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We’ve created a free casino bonus calculator to help you decide whether the online or mobile casino bonus on offer is worth your time. We’ve kept the calculator simple and you’ll find information on each of the fields below it.

If you want to know why we’ve created it – read our little “Don’t fall for the bonus trap – use our free casino bonus calculator instead” article. The clue is in the title.

Wagering Calculator

  • Please enter a whole number i.e. 20
    Please enter a whole number i.e. 100
    Please enter a whole number i.e. 35
    Please enter a value between 1 and 100


    • Free Bonus Money:
    • Total Play Money:
    • Amount You Need to Bet:
    • Amount You Need to Bet:
  • Please enter a whole number i.e. 20
    Please enter a whole number i.e. 35
    Please enter a whole number i.e. 10000
    Please enter a value between 1 and 100


    • Amount You Need to Bet:
    • Amount You Need to Bet:

Quickly find out if your deposit bonus or free money offers are worth taking when considering the casino wagering requirements you need to clear to get real money back.

Here’s a quick example for our Videoslots Casino First Deposit Bonus:

Bonus = 100% up to £€$200 with 35x wagering on bonus money. If you deposit the minimum £€$10 you’ll get 100% bonus which equals £€$10 in extra bonus money and you’ll play with £€$20 in total.

You’ll also have to make £€$350 in wagers to clear your the wagering on the £$10 bonus money. Try it for yourself and see, if you don’t enter a game contribution it will default to 100%.

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The Fields

Deposit Amount

How much you transfer from your credit/debit card to the casino. Put a whole number in this field (no pennies please!)

Free Money Amount

How much ‘free’ money the casino is willing to give you before you make a deposit. Usually these range from £5 to £20 on average.

Percentage Deposit Bonus (%)

How much of a percentage the casino is offering to increase your deposit by. So the offer usually looks like 50% up to £100. Type in ‘50’ in this field, in this case.

Wagering Requirements

The amount of times the casinos wants you to play the money before you can withdraw. These can either be on the bonus alone, the bonus and the amount you deposit or, on the case of free money, the bonus and how much you win using that bonus. Be especially careful of that last one – it’s a killer offer, and we don’t mean in a good way.

Some bonuses will not have wagering requirements. We don’t look at these, as these will simply be ‘sticky’ bonus – ie. you won’t be able to withdraw them. If you have an AMAZING casino, they will let you keep any winnings but keep the bonus money, or, more likely put wagering requirements on your winnings only. If the second case, treat this as free money with wagering.

Estimated Winnings

You can never know for sure how much it will be. If you have £5 Free no deposit bonus, your chances of winning more than a hundred is pretty slim. Still, many casinos try and avoid allowing you to walk away without depositing, but putting wagering stipulations not just on free money, but winnings too. This is the worse kind of offer in our book and we’ve put this field in to prove our point. Go on. Put £5 in with winning of £100 at 30x (pretty low) wagering. Have a look at those odds and tell us whether you should take that offer or not.

Game Contribution Percentage (%)

We’ve left this field optional for two reasons. One, not many people know how this works and two, we are a review slots site and slot games generally contribute 100% towards your wagering requirements.

So what is this? Basically casinos calculate the amount of skill different games would require in order to play through the game wagering requirements. Slots for examples, are, by and large, games of pure chance. You click spin and wait until you see if Lady luck is on your side. Blackjack and roulette (if played well) has enough strategy behind it that there is a risk the player could, with safe and/or skilled bets based on knowledge of the game, beat the house. It’s not quite poker mind you, but it does require a little skill.

As such you’ll usually find in the terms and conditions of the bonuses information like:

  • Slot Games: 100% (contribution to bonus)
  • Instant Win Games: 50% (contribution to bonus)
  • Table Games: 10% (contribution to bonus)

What they are saying here is that if you bet £1 on slots. That £1 is worth £1 worth of bets towards your wagering obligation. If you play an Instant Win Game that £1 is worth 50%, so only 50p, towards fulfilling your wagering requirements. Table Games are only worth 10% of £1, so 10p, towards being able to get your money out.

We’ve added this field, because as much as we love playing slots and mobile slots especially, sometimes we like a little blackjack, video poker and baccarats too. So if you were thinking of spending that £5 free on blackjack… well good luck to you and let us give you the odds in our calculator. Ultimately, if you mix and match your games, good casino sites should be able to tell you how much of your wagering requirements you still have to fulfil before you have to take your money out.

The Results

Free Bonus Money

This is how much the casino is giving you to play on top of your deposit. We’ve left this here so of the percentage amount is random (134% or 27%) you can easily see the value of the offer.

Total Play Money

This is how much you’ll have at the casino, in total, to play with. So it’s basically the free bonus money and your deposit.

Amount You Need to Bet

The whole point of this calculator. This is the amount of bets, in numerical form, you’ll have to make in order to cash out your winnings and your bonus.

We hope this calculator is of some use to help you decide how and what casino bonus to take.

Use our wagering requirements calculator wisely and you could just be enjoying some hassle free spinning.

Have fun! And don’t forget to check out or recommended casino bonuses on at our favourite sites.

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