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iSoftbet slots continue to impress us, with beautiful graphics, movie themes and video slot games perfect for the smaller screens.

Here’s a casino games software provider who loves mobile slots and casino sites. Sure, they predominantly have hundreds of online casino games over mobile ones, but the iSoftBet slots selection of on the go games is decent, and there’s a few that are even glorious.

Better yet, they have shown a commitment to turning their best of the best into mobile and tablet slots, ensuring their biggest names are available to play where ever you go. This is no surprise from a casino slots software provider who put such strict rules on themselves, ensuring their games are licensed with not one, but four regulatory bodies, including Spain, Italy, Belgium and Alderney.

Specialising in slot machines, you won’t find fairer or easier to play mobile casino games than in iSoftBet.

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More about these casino slots games

iSoftBet have been around since 2010, but still lack the name recognition of the likes of Microgaming or NetEnt. The reason is simple, iSoftBet slots are licensed by several European authorities, making their games as fair as possible, but also expecting the same high standards from their partner casinos.

Which not everyone is able to meet. So they gave their Italian licensed slots to their Italian casinos and their Belgium licensed slots to their Belgium casinos and so on.

However, when they added Alderney to their list of regulators, it opened up a whole world of international mobile casino sites. And that’s when they got on our radar.

What are mobile iSoftBet slots like?

Well, they are varied, but mostly you’ll find mobile video slots, with all the free spins, click me and expanding wilds you’ve come to expect from the more advanced online games.

Now unlike the likes of Bally or IGT who bring their casino machines into the online world and hope that the transformation works, iSoftBet mobile games have more in common with the likes of NextGen Gaming and Play’n Go.

By that we mean that these iSoftBet video slot machines were clearly created by a smaller studio, trying to punch above it’s weight, and generally succeeding.

Not always mind you, but mostly they can get some good results.

The graphics and sounds are sharp, they are different enough to make a mark, but not necessarily revolutionary.

Sometimes a little quirky

So lets look at some of the downfalls of iSoftBet mobile slots and games.

For one the sounds cannot always be relied on to be the same from device to device. So what you hear when playing on the Android phone slots varies to the iPad or other tablets.

We’ve actually found that if you put the game on auto-play, especially on some cell phones, if your phone goes to sleep or you go to another window… the game will continue playing automatically.

You might think this is great, and it can be. But less so when you are quickly shutting your phone off so your boss doesn’t catch you playing games, but the music is still happily tingling along from your incriminating phone.

We are just saying, there are times when this function can be dangerous rather than helpful.

Equally when you are changing your bet by coins size or number of coins, you can’t actually see how much the final bet is until you can back to the game. So either you get really good at maths quickly, or you go back and forth between the base game and the change bet size screen.

Our best advice here is to free play iSoftBet slots before you commit to your money to make sure you like the look, style and sounds.

But overall they just work

The other side to this coin is that, quirks aside, generally mobile iSoftbet games just work. And not just that, but they have features often lacking in so many other providers.

For one, they have a good selection of of progressive jackpot slots, which NextGen do not. The jackpots, granted, tend to be smaller than most, because their games have yet to hit the notoriety of the likes of Net Entertainment.

So we are talking tens of thousands rather than millions, but still better than no jackpot at all in our books.

For two, you have that auto-spin feature. Laugh if you want that we put it down as one of the good points, but don’t forget that the great and wonderful Microgaming games don’t even have this feature on their mobile phone slots.

Simple bold colours for the smaller screen

Betsoft is one of those providers who put a lot of attention into their graphics and have a unique style. So does the iSoftBet software, but whilst the first can turn the reels chaotic and hard to see in symbols, the second thinks far more carefully about what it shows on your hand.

Their symbols are simpler, with bold colours distinguishing between them all. And sure, the video graphics are no where near the level of the Aliens slot machine by NetEnt for example. But they easily sit comfortably side by side with the likes of Microgaming’s Hitman and Tomb Raider slot.

Talking ’bout big brand movie slots…

Guess who has big brand movie slots? If you’re first guess was either of the two softwares we just mentioned in the sentence above, then yes you would be correct.

But where we really wanted to lead you was down the path of the iSoftBet movie slots. It takes a special kind of slot software provider to be able to convince big studios to hand over the rights of their games.

And ok, it’s no Jurassic Park or Game of Thrones, but this isn’t a pissing contest about who has the most impressive name. It’s about where you can have fun.

Which these mobile games can provide in spades. Basic Instinct mobile slot has plenty to offer, as do the online Platoon and Rambo. Jackpot Rango divides more people, much like the original movie, but this little chameleon may yet change colours to your liking if you give him a try.

Decent games that will only get better

Most of the complaints we have about the iSoftbet casino software are things that we suspect can easily be fixed in the future. The quirkiness will disappear as they get better at releasing mobile games, the jackpots will grow as people discover their games.

No, if we have one complaint it is that we wish they would release more mobile slots more often. much like many out there, they bring out their games online and then, only if they think they are popular enough, transfer them to the smaller screens.

It means that their selection of mobile games grows really slowly. We get that they are a small London based company, but as they live in one of the most resource rich cities in the world, couldn’t they just find a few more mobile game makers?

We certainly hope so. Because if they do then some of the bigger names in the online slot provider industry might start to get a little bit nervous.

Which iSoftBet casinos to play on?

There are a few mobile casinos now integrating these new slots in to their casinos. One of our best mobile casinos Leo Vegas have the complete range for all countries so it’s worth checking them out.

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