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Even the biggest brands can get mobile wrong. This is why we try and review only the best mobile casinos online so you can make the right choices.

There are so many online casinos you can pick from; it’s difficult at times to feel like you’re making the right choice. What you don’t want to do is make the wrong decision. Despite common misconceptions, the online casino world is very well regulated and there are fewer ‘scam’ casinos than you might think. However that doesn’t mean all the mobile casinos online are as good as each other.

This is especially true when it comes to providing a good diverse mobile slots offering. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most trusted mobile casinos for iPad, iPhone and Android, so you can see exactly what these real money casinos have to offer you, what mobile casino bonus they provide and the level of their mobile services.

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Playing at mobile casinos for real money explained

Getting comprehensive information about legit and safe casinos for mobile phones & tablets can be difficult at the best of times. Sometimes it feels like all online mobile casino reviews are written by the smartphone and tablet casinos themselves, or aren’t particularly truthful.

Lucky Mobile Slots provide unbiased facts and figures from the online mobile casinos we’ve tested and have proven to be most reputable. We try and give you a wide choice of mobile casino sites but we only rate and review ones we’ve played and tested out ourselves. That’s why we only display a small set of the best slots sites online here. Until we’ve tested them, we don’t display them, and some are not worth displaying in our books.

If you come across a great one – let us know. We are always on the look-out for good new mobile casinos, Android casinos, iPad casinos and tablet casinos to play mobile slots online and add to our mobile phone casino list above.

What we look for in our mobile casino slots:

Below we’ve laid out what we look for in the mobile slot machines we review. These are in no particular order of importance. No category weighs in more than the other. We look for the whole overall mobile gambling experience. Whenever possible, we make sure that you, as the slot player, will see both the good and the bad and decide for yourself whether to try it out or not. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what’s important when you want to play mobile slots on your phone or tablet and place real money bets on some of the top mobile slot sites.

The experience, the story, the graphics:

These are all one and the same. True, mobile slot games still have a little way to go before they catch up with some of the grandiose online slot games, but that just means that some of the casino game providers have been lazy and not tried hard enough. You can get many phone and iPad slots that are as good as any of their online alternatives.

Whether you prefer simpler 2D slots, or want a 3D video slots with amazing graphics that pop out the screen, we think the theme and the story are important. Slots are a game, they should be fun to play and entertaining. If you’re not having fun, then the slot game isn’t doing it’s job and the software provider has failed in our opinion.

The Payout Rates

Understanding your chances of winning, or of winning big, is one of the most basic rules of slot playing. These are important, so be sure you understand them and what you expect from a game. For more on payout rates read our article: What are Payout Rates?

The Casino Software

If the casino is the table set, the casino games software is the food you’re about to enjoy. Don’t take us wrong, how good the tools are, how pretty the plate, how excellent the service you receive, is very important – but if the food is no good, then you won’t eat there again.

Because you can find exactly the same games in a variety of different mobile casinos for Android or iPhone, looking at the software in question can help determine which one is for you. Most real money casinos will present you with a variety of slot games to play, but with mobile that variety can be quite small, so all the more important.

Looking at the games studios on offer for each casino whether they have NextGen, NetEnt Touch or Microgaming slots allows us to judge the kind of mobile casino games you can expect in the future and the quality of their casino slots. That way you know what to expect and get a general feel for the food on offer. To push the metaphor a little further, sometimes you just fancy a burger, but other times, nothing will do but the finest caviar.


Nothing matters more on mobile slots but the ease and enjoyment of play. Especially on the small screen of your Android or iPhone, how easy it is to see, enjoy and play slots on iPhone or smartphone becomes paramount. On an Android or Windows tablet or iPad casino things become a little more complicated as the experience on a larger screen is more forgiving, but the commands need to be intuitive and intelligent. Many casino software companies have tried to release some of their less intelligent online slots on mobile as they are easier to convert, but if the game play isn’t what we are used to playing on the big screen, we probably won’t enjoy it on a smaller scale.

Mobile Jackpot Slots

We know the chances of winning the big jackpots are small. We know this. Who are we kidding? And yet, for the same reason the lottery is still one of the most popular forms of gambling ever, us casino slots players are always chasing that next big jackpot slot win.

That said, many of us are happy chasing the smaller jackpots which are only in the thousands rather than in the millions. So what slot jackpots are on offer, whether in game or progressive jackpots, is an important factor in whether we will play slots at a casino or not. Usually some of the less ‘intelligent’ mobile slots will have a big jackpot simply to bring in players. And whilst it’s not always the only reason to play on a reliable mobile casino online, it can certainly be a consideration.

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