re betting high sums of money for an extended period of time, it is likely that you will be considered a high roller and the casino will do all they can to keep you playing with them.

Are there benefits to being a high roller?

Again, there is a big difference between being a high roller at a land-based casino and an online casino as far as benefits are concerned.

While you can expect to receive things like free limousine transport and fine dining when you’re a VIP at a land-based casino because the threshold for this status is lower at an online casino, the benefits you can expect differ.

They include things like casino loyalty programs, promotions, bonuses and a special customer service manager at your beck and call. You may even get early access to some of their exclusive slot games and casino tournaments.

Why do high rollers play at online casinos?

While the benefits of being a high roller at an offline casino may be tempting, lots of other gamblers enjoy playing mobile slot machines from the comfort of their own home, so do high rollers.

Just because you can’t be spoiled by physical complimentary treats when being an online casino high roller, you will definitely still benefit and many gamblers actually prefer the benefits received online gifts.

If you’re a high roller or VIP gambler with a casino for long enough, you may even be treated to special events (flown to Monaco for the Grand Prix anyone? VIP entry to the worlds best golf courses? Tickets to Broadway?).

If you show loyalty to an online casino, they will work hard to keep you loyal.

Specific benefits of being a high roller at an online casino

If you’re someone who doesn’t have any desire to go to land-based casinos and you’re wondering what becoming a high roller online can actually offer you, below are some of the most common benefits;

  • Special Bonuses: Whilst when playing mobile slot games there are lots of bonuses available, when you’re a high roller you can expect bonuses for higher amounts to be provided more regularly. These bonuses will come in all shapes and sizes, from mobile free spins casino bonus at higher betting levels, to higher deposit bonuses.
  • Exclusive Games: High rollers can also be prioritised when new slot games are released, they get the chance to play before anyone else. It is also likely that they will have special access to new slot games others can’t play, which may be high stakes versions of classics.
  • Special Events: Sometimes, online casinos will also invite some of their high rollers to VIP events, from movie premiers to sporting events. You will be treated by the casino to thank you for your time and money spent with them.
  • Unlimited Withdrawals: There are usually limits for both deposits and withdrawals, but high rollers have much more flexibility in this regard. Unlimited withdrawals with higher limits and faster times are some of the biggest benefits of being a high roller.
  • Personal Host: It is also likely that you will have a personal contact at the online casino who can assist you whenever required. This personal host will ensure you’re kept happy by taking care of your casino needs.

Becoming a high roller

It is clear to see why so many frequent gamblers aim for the high roller status when playing at online casinos.

If you frequently place huge bets when you’re playing, typically of around €$£1000 a week, then it may be worth looking into which casinos offer the best VIP benefits.

Different online casinos provide different casino experiences, so find the one that best suits you. GUTS mobile casino has a VIP program that certainly looks after high rollers and Mr Green mobile casino have shown over the year that they know-how to make gamblers feel special.

Finding the best mobile slot games to play

Whether you’re a high roller or a low roller, if you enjoy playing at an online casino and you’re looking for some of the best mobile slot games to play, visit the Lucky Mobile Slots website today.

Here you will find honest reviews about both new and old slot games, the latest online casino offers and much more, so ensure you’re not missing out today.

Alternatively, check out our recommended casino who makes you feel like a  VIP whether you deposit £€$10 or £€$1,000 a week.

Note: Gambling is meant to be fun, always gamble responsibly and within your means.

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