What are e-wallets?

Casino e-Wallets, often referred to as digital wallets, are exactly what they sound like.

They are a place you can store your money in safely, and use to pay for things online. You get an account (for free – if they are making you pay, move on to another one) and you then use those account details to deposit and withdraw.

The e-wallet is the only one that sees your credit card details. You use those details to transfer money in and out of your bank, and the e-wallet will hold your money safely in an online environment, allowing you to pay safely and sometimes anonymously.

Why should you use gambling e-wallets at online and mobile casinos?

  1. The e-wallet is the only one with your details – so you can try new and old casinos safely without having to give away your bank details.
  2. When playing on your mobile, it’s far easier to type in an email and a password than write out all your credit card details.
  3. Most of the online and mobile casinos will have faster withdrawals using e-wallets.

So which gambling e-wallet should you choose? In ‘e-wallets we recommend‘ we tell you that two stand out as being the most popular for online casinos; Skrill & Neteller.

Ultimately it’s up to to decide what’s the best way to play and deposit safely.

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