5 Reasons To Be Excited That DC Superhero Slots Are Back In Action

Saturday, June 18th, 2016 by LuckyMobileSlots

In the last week NextGen Gaming have released 3 DC Superhero slots for online and mobile casinos. Here's 5 reasons why this is the start of something great.

Get In On The Superhero Mobile Slots Action
Get In On The Superhero Mobile Slots Action

Superhero slots are pretty easy to find. The Playtech Marvel slots collection has only been growing ever since the first Iron Man movie.

But, if our memory serves, the first to venture into the world of comic book heroes was Cryptologic, way before it was cool to be geek.

They had, in fact, a whole series of DC superheroes in their portfolio, and a little while after they were bought by Amaya Gaming back in 2012, these little slots disappeared from our screen.

Now they’re back, thanks to the wonderful provider that is NextGen Gaming, and they look better than ever.

Here’s 5 reasons you should be excited that this video slot provider has been put in charge of the best known superheroes in the world.

1. They are now all available at mobile casinos

This week we got a total of 3 DC superhero mobile slots:

  1. The always awesome Batman
  2. Green Lantern slot that will surprise you
  3. The scarlet speedster flies into our screen with The Flash

Which is 3 more than we had back in 2012, or ever. Reason being, Cryptologic had no interest in moving their comic slot machines to mobile.

NextGen Gaming, on the other hand, pretty much release each and every new online slot to be played across all platforms, at all times, from your Android phone to your iPad to your laptop.

And they do mobile well; these are games that don’t just work on mobile, they work really well.

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2. We can expect more DC slots in the future

It’s no surprise that hot off all the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie publicity, these three little babies suddenly pop back on the radar.

Let’s be honest, there are currently about 15 different planned DC movies expected, some more likely to happen than others, but all planned to come to us by 2020.

What better time than to revamp popular DC slots that have proven themselves time and time again with players?

In fact, you don’t even need a movie to get people excited about superheroes anymore; why do you think The Flash slot was one of the first released?

The fact it’s a hugely popular series on TV at the moment, no doubt helped make that decision.

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Wait, we could have gotten more?

We will, in fact, get more. How do we know?

Because, before they were decommissioned, there was a far larger selection of choice than just those three Justice Leaguers.

In fact, not that this has been officially confirmed, we hear gossip along the NextGen vine that we might get 2 more before the year is out; one of which will no doubt be a Superman slot.

Wonder Woman, on the other hand, will probably not show up till next year, as that’s when the Wonder Woman movie will be released.

But that’s us guessing, rather than having heard anything concrete.

3. Facelift gives them a modern edge

So what is different about these new DC superhero slots? Or are you simply playing on decade old machines?

The Flash Mobile Slot Screenshot
The Flash Mobile Slot Screenshot

Not at all, in fact, despite us having played on the original, when NextGen released these 3 new games, and despite being incredibly familiar, we had to ask them to confirm that they were, in fact, the old Crypto slots, revamped.

That’s how different they look and feel.

Keeping the original DC comic book graphics

This is what makes them special; the fact that all these Android and iPhone slots use original graphics from the comic books.

Not the movies, not the TV, not some weird 3D hybrid like you see in the Superman Last Son of Krypton slot.

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It makes them feel wonderfully authentic, and timeless. Especially now that NextGen have added:

  • Bigger reels and symbols
  • High definition images and animations
  • Decluttered the buttons for smooth gameplay
  • Remove boring clunking generic sounds
  • Added cool atmospheric music & backgrounds
  • Exciting big win and bonus games animations

In NextGen’s own words: “A game that is smoother to play, reacts faster, and provides greater anticipation and celebration, helps create a lively and more memorable gaming experience.”

4. They’ve kept the same great gameplay

If you think these changes are purely cosmetic… well, you’ll be right. But a facelift is all these mobile slot games needed.

They were hugely popular for a reason, and were decommissioned not because they weren’t being played, but because of bureaucracy of who owned the rights to what.

Each come with 50 paylines, and each have a ‘bonus’ bet, which when activated, give them extra features.

In the Batman slot machine, for example, you get extra wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, and a cool click me bonus game feature where you get to battle the Joker for instant cash.

Each slot follows a pattern, yet each provide a slightly different twist, giving them a unique flavour.

But more importantly, each have blazing big wins hiding in the 5 reels, explaining their continued popularity.

5. DC Superhero slots will be here longer than Marvel

Now, we know this is going to be a little controversial, because the Marvel VS DC debate will continue to rage until the earth is but smoke, and the last two humans fight over who will win, Batman or Iron man?

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But we actually have a non-geek reason for this.

In 2009 Disney bought Marvel. Remember that company? The one that likes to be squeaky clean, family friendly entertainment?

Where do you think slot machines stand on their list of priorities to either improve or create? The last Marvel slot we got was Playtech’s Avengers, back in 2012.

Awfully quiet recently don’t you think?

DC doesn’t need the movies to make their superhero slots popular

DC comic book heroes, on the other hand, have always swung a little more on the dark side.

Batman Mobile Slot Screenshot
Batman Mobile Slot Screenshot

Lois Lane dies, Superman goes insane and creates a totalitarian state. Cyborg constantly battles being more machine than man. Batman doesn’t always follow his no kill rule, whilst Wonder Woman is a warrior who has no real qualms about killing.

More importantly, these are heroes that don’t need movies to make them popular. We knew who Batman was before any of the movies came out, and most of us know that The Flash can run really, really, really, fast.

Brilliant slots, with brilliant themes, based on brilliant game mechanics. What’s not to be excited about?

Especially as you can now play 3 in the series, all at Guts casino who give you £€$300 in bonus + 100 free spins to get you started.

Oh, and the answer to that all important philosophical question: Batman will smash Iron Man, every time.

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