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Leander Games may not be the biggest casino slot game developer, but what they lack in numbers, they generally make up in quality.

Most of you might be surprised to hear that Leander slots have been around since way back in 2008.

In fact, you were probably congratulating yourself on discovering a brand new awesome casino game studio, when it fact, Leander is practically old school.

But that’s part of the Leander Games charm. They manage to still be an indy casino slot developer, despite having been around for years, never compromising to make a quick buck.

Based out of Argentina, they are the ultimate rebels, always trying to create something new, not always quite managing to hit every note… but when they get it right, you’ll no doubt have found a new favourite machine.

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Why Play on Leander Slots On Mobile?

If you come to this page, chances are you were looking for one of two things:

  1. You’ve recently came across a Leander slot machine and wanted to find out more about the provider.
  2. You love Leader online slots and wanted to play their casino games on mobile.

If the first, the congrats! We’ve got lots to say and trust us when we say that it’s all mostly good things.

For those of you in the second category… we’ll admit that the selection of Leander mobile slots isn’t quite what we’d hope.

But don’t give up on them just yet.

Fashionably late to the party

When we mentioned above that Leander casino games were old school, we meant it.

That’s not meant to be a criticism, just that they like to create video slots that they tend to concentrate on create fairly volatile slot machines (good for us), but for years concentrated far too much on online casinos (bad for us).

When every other provider was busy making sure every slot they launched was able to be played as an Android slot or an iPad slot, Leander ignored all that and stuck to online.

It took them a while, but they’ve been slowly releasing their games on mobile, but it means that the selection is small in comparison to more established casino software.

All about the math: geek is chic

Don’t think that when we say old school, we mean that they are boring and/or irrelevant.

Granted, their graphics don’t quite manage to reach the beauty of the likes of Yggdrasil slot games.

But you can fault the maths behind most of the Leander phone slots.

Not all, but most, give you a chance to win big. It makes Leander one of those casino games software that is generally better suited for experience players with a little patience.

That said, you only have to look at games like the Potion Factory slot game to see that high variance doesn’t mean boring.

That little gem has more features than games like Hansel and Gretel by NetEnt, but not half the attention it deserves.

Honourable mention: the Reely slot series

They are by far one of the best online slots around, namely because they allow you to play two games at once.

  • Reely Poker
  • Reely Roulette
  • Reely Bingo
  • Reely Caribbean Stud Poker

Yeap, you can play slots and poker, slots and roulette, and slots and bingo, at the same time.

They are not currently available to play at mobile casinos, but if you get a chance, they are worth checking out online.

Leander Games online are not perfect

So far, we’ve stayed fairly positive, but no slot software developer is perfect.

WMS gaming tend to over complicate slots, NetEnt try too hard to sell us ‘unique’ features which aren’t, and Microgaming just love creating a conveyor belt full of clone slots.

So what are the big negatives to playing on Leander slots for mobile?

Old school can sometimes mean old fashioned

The thing is the theme can be timeless, and yet when you load the Leander game on mobile, you might wonder if it’s not 10 years old.

Take the Dragon slot for example, with designs from renowned fantasy artist Ciruelo.

Whilst it still looks stunning, there’s a fussiness around the edges that makes you feel like this game would be better suited online.

Probably something to do with the fact that they are trying to catch up on mobile, but their games don’t run as smooth as they should at times.

Can you look past the themes to the gameplay?

We suppose if we had to nit pick, we suppose we’d have to say that they don’t try and break the mould too much with their slot themes.

Hey, everyone has tried to copy IGT’s Cleopatra, and even brand new developer Just For The Win’s first game was a fairly standard fairytale slot Goldwyn’s Fairies.

But for every generic theme, most software tend to have one or two gens that make them stand out.

And other than the Reely series, which just borrows from other games, the slot by Leander tend have generic themes.

Pirates, Sinbad, Egypt, Underwater… None of them are particularly unique – though that doesn’t mean they are not well made.

They know how to make a good branded slot

The Taxi slot aside (because that was crap, god help us), when given a brand, Leander Games thrive.

In fact, their very first international hit was the Megadeth slot, which blended music, game play, and imagery perfectly.

Then their’s the wonderfully fun Dolly online slot, where you can pick from her biggest hits to listen to, all whilst enjoying some colourful reels.

All this, by the by, before the Guns n Roses NetEnt slot was even a twinkly in the CEOs eyes.

What is the best Leander Games Casino?

Unfortunately, because they are such an indy developer, Leander casino games are not always easy to find.

Thank-god then, for Vera & John casino, who love to take a chance on lesser known names in order to bring you as wide a selection of slots as possible.

And with a generous first deposit bonus you can try Leander video slots without risking any of your fun money.

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