Boredom At An All Time Low Thanks To These 10 Things

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 by LuckyMobileSlots

Did you know that boredom levels are at an all time low? At least according to a special research done by Casumo casino on 2,000 Brits. Here's what's keeping you entertained.

Top 10 Ways To Beat Boredom
Top 10 Ways To Beat Boredom

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either sitting in a waiting room, standing in line, on hold on the phone, tiding up the house, or in a meeting at work.

At least, that’s what Casumo casino says are some of the 20 top things that bore us in life, and (we suspect) why most of you are here reading

We’d love to say it’s because of our charming personality, but we suspect we simply present you with a fun way to pass a few minutes during the daily commute, looking for great mobile slot reviews to play.

Because there’s a bright side to all this; 8 out of 10 of us are rarely, or never, bored thanks to one little piece of technology we all know and love: the smartphone.

But phones & mobile games don’t top the list

Even though a massive 45% of us say that staring at our phones is our top choice to combat boredom, that’s not actually what came at the top of the list.

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In fact it didn’t even come second. The second one actually both surprised and made us kinda happy, thinking this form of entertainment was going the way of the dodo.

Top 10 ways to fight boredom:

Watching TV unsurprisingly topped the list, with seven in 10 saying it’s their best boredom-buster. With TV box sets so readily available, is it surprising that it’s the easiest way to keep our mind ticking?

  1. Watch TV
  2. Read a book
  3. Look at your phone
  4. Go on a computer/laptop
  5. Listen to music
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Watch a film
  8. Use a tablet
  9. Complete a puzzle
  10. Take a nap

And if you take number 3, 4 and 8 together, a whopping 44% of us spend our down-time browsing the internet or playing games on a computer or laptop.

We’d be surprised, but, you know; we’re an online slot review site. We can’t remember the last time we weren’t hooked up to the internet to be honest.

But hey, at least we’re all still enjoying a good book and a walk in the fresh air every once in a while.

And, apparently, a puzzle and a nap. Because life is just one long lazy Sunday afternoon for these people?

Our average attention span is 47 seconds

That’s the downside to all this; when reading an article, it takes an average of 47 seconds for your attention to drift. Which means that if you’re still reading this, congrats.

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You, are a rare beast and a true connoisseur of good journalism.

Or that meeting dragged on for long than 28 minutes… which is when, according to the study, you’re likely to start checking your phone for things like reviews of online casinos, top slot strategies, and which Kardashian just had plastic surgery.

The answer; all of them.

So is nothing sacred? Is there anything that will get us off our phones.

Even sex loses out to technology fairly quickly

If you’re looking in horror at the thought of picking your phone up after sex, then chances are you’ve only been dating for… what… 3 or 4 months? Less?

Otherwise, chances are, within half an hour of doing the deed, you’ll have checked your phone. In fact, within 18 minutes of waking up, you’ll be on your phone.

For most of you, checking the phone comes ahead of brushing teeth, eating breakfast, or (depressingly) kissing your partner.

Though, we suppose, if they’re on their phone within 29 minutes after having sex, we can’t blame you for prioritising your technological love-mate over your flesh and blood one.

At least technology, and sites like iPad casinos or real money Android game sites, are always there at your beck and call.

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We can help you fight the Kardashians and Food Photos!

Wait… we should probably rephrase that.

We’re not secretly going to create a underground food fight club where we throw tomatoes at Kardashian look-a-likes. Though that’s a brilliant idea, and we’re totally calling that the next reality TV show of 2018.

What we meant is that we can help the good fight against boredom, and the top 20 things that, as a nation, we’ve decided are the most boring.

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The 20 most boring things in life:

1. Being stuck in traffic
2. Standing in line
3. Being on hold
4. Junk mail
5. Slow internet connections
6. Listening to politicians
7. Watching TV adverts
8. The routine of everyday life
9. Sitting in a waiting room
10. Queuing in the post office
11. Having no money
12. Tidying up the house
13. Waiting in for a delivery
14. The Kardashians
15. People who Instagram their food
16. Football pundits’ analysis
17. Unnecessary meetings
18. Cleaning the bathroom
19. Reality TV shows
20. Doing the washing-up

Ed Sheeran voted 47th most boring ‘thing’

That’s not the whole list.

Some seems almost obvious and cliche; like new mums posting photos of their baby, coming in at number 28, or waiting for a train, at number 32.

Hell, even emptying the bins (23rd) and changing a duvet cover (31st) makes sense.

But why is Ed Sheeran in at number 47? If you find him boring couldn’t you just… not listen to him or his music?

In fact, same goes for Rice Cakes (46th) and Gardeners worlds (48th). We are happy to say that we can go for months without coming across either of these things.

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It’s all about the thrill of online slots

We’d like to say that Casumo Casino are secretly doing an experiment on unsuspecting victims about the effects of boredom on their brain.

But let’s be honest, they did this research to prove a point.

As this Casumo’s spokesman pointed out: “A quarter of the population say that playing games online is one of the ways they defeat boredom. We can help with that, but unfortunately, we can’t do anything to make being stuck in traffic more exciting.”

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With their amazing selection of games, we bet you’ll be there for longer than your 47 second attention span.

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