When Is The Best Time To Play Slots Online?

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If you’re a seasoned gambler, you’ve probably heard all the myths there are around slot machines. Whether they’re online or land-based, some say there’s an art to winning big – and it’s all in the timing.

What's The Best Time To Play Slots?
What's The Best Time To Play Slots?

The fact is, these are myths. Online slots are regulated by official bodies such as the Gambling Commission in the UK or the Malta Gaming Authority to ensure they’re entirely random.

To guarantee this, they use random number generators. There’s no way of predicting any patterns thanks to algorithms which make them random, and most importantly, fair.

So where did these “timing” myths originate from? Some of it is science, but a lot of it is the mindset. If you’re looking for the best time to play slots online, focus less on the clock and more on these tips.

Play in the right frame of mind

Night owl or early riser? If you want the best results from online slots, you need to play when you’re at the top of your game. Yes, they are random, but if your judgement is clouded by tiredness or distractions, you could make rash decisions.

Find a time that works best with your schedule and keep a close eye on your bets.

Always play with the right attitude – it’s about enjoying it rather than chasing losses or just winning big. If you’re intoxicated, in a bad mood or desperate to win money back, this is no time to play.

Look for the responsible gambling section of your favourite casino operator’s website to help set yourself limits.

Understand that some slots take time

Some slots require more time and strategy than others. For example, high volatility slots like Play’n GO’s Book of Dead will award higher payouts over a longer period of gameplay.

Only play when you’re 100% ready – if you can’t commit to a long-term strategy, save it for another day. If you only have 10 minutes and don’t want to lose much, pick a low variance slot that won’t burn through your budget, maybe the Gemix slot or Starburst game from NetEnt.

Gemix Slot From Play'n GO
Gemix Slot From Play'n GO

Look for the “real RTP”

This is where science comes in. Most licensed, reputable casinos will have information about game statistics such as the RTP, or Return to Player rate.

This is a percentage that shows you how much you’ll win back relative to your spend. If you’ve got a strategy, slot reviews and gambling sites will give you an average RTP – usually somewhere around 95% to 97%.

You can take this further with a “real RTP” tool at places such as Videoslots casino. Developers created this to analyse pay-outs in real-time. Rather than looking at the average, the tool will give you the true RTP relative to how often it’s been played.

It can fluctuate from 85 to 104%, so look up “real RTP” if you’re in it for the long haul.

Keep your eyes open for high jackpots

Just like the real RTP, you can look out for live jackpots on online slots. If you’re willing to invest the time, choose a slot that’s got a high jackpot amount hovering over the top in the game menu.

This suggests many people are playing and it’s not paid out in a while.

Remember – this doesn’t mean that statistically, you’re more likely to win. All online slots are totally random. But there is an amount where, if reached, some jackpots are more likely to hit.

Take the Mega Moolah slot, for example. It has paid out as ‘little’ as a million and has been triggered just weeks after it burst, and then it also holds the record for the biggest jackpot slot winat £13.3 million.

Microgaming Mega Moolah Slot Machine
Microgaming Mega Moolah Slot Machine

But, on average, wins tends to hit around the 5 to 8 million mark. So if it gets to around those numbers, it may be worth playing the odds, knowing that it could climb much higher. However, if you enjoy the game, just play whenever as any jackpot slot could literally hit any time.

What about guaranteed daily jackpots?

You may have heard of the Red Tiger daily jackpot games.

These are jackpots that are exclusive to the casino you are playing at – or local jackpots as they can be known. In other words, only the players playing at that casino top up the jackpot with their bets.

So how big they get and how much you can win can vastly differ between gambling sites.

What makes these exciting is that there are three jackpots for most of Red Tiger games on the website.

  1. Must Drop: Has to drop before it hits 1,000
  2. Daily Jackpot: Has to drop that day
  3. Progressive: Can drop at any time, anywhere, any day

If you want to learn more about progressive jackpot casino games and how they work, it’s worth taking a look. The Casumo mobile casino have them all listed on the front page so they are always easy to find.

Get more from casino promotions

You’ve probably seen betting offers and slot promotions. At certain times of the year, casino operators may be more generous with their offers. You might get an email with a free bet, free spins or higher pay-outs.

Some operators like to offer festive bets or themed promotions. Make the most of any free offers, but never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Don’t believe the myths

Buying into slot machine myths will just hinder your strategy. Before you play, get these ideas out of your head:

  • Land-based casinos payout more: Modern casinos are using exactly the same random number generator technology as online slots, so don’t think you’re losing out by playing online. In reality, you’d probably spend more in a land-based casino with drinks and travel.
  • Slots payout when they’re “hot”: There is no hot and cold with slot machines. Just because it hasn’t paid out in a while, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a win. It could pay out thousands upon thousands in quick succession. It’s purely a game of chance.
  • Online slots are fixed: This could not be further from the truth. Licensed gaming operators are under strict scrutiny from regulators, including their technology. They’re regularly assessed to make sure they keep paying out randomly, so there’s no bias for or against you… as long as you play at licensed casinos and not rogue gambling sites who can do whatever they want.

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