Leo Vegas Mobile Casino Adds iSoftBet Games

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 by LuckyMobileSlots

Who is iSoftBet we hear you ask? And why should I care? Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from the new Leo Vegas mobile casino games.

Play More Mobile Slots With New iSoftBet Games
Play More Mobile Slots With New iSoftBet Games

You may or may not be familiar with iSoftBet games. They’ve been around since 2011 and launched when mobile casino games were the bees knees.

By that, we mean, they concentrated mostly on mobile slot games. However it’s only been recently that they started to make real movement in the variety and quality of their games, bringing in bigger and more reliable casinos for mobile on board.

We’ve been waiting for a little while now for one of our favourite mobile casinos to add iSoftBet. Mostly because we were curious to really test out their slot games thoroughly, as they have some pretty big brand names under their belt.

Leo Vegas casino is such a beast, having announced that they are starting to integrate the full range of iSoftBet mobile games available. It’s not going to be overnight as they slowly and surely start adding more (and you’ll see then in our ‘new slots for mobile list‘ when they do), but we can have a look at what this means and what quality of mobile video slots we can expect.

What are iSoftBet games like?

Very mobile friendly. And we mean that. Just look at our Ninja Chef slot review; we don’t like to give five stars often, and usually that’s reserved for Microgaming and NetEnt.

Not to say that all their games will be five stars, the reason why Leo Vegas released this one slot before all the others is because it’s one of the best. But you can get a general feel for the games.

Beautiful Android slots and iOS slots

They take up the whole screen and the graphics are sharp – especially on the latest HD screens. The way you play is also very intuitive, as you easily and quickly change your bet level or choose the number of rounds to autoplay.

The sounds are unique to each slot, and regardless of the device you are playing you feel like you are getting a slot game created for it. Rather than like, for example, Microgaming, who look great on iOS but then forget to expand the slot on Android. It’s a small detail, but when you are playing on a small screen, the small details count.

Equally, don’t forget to double tab when playing this as an Android phone slot as it will (usually) expand to cover the whole screen, hiding the ugly address bar at the top.

Not perfect, but close

If we had to critique it’s that their explanations of their special features are very basic. It’s only once you get playing that you start to understand how each special feature fits with the other and how it affects your game play. You also rarely get the return to player rate and we are, at the moment, trying to find this information so we can publish it for you in the future.

And if we had to really nit-pick, we could also mention that as you change your line bet, the slot sometimes hides the overall bet spin, so you have to work out in your head how much you are betting overall, or close the betting screen, having a look, and then go back in and change it.

Yeah, we were never very good at maths either. It’s why we have calculators.

Surprising Number of Big Brand Games

NetEnt have the likes of Aliens and South Park slot, whilst Microgaming love their games Tomb Raider and Hitman.

iSoftBet, not to be outdone, actually do hold some big brand names you’ll recognise, especially if you were a child of the 80’s/90’s. Possibly because the copyright on these is cheaper, possibly because they have a love of nostalgia, some of the movie-tie in games include Basic Instinct, Rambo, Platoon and a Bruce Lee slot.

They even have… wait for it… a Beverly Hills 90210 game. Oh we wish we were lying, but it’s true. It’s the kind of game we will all mock, and yet in our hearts hope that the Brenda, Kelly and Dylan love triangle will somehow make its way back onto our screens, even if it’s a small spinning screen.

We mean, no. What. We would never play that. How awful. Ahem.

A wide mix to enjoy

Nostalgia aside, they do have a mix of games, all of which can be played on tablet or phones.

Yes most are video slots, but they have a few classic slots to bring to the table, one even has a progressive jackpot. And it’s not the only one. The jackpot slot games on offer may not be huge in amounts, in the region of the tens of thousands rather than hundreds and millions, but they are there.

No table games to speak of for those who like a little variety, but who knows what the future may hold for this fairly new casino game developer?

When can I play at Leo Vegas

They currently have, when we last checked, only one game on mobile, Ninja Chef. Not because Leo Vegas casino don’t think they will integrate all the games, but because they like to slowly add one game at a time, make sure players get a chance to enjoy it, and then release the next one.

You’ll enjoy a chocolate bar far more if you know that’s what you get to enjoy, rather than sitting on a mountain of candy and not knowing where to start.

Although that’s not really a fair analogy as Leo Vegas mobile casino boast over 160 slots for Android, iPhone and iPad alone last time we checked, so you still have a mountain of candy, but at least this is new candy. So you know. More exciting.

Also we mentioned you get 20 free spins on registration + 200% bonus + 180 free spins after that right? How about that for a sweet deal.

They will, of course, give you notice as and when they start adding new games, especially any with postcodes in the title… What we really mean is Platoon. Yes. Platoon.

Time to enjoy some brand new games, whatever your flavour.

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