What are ecards or pre-paid cards?

Ecards or pre-paid cards is cash you can use to pay for online goods. Once you’ve made your purchase, you receive a code, which you type in to your casino of choice and get the amount you paid as a deposit.

Think of it as a top up card or cash for your online or mobile casino.

You can pay for this ‘cash’  either online or from a local store (you can find the stores using the store locator on the website of the pre-paid card provider).

Why is this such an advantage? Because this way you never have to share your bank details with the casino. Or anyone, keeping your bank details safe.

It ensures complete security and anonymity against your account, so there is no way for anyone to ever steal your personal bank details. It’s by far one of the safest ways to deposit or pay for any online goods.

Of course, it can be cumbersome, especially if you have to go to a store to get your card, but on the bright side, it also allows you to budget how much you spend at each casino.

If you buy one pre-pay card a week with your online gambling play budget, you know that this is how much you are going to spend for the week. Anything you win on top is a bonus, but you can’t spend more than what’s on the card.

Different online casinos will accept different cards but the one of the most popular for mobile casinos is the following:

Related: Ewallets like PayPal and Neteller are alternatives to prepaid cash cards.

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