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Elk slots started out with one aim in mind: mobile first. And whilst they work beautifully at online casinos, it’s on your favourite Android or iPhone casino where they really shine.

Elk Studios are not the most prolific of slot software providers from Sweden, but the online casino games they do bring out tend to be fun, light, and some are downright intriguing.

The main draw has to be the fact that within each of the Elk Gaming slots you’ve got in-built spinning strategies, so you can auto-play the game, but also automatically change your bet level on whether you are winning or losing.

The first to do this, it makes gambling on Elk mobile slots a little more thrilling, and with the right slot strategy and game, very rewarding indeed. Add some fun themes and wonderful animations and you know you’ve got to try at least a couple of these slot machines online.

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Why should I play Elk Slots?

Just because they don’t bring out a game a month, doesn’t mean you should ignore the potential of these Elk video slots.

Not all are as good as each other, but then if they were, you wouldn’t need to read a mobile casino slot review site, and then we’d be out of a job.

In all seriousness though, we have a soft spot for up and coming slot game studios as they always see what the big guys like NetEnt or Williams Interactive are doing, and then try and do things a little differently.

Not your usual slot game themes

It’s not that they won’t eventually have games set in ancient Egypt or full of leprechauns; eventually, if the game studios get big enough, they all head there.

Wild Toro Mobile Slot Game Reels & Logo
Wild Toro Mobile Slot Game Reels & Logo

But the Elk casino games we do play regularly tend to be the one that think a little out of the box when it comes to integrating bonus games and themes.

Think, for example, of the Wild Toro slot game; where if a Toro and Matador symbol appear on the reels at the same time, the Toro will charge towards the Matador and leave a trail of wilds in it’s wake.

Or how the free spins during the Taco Brothers slot are endless for as long as you manage to get the three brothers (acting as walking wild symbols) to cross the reels and escape the bank vault.

Fun, light, and entertaining Elk games

Granted, most of their real money slots are made for a quick spin on your mobile on your way to somewhere else; whether that’s on your bus to work, or when you escape the madness of your family for five minutes.

You’ll rarely find big win games in the same way as you would in an IGT slot machine, for example. Winning hundreds of thousands is downright difficult.

But coming out on top? That you’ll be able to do more often than not, thanks to Elk Studios secret weapon

Choose your Elk slot strategy

This is one of the very unique feature that Elk video slot have to offer.

These slot machine strategies definitely work better when you combine them with auto-play, as the effects of the strategy works best over a period of 50 spins or more.

  • Jumper – Raise on win: after every winning round your bet level will increase until reaching 4 levels above your starting level. A losing round resets to your starting level.
  • Leveller – Raise on 5 concurrent losses: the slot will increase your bet by two levels after 5 losing spins in a row. This will continue until you get a winning spin.
  • Booster – Raise on loss: Your bet level will increase by one after every losing spin until you reach 4 levels above your starting level. This will reset after your next win.
  • Optimizer – Bets a % of balance: You can set how big a percentage of your budget you want to gamble per spin. For example, casual gamblers will only want to bet 1% of your balance per spin, whilst high roller will be happy to spin 10% of their casino balance per spin. The bet level will change automatically on a win or a lose, so it’s best to keep an eye out on this one.

Which is the best mobile slots strategy, you ask? That’s impossible to say, as it all depends on the slot in question and how you like to play.

For example, betting on a loss is better for high variance slots which build up dead spins until you suddenly get one big win; games like the Poltova slot for example.

But, that’s a high risk strategy, as you might end up with nothing.

Raising on a win, on the other hand, is good for low variance slot where you get lots of little wins in a row, like Electric Sam where a low risk strategy pays out.

How will I know which slot strategy to employ?

We don’t want to seem obvious, but reading our Elk slot reviews is a good place to start.

However, if you’re more of a player than a reader, then we’d recommend you play the slot normally first, without one of the strategies in-play.

Then, once you see how it plays (does it pay out little and often? Or pay out big, but rarely?) you’ll know which is the best strategy for you.

The Optimizer strategy is the only exception to the rule, as you can, generally, use that from the start as it allows you to choose how aggressively you want to play.

The top 3 best Elk slots on mobile and online

The good thing here is that all the slots in question play just as good on mobile as they do at online casinos.

Poltava Mobile Slot Game Reels & Logo
Poltava Mobile Slot Game Reels & Logo

So really this question is about which of the games are fun to play for real money. Simple.

  1. Poltava: Set in the great Northern War, this slot is the one most likely to give you huge wins
  2. DJ Wild: With an original soundtrack, this is a high energy video slot
  3. Electric Sam: Quirky and funny, these trolls will keep you spinning all night long

Of course, chances are you’ll soon find your own favourite Elk slot.

If you like Elk Studios, you’ll love Quickspin Gaming

As soon as someone finds a set of slot games they love, the first question we always get asked is “what other software creates similar games”?

Top Quickspin Games:

  • Machine Gun Unicorn
  • Second Strike
  • The Wild Chase

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And whilst Elk games are still a little way off before they can compete with gambling software companies the likes of NetEnt or Microgaming slots, there is another provider who fights for the same spotlight.

Namely Quickspin slots. They also provide fun games with bright, airy themes, and generally try and do something different with each release.

A brilliant example would be their Firestorm slot, which with it’s simplicity and striking features, is well worth trying out.

If you love Elk slot machines online, you’ll want to try Quickspin games.

What are the best Elk Casinos?

Generally speaking, because there’s not a huge amount of Elk Gaming slots, you’ll find these machines hidden amongst other software.

Which is always good, because we love jumping between one software to another.

Our top three are, remarkably enough, our top three choice of mobile casinos anyway:

All brilliant and reputable casinos.

And whilst the free spins are not on Elk slots (because no one does that to be honest) that doesn’t mean you can’t use a generous welcome bonus to introduce yourself to these great Android and iPhone / iPad slots.

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