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Street Fighter 2 Slot Review

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How to play Street Fighter 2 mobile slot

This Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior slot not only keeps the original game, but it keeps all the original gameplay, making this a brilliant combination of video game and video slot.

This isn’t a sequel to another slot, but the fact that NetEnt have stayed true to the original video slot titled (in full) Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. For the sake of ease, we’re calling this the Street Fighter 2 slot online.

But we will give them this: they have stayed 100% to the core of what made the video game fun. The graphics and animations are all as brilliantly pixelated and true to each fighting location and characters, from the way they rock in place to the way they have finishing moves.

As a child of the 90s, we were swept in and played with all 8 characters. We thought it would lose it’s shine after a while (like, maybe, how it did with the Jumanji slot), but it really didn’t.

So which of the Street Fighter II characters should I choose?

That’s the first question you have to ask yourself because it changes the game slightly. Don’t worry we will talk you through it.

Below in the Street Fighter slot features, you’ll see what each characters special feature does and the RTP changes in the game. Now what we should point out is that no matter which character you choose, the top win remains the same.

You can win 7,142 times bet regardless because every character has a chance to hit the free spins and battle the 4 main bosses. What it changes though, is the general volatility of the slot machine.

If you pick someone like Dhalsim or Honda, you’ll get lots of little wins often. If you pick Blanka or Ken, on the other hand, those little wins won’t come as often, but you will get bigger wins overall.

Once you’ve picked your character, you then get a health bar at the top, and you are stuck with that character till you defeat your opponent, are defeated, or you reload the slot.

The Street Fighter 2 slot has so many wilds and big free spins

We could spend the best part of double guessing whether you’ve picked the right character or not. What we will say is that if you are not sure, go for somewhere in the middle.

We had the best of luck with Guile (not a character we would have picked normally) but he got us all the way to Level Four of the free spin bonus round and almost defeated M. Bison. But we didn’t care that we didn’t as we walked away with over 500x our bet, and we walked away happy.

Here’s the thing about this Street Fighter 2 slot game. Don’t overthink it, and lower your expectations: getting anything close to 1,000x your bet will be a good day in this World of Warriors.

Yes, there’s more here to be found, but we think this game actually works best when you pick one of the medium to low variance characters, because this is all about the thrill of the action and watching those opponents battle it out, or wreck cars for coins.

One of the best video game slots we’ve played and that includes the Tomb Raider slot or the Tetris Extreme slot game.

Game Screenshots

Street Fighter 2 slot stats

Mobile Slot releasedMay 2020
Slot typeVideo Slot
Slot reels / paylines5 Reels / All Ways Pay
House edge / RTP3.98% to 3.92%% / 96.02%
Slot volatilityMedium
Min/Max bet0.20 / 700
Max win7,142 times bet
Free spinsFree Spins / x2 - x10 Multipliers
Bonus roundsWild Combos, Car Smash, Battles
Slot ThemesBranded
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Bonus Features

Battles & Health Points: This casino game is played in battles - first you choose a character who will fight a random opponent, and by doing so pick the volatility of the game and a subtle change in the RTP:

  • Dhalsim: 96.04% - Win Very Often
  • E. Honda: 96.05% - Win quite Often
  • Ryu: 96.02% - Win Often
  • Guile: 96.04% - Win Medium
  • Zangief: 96.08% - Win Medium
  • Chun Li: 96.08% - Win Big
  • Blanka: 96.08% - Win Bigger
  • Ken: 96.06% - Win Biggest

What choosing this doesn't do is change the top win of the game, just the likelihood of getting to those top wins.

Each character and opponent has victor (their face) and defeat symbols (their bloodied face). Those symbols will deal damage to each side, hitting their health point bar (and giving you wins.

When you character's or your opponent health point reaches 0 you get one of two bonus features and you can then re-pick a new character for another battle round, or stay with the same.

Wild Gauge & Wild Combo Features: The wild gauge sits above your characters head. It gets filled up in the game by any high-value symbol winning combination. Once full, your character will do a special move combination, adding a whole load of wilds onto the screen. How many wilds changes from character to character.

  • Dhalsim:  randomly places 3 or 4 wild symbols
  • E. Honda: place 3 wild symbols on the same reel
  • Ryu: places 3 wild symbols on the same row
  • Guile: places 2 vertical stacks of 2 wilds
  • Zangief: places 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wilds
  • Chun Li: places rnadomly 2 or 7 wilds
  • Blanka: places 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel
  • Ken: places 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row

The difference in these features is the reason for the RTP differences in this Street Fighter slot game.

Car Smash Bonus Game: If you lose a battle, you'll get the Car Smash Bonus Game. Using on-screen joysticks much like in the original Street Fighter 2 video game, you get to destroy a car which will randomly award coin win. You'll get somewhere between 5x to 20x your bet in this bonus.

Beat the Boss Free Spins:  If you win a battle, you get to play on multi-level Beat the Boss Free Spins. These are limitless free spins, in that all that matters is who beats who on each round, using the Battle and Health point system. However, there's a difference in each round:

  • Stage 1: Defeat Balrog - x2 multiplier  on all wins
  • Stage 2: Defeat Vega - x3 multiplier on all wins
  • Stage 3: Defeat Sagat - x5 multiplier on all wins
  • Stage 4 Defeat M. Bison - x10 multiplier on all wins

You start with a 2x multiplier on all wins, and your character also does his wild move at the beginning of each spin. If you defeat Balrog, you then get to play Vega and so on and so forth till you get to the main Boss.

M Bison gives you a 10x multiplier, and if you defeat HIM, you'll be named The World Warrior and win an extra cash prize.

If the players lose the battle at one of the levels, they can use the Insert Coin gamble feature allowing to restart the last battle for a portion of their winnings.

Insert Coin Gamble Feature: If you love any of the battles after Balrog, you have one chance to 'inset coin' and play a gamble feature. This will restart that particular round (Vega, Segat, M Bison), for a prize. You will, however, also lose any wins from that previous round, and you may win less, or you may move to the next stage. It's a gamble for a reason.

Street Fighter 2 Review Conclusion

We'd be lying if we didn't admit we were the perfect target audience for this Street Fighter 2 slot on mobile, and we got caught hook, line and sinker.

But, we will stand proud and say that this is still a fun and unusual phone slot machine to play, even if you've never heard of the original game before. Mostly because you get lots of action, lots of features, and completely different slot games depending on which character you choose.

We can see how it might get annoying for some who don't know which character to play. This is not a slot for the complete beginner, but it brings an extra element of gaming to what could have been a very simple and boring branded video slot.

NetEnt game studios have created something characterful, thought about how to integrate theme and feature, and made is exciting.

We think it hits all the right cylinders with its multi-stage free spins, those bigger multipliers and the fact every character has different finishing moves. World Warriors unite and get playing!

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Review by Lucky Mobile Slots, last updated: March 26, 2021 - Rating 5

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