Experience The Fun Of Octoberfest With These Brilliant Slots Online

Monday, September 24th, 2018 by LuckyMobileSlots

Octoberfest has begun and the madness of Munich can rarely be matched outside of Germany! However, if you've never had the chance to go, we give you the best Octoberfest slots that bring the madness to your home.

Best Octoberfest Slots 2018
Best Octoberfest Slots 2018

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to Oktoberfest.

We won’t say we’re experts, but having dipped our toes into the waters of this crazy Bavarian festival once, we can just about remember enough to give you an idea what it’s all about.

So come with us as we take you on a slot game adventure that will give you all the lows and highs of drinking beer for 12+ hours straight.

It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s one of a kind, and these gambling mobile games reflect just that.

The best Octoberfest slot to celebrate this festival

Our pick here isn’t just casino slots about beer or Germany. Because, honestly, if that’s all we did, we wouldn’t have that much of a selection.

Plus, we wanted to make sure that this selection of games was more than just about the slot themes: these had to be fun machines that you could take a few spins on and have a chance of walking away entertained, and maybe a little richer.

The way we know how to do that is to take you on an Octoberfest journey of what a typical day and night at the festival will bring you.

We think we made a good selection, however, if you want to add any based on your experiences (past or present) contact us and we will be more than happy to add them to the list.

1. We start at the Stein Haus slot

We start where everyone starts – at one of the many huge Bavarian tents full of wooden tables, flowing casks of beer, and handsome blonde servers coming over and ensuring your glass is never empty.

Greentube Stein Haus Slot Game With Stacked Symbols
Greentube Stein Haus Slot Game With Stacked Symbols

You are new to this festival, you are still trying to find your sea legs amongst all the craziness. You want to simply stay in the background, watch the festivities and try to join in every once in a while.

Which is why the Stein Haus slot is the perfect first game.

It’s a simple 50 payline machine with wilds and scatters that, much like all Novomatic games, has some decent pays.

Add Mega Beer wilds during the free spin game round, and you’ll be buzzing to continue on your Oktoberfest mobile slot adventure.

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2. We line the stomach with some Sizzling Spins

You’ve forgotten what time it is, but you can guess that it’s time for food by the fact that complete strangers are now your best friends in the whole wide world.

Sizzling Spins Slot With 5 Reels
Sizzling Spins Slot With 5 Reels

We wish there was a slot that had a massive sausage with a generous helping of sauerkraut, or maybe a wonderful veal delicacy only found in the Bavarian mountains.

But there isn’t. What you do have is the Sizzling Spin slot game by Play’n GO, which gives you a dazzling choice of BBQ flavours, from Chicken to Fish, to the deliciously charred sausage and mustard.

With 5 reels, 243 ways to win and a top win of 5,000 times your bet, this volatile slot game is like the hot dog of gambles. Will you walk away thinking you’ve just eaten the best meal of your life, or sick to your stomach?

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3. The Party continues in the Bier Fest slot game

Genesis Gaming don’t always get credit for creating good looking games, but this Bier Fest slot is exactly that.

Genesis Gaming Bier Fest Mobile Slot Machine
Genesis Gaming Bier Fest Mobile Slot Machine

Typically traditional, with different types of beer drinking jugs, kegs of beer, and beautiful women with a twinkle in their eye, at this point you’ve left the tent and are wandering around for some truly unique Bavarian experiences.

You come across this cart that serves every type of beer and ale you can imagine with some friendly locals. You are starting to get comfortable here, and can’t imagine ever leaving.

And we mean friendly. Bier fest is a light and fun 25 payline slot machine with stacked wilds, scatters, instant cash bonuses and a fun (if something frustrating) free spin bonus.

You’ll walk away, maybe not that much richer, but certainly having enjoyed some happy rounds with some good wins.

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4. Time to ride the vomit comet that is the Cash Coaster slot!

When everyone thinks of the Octoberfest festival they think about breweries, tents, lederhosen… you know, the typical stuff.

IGT Cash Coaster Slot Game On Mobile
IGT Cash Coaster Slot Game On Mobile

But, did you know that within the complex you have a massive fun fair that is family friendly during the day, and full of drunken mistakes at night?

That’s where IGT’s Cash Coaster slot comes in. Because after drinking for about 8 hours solidly the best thing you can do is jump in a roller coaster and think you’ll be ok.

So because we are not ***holes, we’ve picked a friendly and fun popcorn fest of a game that pays from left to right and right to left.

What makes Cash Coaster stand out is the frequent wild reel and re-spin feature that make you feel like you’re in a rollercoaster, constantly waiting for the next big thrill.

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5. You end up playing slots at any decent pub

There comes a point when you don’t care if you’re in Munich, Paris, or Tokyo.

So you end up in a familiar Irish Pub because that’s what is comfortable, you might be able to find food that you vaguely recognise, and possibly order a water without seeming like a complete lame ass.

As such you’ll have three choices:

Greentube Book of Ra Deluxe Slot Big Win
Greentube Book of Ra Deluxe Slot Big Win

At this point you pick yourself up, order another beer and carry on into the night, not sure what the night will bring you.

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6. You start seeing Unicorns, Yetis and Clowns everywhere you go

Maybe you’ve survived the night and you can see the sun rise over the horizon, or it’s midnight, and much like Cinderella, midnight is as far as you can last.

Either way, by this point you are basically a half human half beer hybrid and it’s doing strange things to your head.

So you embrace the darkness within and step into the Wicked Circus by Yggdrasil gaming which is a dark and scary place, but one that (if you are brave and use the supermeter) can reward you massively.

But, more than likely, you’ll step out from this experience with the kind of high that will make you believe in the best type of twisted fairytales.

So whether you decide to combat Zombie with the award winning Machine Gun Unicorn slot game, or head up the Mountain in your best lederhosen and bribe the Yeti of GreenHat Peak with magical golden carrots…

It will be a night to remember. Time to celebrate Octoberfest like no one has done before.

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