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How to play Buster Safe mobile slot

Not Recommended: We've been asked to change our mFortune slot reviews to always have a positive spin by mFortune casino (who are owned by In Touch Games Limited). However, we write unbiased slot reviews and give you the pros and cons so you can decide the best games to play. As such we can no longer recommend and have blacklisted mFortune slots and casino as we will not be influenced when writing our personal opinions of casino games. We do recommend you check out Play'n GO slots instead which are available at a mix of great mobile casinos.

mFortune casinos answer to the cops and robber genre, Buster Safe mobile slot is all about the high jinks of a low heist.

The latest mobile slot game to be added to the mFortune casino platform, you won’t find this mobile game anywhere else. That also means that, whilst you can play this Buster Safe slot online, we would say that it’s really at it’s best when downloaded as an iOS or Android app slot.

Once you do, you have a game that won’t break under pressure, safe for the weakest of phone receptions. You’ll also have a new Cops n Robber slot type game, that matches the original punch for punch in terms of graphics and sounds – though probably not in game play.

Too much happening on the screen

The moment you load Buster Safe video slot you’ll notice tons of little things happening all over the screen. A police car running across the five reels, Buster the thief popping out in front of the game play, random dollar bills flying all over the screen.

It’s distracting, and after a few minutes, a little annoying. We like movement and graphics as much as the next person, but why not do as Microgaming slots do and put the graphics on the symbols themselves?

Once, we won 40x our bet, and the money was flying all over the screen, we missed HOW we’d won. We just saw dollar bills and our bank balance increase.

The sounds themselves, at least, are cool and original. Very Pink Pantherish.

Buster Safe slot has too many bonus feature

What you have here is basically three click me games, one which shows up what feels like every 5 spins and where you win no more than your bet back, another that shows up about every 20 spins and you’ll get 2x to 5x your bet, and finally the one that almost never shows up again, promises you a 100x multiplier, but you end up with nothing most times.

Now we are not saying that these aren’t fun bonus features; you can win far more than what we advertise above on all these features. Or even that they are not original; one makes you ‘scan’ your thumb to check if you’ve won.

What we are saying is that having our game play interupted so often for pittance is as annoying as all those popping graphics flying across the screen. We’d rather the games bonus feature hit less often, but we could win more.

Ironically, the one feature that is the most consistent in giving you slightly bigger wins are the free spin games, and they show up and disappear without fanfare, making them easy to miss if you play on autoplay.

Which is a shame, as Buster Safe jackpot slot has some decent wins

For one, it has a progressive jackpot which runs in the tens of thousands, making aiming for that alone worthwile. That said, the minimum bet here starts at a pretty high 1.50 for the more casual gamblers, so keep that in mind.

Because whilst you won’t lose fast, you’ll have to fight hard to win big.

The jackpot is obviously a difficult one to hit, so the best you can hope for is to get:

  • 5 free spin symbols for 9 free spins. As no multiplier
  • 5 getaway vehicles for a max win of 16x your line bet
  • 5 fingerprint symbols for a chance at a  33x your line bet
  • 5 safe cracker symbols for the possibility of 14x your line bet

And even still. We had bigger wins during the base game, and with five symbols you could end up with a hell of a lot less than what’s above. That’s just the max you can win.

Not very impressive is it?

Still, that’s mostly because, as we mention, the features come again, and again, and again. We did end up with more money in our pockets than when we started with on Buster Safe slot game. Something we were surprised about as we weren’t counting all these tiny little 2x and 5x our bet wins.

Still, it’s hard to feel the thrill when the you don’t get that ‘BIG WIN’ flash across your screen. But this game works and it works well, plus it’s very low risk with a great return to player rate. Yet we feel it’s our responsibility to point you in the general direction of The Lab mobile slot if that’s what you want, but with a few larger thrills.

But if you want cops and robber, then Buster Safe mobile slot will tick just those boxes.

Game Screenshots

Buster Safe slot stats

Mobile Slot releasedNovember 2014
Slot typeVideo Slot
Jackpot amountProgressive - into the tens of thousands
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / 15 Paylines
House edge / RTP3.3% / 96.7%
Slot volatilityLow
Coins range0.10 - 5.00
Min/Max bet1.50 / 75
Max win150,000
Free spinsUp to 9 Free Spins / None
Bonus roundsWilds, Free Spins & Several Click Me Bonus
Slot ThemesDetectives

Bonus Features

How to win this Slot Jackpot:The golden bank vault symbol is the jackpot symbols, and pays even on two symbols. You'll need to get five on an active payline to win the jackpot, and if a wild is used to replace it, you'll only get 300x your line bet.

Still decent, but can you imagine the earth shattering disappointment of being one symbol out?

Wild Symbol: The cop is the wild symbols and substitutes for all symbols except bonus, and as mentioned above, only partial replacement for the jackpot symbol.

Free Spins: These are triggered on an active payline only, using the green button with 'free' on its symbol.

3 symbols will give you 5 free spins, 4 symbols 7 free spins, and 5 symbols 9 free spins.

No multiplier, but a free round is a free round right?

The Getaway Mini Game: Get the truck symbols on an active payline and you'll be taken to a second screen where you'll need to sneak past obstacles to get bigger prizes.

The prizes below are on the line bet, not your overall bet. Bear that in mind.

  • 2 getaway symbols: 10x, 11x, 12x, 14x, 15x, 16x
  • 3 getaway symbols: 20x, 22, 25x, 27x, 30x, 33x
  • 4 getaway symbols: 50x, 55x, 60x, 65x, 70x, 75x
  • 5 getaway symbols: 100x, 120x, 140x, 160x, 200x, 240x

The best one of the three mini-games we found. Doesn't show up so often that it loses it's novelty, and you can get a few bucks out of it.

The Print Hacker Mini Game: Get 2 or more fingerprint symbols on an active payline and you'll be asked to scan your fingerprint to check against the crime scene.

If there is no match, you win a prize (as below). If you are a match (80% of the time) you are busted and get nothing.

Again, the values below are based on line bet, not overall bet.

  • 2 fingerprint symbols: 100x
  • 3 fingerprint symbols: 200x
  • 4 fingerprint symbols: 300x
  • 5 fingerprint symbols: 500x

It's the one you'll be hard pressed to find, but actually the one that can pay more than the rest, except for the fact that mostly you walk away with nothing.

Safe Cracker Mini Game: Again, you'll need two or more safe cracking code breaking symbols to get into the bank vaults! How much you win depends on how many of the symbols you found on the wheel.

During this mini game, you'll spin the safe cracker, and wait for numbers to show up on screen, with different multipliers associated to each. Match two and you'll win. The line bet multipliers hiding under the numbers are as follows:

  • 2x safe cracker symbols: 15x, 16x, 17x
  • 3x safe cracker symbols: 20x, 22x, 25x
  • 4x safe cracker symbols: 50x, 55x, 60x
  • 5x safe cracker symbols: 100x, 120x, 140x

This mini game shows up far too often with only 2 symbols, giving you just about your overall spin bet back. It's more annoying than useful.

Buster Safe Review Conclusion

Buster safe mobile slot asks: can you pull of the ultimate bank job? The answer is no, because if the money coming in is from a bank, it's a very small one.

Yet, it plays well on all smartphones and tablet devices we tested, gives you plenty of action on the reels, and the chance at a decent jackpot.

If you want safe and reliable, this is your slot if not then you can always try one of the other mFortune slots available.

Review by Lucky Mobile Slots, last updated: March 20, 2019 - Rating 2

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