What’s The Most Popular Slot Volatility?

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With the relaunch of our brand new slot filter, finding your perfect game is now a matter of seconds. Need inspiration? Here are some interesting slot facts we’ve just discovered.

What's The Most Popular Slot Volatility?
What's The Most Popular Slot Volatility?

Over the years, we’ve written thousands of slot reviews. So many, in fact, that some of the best games can be hard to find or lost in the shuffle of new slot releases.

Well, if you’re the type of slots player who likes to find hidden gems amongst the many multi-software casinos of today, we’ve got a brand new tool to help you out.

Our casino slot finder gives you up to 13 different criteria to search from, whether you love 40 payline slots, slots with cascading reels or games with RTPs over 96%. Or all of them together.

Because guess what? Our advanced slot search lets you find just that. We’ve played with our search function a bit and discovered the most popular slot volatility by a majority vote.

The Most Popular Variance For Slot Games

Slot volatility is highly contested.

Some people claim that “the best kind of slots are high variance games because they are the games that pay big.”

“But if you are not having fun, what’s the point?” The low variance slot lovers will shout. “We want action, not just dead spins where nothing is happening!”

Ah ha.

“That’s why you play on medium variance game”, the smart ass might answer. “There’s no better way than the middle way.”

The truth is that you are all (more or less) right.

What makes a slot variance popular?

We break down slot volatility into five ratings:

  • Low
  • Low – Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium – High
  • High

That’s because we think that there is a slight but decent difference between them all, and for the most part, so do the game studios.

But generally, you’ll end up looking for and wanting to play one of the three main categories, maybe dipping your toe a little higher on the scale when you are feeling a little flush.

And how do you tell? Some tell you right in the game. Open up any Pragmatic Play slot (for example), and you’ll have a star rating of their slot variance, with even half ratings available (so a medium-high slot, for example).

Pragmatic Play John Hunter Slot with Volatility
Pragmatic Play John Hunter Slot with Volatility

But mostly, you’ll have to come here to read our slot reviews as we investigate and figure out slot variance.

You can find a pretty even number of games of all variances

For the sake of simplicity, we just broke it down into three variances – low, medium, and high. The low-medium games went down as low and medium-high as high.

What we found is that from all our slot reviews:

  • 32% are low variance slots
  • 29% are mid variance slots
  • 39% are high variance slots

At the end of the day, game studios create games, hoping you’ll play and come back playing. If they can create a wide range of variance slots, you are more likely to find a game you like.

In the last couple of years, we have seen a slight uptake in gamblers playing high variance game. As punters get smarter, they start recognising which slots to play for the big payouts.

Still, we doubt that any game studio would want to be known for creating just one kind of game. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

So, what is the best variance to play?

Honestly, we’ve played and enjoyed everything. But if you ask us what makes a good slot machine, we do tend to view these elements as being crucial in deciding whether it’s any good:

  • The RTP: ie. will it payout
  • The max win: ie. how much will it payout
  • Volatility / Variance: How hard will you have to work to get those payouts
  • Features: how will the payouts trigger
  • Theme: does it work and play nicely

The slot Variance in itself doesn’t make a good game. So, you do need to read our slot reviews to get the full picture.

But at a glance, if you have a big top win, lots of features, and medium variance, that could be more fun than an even bigger top win, hard-to-trigger features, and very high variance. We like to look for fun.

If you had to twist our arms, we’d say we love somewhere between medium to high, more often than low. If we do play low variance slots, it tends to be progressive mobile jackpot slot – cause you might as well win millions whilst only playing little by little.

Who is LuckyMobileSlots, and why use the filter?

We are a team of gamblers who review slot machines. Specifically, we review slots on mobile, android tablets, iPhones and iPads. Because it’s fun to play on the go and because that’s how we started.

We created our advanced slot filter first to help us find the games we wanted to play and the games we wanted to write about.

After reviewing thousands of slots, it can be hard to find “You know, that one, the one with the expanding wild on reel three and a Wild West theme, you know the one. That one. With scatters. No, not that one. The other one. Come on! You know the one!”

We quickly realized that if we found it useful, so would our readers.

How to use the slot filter

The advanced slot filter will have a recency bias – the latest slot reviews will be shown when you start putting your features down. But the more you narrow down, the closer you’ll get to your perfect game.

So whether you are looking to find slots with just a minimum bet of 0.10 a spin as you need to budget this month, or you are superstitious and only play games with ‘Gold’ in the title, our slot search will help you get to just the right slot.

Happy spinning! If you’re not sure where to start, try playing at one of our recommended online casinos, which have all the best slots.

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