The Most Popular NetEnt Jackpot Slots Of The Year & Why

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The NetEntertainment Jackpot Slots have paid out a total of 78 million in cash in 2017. We take a look (with a little help from our friends) at the most popular and profitable slot games of the year.

Highest Paying NetEnt Jackpot Slots In 2017
Highest Paying NetEnt Jackpot Slots In 2017

Love them, hate them, there’s no doubt that jackpot slots are amazingly popular.

They are basically a cross between playing fruit machines and the lottery, so you can see the appeal.

You get to play great games, win some, lose some, but every spin could get you closer to a huge pay off that could literally change your life.

Which Jackpot slot by NetEnt didn’t make the list?

There are not, in fact, that many jackpot slots you can play on mobile, so you’d think they would all be on the list.

However, the thing about a jackpot is that it’s got to seem to be worthwhile.

Because, if you’ve been gambling on slots for a while, you know that the way jackpot games work is that, on a day to day, they probably don’t pay as much as other NetEnt slot machines.

That’s because they take a little slice of your pennies and dimes, and add it to the jackpot; however a good jackpot machine won’t let you notice.

Two notable wallflowers in the NetEnt slot collection

The first is the Cosmic Fortune online slot, which with 5 jackpots and a cute video game theme, you’d think would make it on the list.

NetEnt Cosmic Fortune Slot
NetEnt Cosmic Fortune Slot

However, fairly boring gameplay reminds you that the wins are just not enough to keep you spinning.

The second is a bigger shame, though not surprising, in that it’s the Divine Fortune slot. A casino game we rated highly, but it’s not a typical progressive jackpot slot.

Meaning that, with the jackpot tied in to each individual casino, it never reaches the millions to motivate you to keep betting.

We said goodbye to the older jackpot mobile slots

With one notable exception, all the old jackpot games by NetEntertainment aren’t anywhere near the top 4 slots of the year.

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The reason is simple, NetEnt removed them due to the fact that not enough players were playing.

Which is a shame, Super Lucky Frog, Tiki Wonders, and Geisha Wonders weren’t the most interesting or prettiest slots, but they had a certain old world charm.

However, NetEnt left one behind for us to enjoy; and on that, let’s get to the good stuff.

Which NetEnt jackpot slot paid out the most in 2017?

And by ‘most’ we literally mean ‘the most money’.

“Our games are continuing to pay out life-changing winnings to players and to be able to win them €78 million in 2017 makes us all very proud,” said Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

So out of the 78 million in cash that NetEnt paid out in 2017, who contributed the biggest slice?

Surprisingly it wasn’t the one you were thinking about.

Mega Fortune Dreams paid out €30.4 million in 2017

You where thinking it was going to be the original weren’t you?

But Mega Fortune Dreams has taken over as the king of NetEnt jackpot slots, with the highest number of unique players and rounds played this year.

Which is no surprise. With a beautiful luxury theme, this online and mobile gambling game makes you dream of sailing away to a bigger better life.

Most popular slot for good reasons

And it’s not just that you get wild re-spins and bonus games in Mega Fortune Dreams that keep you hooked.

It’s all those wonderful stories about the big winners that hit often; like how earlier in the month two players had the perfect Christmas present after claiming a staggering €3.3m, and €3.5m (each) on this video slot.

That’s two millionaire in less than a week; few other casino slots have that claim to fame.

And that’s not even the first time, back in April of this year, two Casumo casino players practically did the same thing.

The lesson is clear. If you only play on one jackpot slot in 2018, make it Mega Fortune Dreams.

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Which Jackpot NetEnt slot paid out the highest?

We stand by our statement above. Mega Fortune Dreams is the bomb.

After all, whether you win 3 million or 7 million, you are one lucky happy son of a *****.

But you can’t deny that some games just seem to dream bigger than others; and whilst Mega Fortune Dreams dreams is about creating as many slot millionaires as possible, the gods are a little more choosy.

The Fantastic Hall of Gods slot and that 7.5 million win

Is it coincidence that Hall of Gods on mobile is launched in February 2017, and 5 months later we get it’s biggest win it’s ever seen?

Hall of Gods Jackpot Slot On iPad
Hall of Gods Jackpot Slot On iPad

Or that out of the 57 million it has ever paid in total over it’s life, over 20 million of that was paid out this year?

Let’s say no and accept that thanks to NetEnt mobile casinos we now have a big win jackpot slot giving us some of the biggest millionaires around.

The Asgardian Gods have never been more popular

Whilst some would say that the popularity of this progressive jackpot online slot is due to the rise of the Marvel Thor & Co, when you open it up you see a different story.

Namely because this game was launched way before that, so it’s roots are set deep in old Norse Mythology rather than the newer superhero fad.

So much so, we are getting the Asgardian stones slot in early 2018 – so watch this space.

Beautiful, captivating, easy to play, Hall of Gods has to be our second most popular NetEnt slot with a jackpot of 2017.

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Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights fill in the gaps

If Mega Fortune Dreams is the king, and Hall of Gods the Queen, where does that leave the other two big jackpot slots of the year?

Not to be ignored, they provided 50 million worth of wins between them, which is more than a handful of happy millionaires who ignored popular choice and went with their hearts.

The original Mega Fortune slot still rules

It might have passed the crown over to its sister slot, Mega Fortune Dreams, but as the previous overlord and lord ruler of all things NetEnt and Jackpots it still has a lot of influence.

Original Mega Fortune Slot Machine
Original Mega Fortune Slot Machine

You can’t forget that the brilliant Mega Fortune video slot once held the title of biggest ever jackpot won on a fruit machine, and to this day creates millionaires every couple of months.

And the Arabian Nights slot gets a voice now and then

Remember how we mentioned that this digital gaming slot studio got rid of a whole load of old slots with progressive jackpots?

NetEnt Arabian Nights Online Slot MachineNetEnt Arabian Nights Online Slot Machine

Well, one survived the mass extinction and that’s the wonderfully old fashioned Arabian Nights online game.

“Mega Fortune Dreams alone has paid out around €30 million, but we must not forget Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights and Halls of Gods, showing there’s more than one opportunity to win a life-changing amount of money with our pooled jackpots.” continued Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt.

With simple mechanics of free spins, wilds, and scatters, this is for those of us who want to just chase the big wins, without being distracted by a whole load of bonus features.

321 slot jackpots paid out in 2017 alone

Say what you will about jackpot betting games, but the numbers don’t lie; winners happen and not as few and far as you might think.

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Granted, not all of those winners where millionaires; most probably won a few hundreds of thousands… as if most of us wouldn’t be over the moon with that.

Even if we divide the sum equally, that’s almost 27 jackpots won each month on the four games we’ve mentioned above.

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