The Playtech Slots To Play, Now That Marvel Games Are Dead

Friday, March 31st, 2017 by LuckyMobileSlots

It's official; Playtech's collection of Marvel superhero slots are no more. Here are some worthy replacements instead.

Best Playtech Mobile Slots To Play Instead Of Marvel Slots
Best Playtech Mobile Slots To Play Instead Of Marvel Slots

Anyone who’s been reading the casino news for the last couple of years won’t be surprised to hear that as of 1st of April, you won’t be able to find a single Marvel slot anywhere, on any casino online or mobile.

So as we say goodbye to some fairly iconic Playtech slot games, we look to the future to see what can replace them, and which worthy superhero slot games will catch your attention over the next year.

And we will give you a hint; the ones picking up the mantle won’t surprise you, but the game replacements might.

Why are Playtech removing the Marvel slots?

We have one word for you: Disney.

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That happy go-lucky conglomerate who are slowly taking over the world by buying every single company that produces pretty much anything you love… is not, generally, gambling friendly.

In fact, if you’d been a gambling man back in 2009 when Disney first acquired Marvel (and guess what, we are) you’d have seen the demise of these phone online slots coming.

So why does it all feel so sudden?

Because it was only in 2013 that Marvel did not renew the license with Playtech to continue these slots.

Guess how often people shout out about an event not happening? Especially when neither party are particularly keen to publicise it.

Why not? Our best guess is that Disney wanted to quietly get rid of gambling slots without making any headlines, and Playtech knew it still had 4 years of Marvels slots on the books.

No point making players move on to play other slots like NextGen’s Justice League right?

Plus the Marvel games are well loved. Playtech needed a plan B.

The DC Movie slots and The Age of the Gods games

Playtech put on their thinking cap and came up with a relatively smart solution, in our opinion.

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First of all they have to deal with the fact that the game mechanics of these Marvel games were what made them so popular. They were all a little different, but usually all fun.

Not liking math go to waste, they needed to re-use the gameplay, but put on another skin.

Then, there’s the saleability factor. The fact these video slots were based on one of the biggest superhero franchise of all time helped sell them to us, the willing audience.

Enter the Age of The Gods Jackpot slot series

Last year, Playtech started pumping out a series of mobile jackpot slot games like it was the end of days and they were running out of time.

Age of the Gods Mobile Slot Machine
Age of the Gods Mobile Slot Machine

How could they produce so many games in so short a space?

The answer was simple: they already had the math, they just needed some pretty graphics.

Every Marvel slot will be be replaced?

If you have a favourite Marvel game, chances are there’s a replacement waiting for you at some point down the line.

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Not all granted, but every day new Age of the Gods slot game comes out, and every day you get a chance to re-unite with a long lost slot love.

There are still so many names and games missing, and perhaps Playtech will go with popularity first rather than replace all, but we suspect that at some point you’ll see your favourite dress up in greek garbs.

Waste not, want not.

Like the Phoenix from the ashes, a good game never truly dies

And some of these, like Elektra, weren’t even available to play at Playtech mobile casinos, so from that point of view, you could see it as a good thing.

Needless to say, there are more coming out as all the rest of plethora of Marvel characters get the greek god treatment.

After all, what are ancient gods, but our very first take on the superhero story, full of drama, family crisis, and insurmountable feats of heroism?

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Those who crave superhero slots will be satisfied

Of course, Greek gods are all well and good, but they are not Robert Downey Junior riding sky high in a suit made of metal.

So in comes the ‘surprising’ new deal that Playtech have been brewing with none other than the Warner Bros DC films.

Not the comic book characters, we should be eager to point out. The DC Comics Batman game, or Green Lantern slot, are all part of the NextGen portfolio.

Nope, what Playtech acquired were the film and TV rights.

And yes, they will be milking them for a long while, as we announced back in February when Playtech told us about the upcoming Suicide Squad and Justice League film slots coming later this year.

Why couldn’t they just move the maths over?

We suspect that DC Entertainment probably weren’t too keen to take Marvels sloppy seconds.

Our Favourite DC Slots So Far
  • Superman The Movie
  • Man of Steel
  • Batman and The Joker Jewels
  • Batman and Catwoman Cash

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These are two rival companies that have been butting heads since the golden age of comic books, more than 60 years ago.

What they want are original games, by one of the biggest video slot software providers out there.

And considering that their characters have always been a little darker, and a little edgier, they have no problem being connected to an 18+ industry.

So far, the DC TV and film slots have been a success

They started by bring out an array of classic Batman TV films, with the best of them being no doubt Batman and The Joker Jewels slot.

Playtech Man of Steel Mobile Slot Machine
Playtech Man of Steel Mobile Slot Machine

But then they also released the original Superman film slot (1978), then Superman II (1980) and finally Man of Steel (2013).

And they’ve promised that within the next year we will see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Suicide Squad and the studio’s upcoming action adventure Justice League, all in slot form.

Long live the new superhero slot era!

If certainly exciting enough not to shed too many tears that Marvel and Disney have decided to pull the plug on us gambling folk.

Sure we will miss the Incredible Hulk smashing on our screens. But we look forward to seeing what new mobile slots we get in order to make up for the loss.

The Marvel Kings are dead! Long like the DC Kings! Or Age of God Kings!

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