The Most Popular Top 10 Mobile Slots You Should Be Playing

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 by LuckyMobileSlots

And we tell you something, the number 8 top slot surprised the hell out of us. But hey, clearly we can’t be right all the time.

Top Mobile Slots in 2014. Are You Playing Them?
Top Mobile Slots in 2014. Are You Playing Them?

Summer months are slow news months. Everyone is taking holidays, slots take longer to come out or few come out at all. Mobile casinos know that people are out and about, so they offer simpler bonuses that you can just log in and claim and don’t need us to explain.

In short we are bored out of our brains in our office and so we decided to look at some statistics. Because we are fun party people. The results of our boredom are below and represent the slot games that millions of players have decided are the best mobile slots 2014.

Most didn’t surprise us, only one kicked us in the nuts.

How we got our information

We asked some of our multi-platform casinos a simple question: out of the hundreds of mobile slot games, which are the ones most played by your players all over the world?

To be as fair as possible we asked for the top five slots, by country, of the UK, Canada, Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Denmark. Which is pretty representative of our readers out there. Sorry to anyone one we missed out on.

We also asked only mobile casino sites that had multiple software providers on their books – so Microgaming only or Playtech only casinos were out. Which actually means no Playtech games showed up at all, as Playtech doesn’t like to play well with other slot providers as a general rule.

Lastly we made sure all the data was for the last 6 months to also get a wider view of the slots being played all the time, rather than the new fad of the month.

Anyway, long story short, through a complicated and genius like mathematical algorithm (we gave each a point), we added them up and came up with the brilliant list below.

Better than playing office ping pong for the 100th time.

Top 10 most popular mobile slots at the moment

We will list these in reverse numerical order to bring a little suspense and drama to the table. There is clearly one overall slot software winner and loser, but we will leave you to read to find out who they might be.

10. Gonzo’s Quest

We thought this little NetEnt gem would be higher up the list, but whilst it consistently remains a top 5 slot for most countries, a couple of countries are just not as big a fan of the Spanish gold hunting adventurer. It was nowhere on the lists for Australia and United Kingdom for example. Still, an excellent game that deserves to hold on to dear life onto the top ten most popular slots, but we doubt it will be here next year.

9. Medusa

The lady with the venomous hair from NextGen Gaming makes an appearance, and doesn’t she look grand? High variance and hard hitting, this mobile video slot will either leave you stone cold or melting into her gaze. We suspect that her follow up number, Medusa 2 slot, might make it to our next list as she’s also made quite an impact. However, having only recently been released, she hasn’t had a chance to catch up with the rest.

8. Lady of Fortune

Lady of what now? Guess how many stars we gave this slot. Guess. No, don’t read the mobile slot review… guess. Nope, 2 stars. Two measly stars and here she stands in the top 10 lists! Just goes to show that even we can get it wrong as clearly lots of you out there thought it was worthy of a top slot spot. We think Play’n Go have somehow spiked the international waters because we do hate being wrong.

7. Golden Goddess

Here we go! This is more like it. We like this one. We love it in fact. IGT slots do a beautiful blend of giving some decent wins, whilst allowing more conservative players to keep their budget at a relatively steady level. We won’t lie, this was infinitely more popular with the English speaking countries, who are fans of that ‘real brick and mortar casino slot‘ look.

6. Cleopatra

IGT’s second and last entry in the top ten, this old girl has been around for so long in one format or another, she’s practically mummified. Starting her life in real Vegas casinos, moving to online and now mobile, we’re not sure how much goat’s milk it takes to keep one young, but she’s still going strong after all these years.

5. Merlin’s Millions

NextGen get two little beauties on the list, and this one is another magical slot machine that continues to impress. And, much like Medusa, it got a version two released only last month in Merlin’s Magic Respins, which we have been more than enjoying. Does it beat the original? Why not try both and make up your own mind?

4. Mega Moolah

The problem with Microgaming is that they have so many games, that whilst many found their way to the top five lists, only one managed to consistently show up across all the lists to make it to the top. It is of course, the jackpot bursting, African wildness of Mega Moolah slot. Having made several millionaires in it’s lifespan, it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite in one way or another in pretty much every country.

3. Mega Fortune

Bet you were wondering when NetEnt games would show up right? Don’t worry about that, you’ll be getting more than your fair share of them as we start our top three list with the slot Mega Fortune. Loved for the same reasons as mobile slot number 4 in our list, except this big jackpot slot has the grand honour of being in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest slot jackpot won at €17.8 million.

2. Twin Spin

The only new slot game in 2014 gets to the number 2 spot for a few simple reasons: it has a great innovative concept where the reels lock and give you the same symbols, it has big multipliers and it’s so retro it’s almost uncool not to love it. With a classic slot vibe from the 1970’s, this Twin Spin slot has rightly earned it’s place in players hearts and minds in 2014.

1. Star freaking damn freaking burst

We love Starburst slot. We really do. But my god are we bored of seeing it in the top of every list, every year. We will be the first to admit that we do go back and play this game so we are as guilty as most to help it stay at the top, but… we’d hoped that perhaps Twin Spin or another equally brilliant new release may finally take the crown off the jewel bursting game.

But, turns out, it was number 1 or 2 of most of the country lists and no other slot came close to beating it in terms of popularity or playability. So, ladies and gents, the game you should be playing right now… is probably the game you’ve always been playing, for the last 2 years.

Where shall I got to find these brilliant top slots?

Well, the mobile casinos we asked for the data is probably helpful. Most have free spins on Starburst (surprisingly enough), so if you’ve been living on the moon, you can try out the number one unbeatable king slot.

  1. Vera & John: 10 free spins on Starburst no deposit + 100% up to £$€500 (UK players get 10 free spins on Boomanji plus the higher first deposit bonus)
  2. Leo Vegas: 20 free spins on Starburst no deposit + 200% up to £$€50 + 180 free spins on top
  3. Guts Casino: 100% up to £$€100 + 100 free spins on Starburst with no wagering requirements

There is no doubt that this isn’t a definitive list. As we mentioned earlier Playtech didn’t get a vote and, to some extent, the most popular games are going to be the ones that casinos like to put front and centre to their players. Microgaming lost out hugely as it had several slots in the top slots, but all different for different countries. The Isis slot should have been up there by right, as should Thunderstruck II.

But still, isn’t it fun comparing which mobile video slots you are playing and which have grabbed the attention of others? Why not check those less familiar to you again? You may discover for yourself what makes these worthy of global notoriety.

Don’t forget to check out the latest mobile slots releases for new and fun slot games to play. Who knows they might be making on the best slots list in the future.

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