What Is The Casumo Casino Adventure? And Is It Worth It?

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If you are thinking of playing slots at Casumo casino you might have heard about this ‘casino adventure‘ that makes this gambling site unique. We take a look at what that means and if it truly gives you something different.

Casumo Casino Adventure - How To Make It Work For You
Casumo Casino Adventure - How To Make It Work For You

Ultimately, what we are talking about here is the Casumo loyalty program.

But calling it that is a little unfair because it’s so much more. Casino loyalty programs tend to just reward you for spending money, and if you stop, you lose your status.

Casumo’s casino adventure is a journey, and it’s one that you can continue as and when you want, without any strings attached.

But once you get started, we suspect that you’ll want to keep going and explore every world in this quirky casino.

Casumo created the world’s first casino adventure. So what is it?

Casumo launched back in 2012, and this was the thing that made them stand out from the pack.

Nowadays, finding gambling sites with quirky and fun loyalty programs is a little less difficult; just look at the wheel of fortune bonuses at Rizk casino.

But Casumo were first. They were the ones that first introduced the idea of a video game journey; you have an avatar, you play casino, you level up for rewards.

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Receive valuables and trophies as you play

You start with a little Casumo character pop on screen in a shiny colourful world with a progress bar just below it.

Every time you bet on any slot game or play on the slot tournament reel races, or just open up Casumo, you get points to increase that progress bar.

Basically, every time you fill the progress bar you move up levels and onto new worlds for your Casumo avatar.

As you travel through these worlds you’ll unlock free spins bonuses, free cash, and reload bonuses to keep you going. The further into the worlds you go, the better the ‘valuables’ (ie. bonuses) you’ll get.

How does the progress bar work?

Every time you play at Casumo you collect points that will take you to new levels in the adventure.

It’s not said exactly how quickly you fill the bar, but you know the drill: the more you gamble, the quicker it will fill up.

So if you want to see what you get at the end of your journey, better make Casumo your number one casino; although your first level up is relatively easy to get, and it get’s harder as you unlock new worlds and new universes.

That said, there are somethings which you can do to get that progress bar flowing. Playing on slot tournaments is one, and collecting trophies is another.

What are these trophies?

All gamblers get their own adventure page where you’ll store various valuables and trophies.

Trophies are less tangible than valuables: they are basically badges you get for doing certain actions. For example, this can range from opening the casino 3 days in a row to getting a big win on a specific NetEnt game (for example).

On that last one, be aware that not all badges are open to all countries. So the Canada casino players will never get the NetEnt badges as they don’t get those games, and Germany will never complete the Novomatic slots.

You can choose if you want to showcase your trophies to others or if you rather stay anonymous. You can choose to purposely get badges, or just check back to see if you got any new ones from time to time.

They are there to help you track your progress as you play, but are not essential to the enjoyment of the Casumo journey.

What are Casumo valuables?

These are the ones you’ll be on the look-out for. A Casumo valuable is basically just another way of saying ‘casino bonus’.

It’s a reward (such as free spins, deposit bonuses or free cash) and you find them under the “valuables” in your account.

Click on it once when playing on your Android or iPhone to see what the valuable is, click on it again to claim it.

As soon as the valuable is activated, it disappears from your account automatically and you’ll get your bonus – it’s the same place you’ll find your generous welcome bonus.

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What happens when I reach a new Casumo adventure level?

You know how we mentioned that once you’ve registered you get a cute little Casumo character with a belt around his waist.

This is the beginner level and is separate to the progress bar. The progress bar moves you along worlds and universes and gives you rewards as you play.

The belt level up your characters and mean that the rewards you now get, from now on, will be bigger and better.

I just levelled up but didn’t get a reward. Why is that?

There are two types of level ups. The progress bar and the belts.

Generally, when you fill a progress bar you travel to new worlds and places and get rewards.

But levelling up a belt doesn’t always come with a reward because that’s just something you get the more you play – think of it as a loyalty factor.

Sometimes you do get rewards for belt level ups, however, and they tend to be very valuable indeed.

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So what are belts and how do they work?

The belts represent your level you within the Casumo community; if you’re a newbie you have a rope, if you’ve been playing for years you have a black belt.

You can’t lose belts, much like you can’t lose progress, and once you’re in the big leagues, you’ll get big league rewards. You start by trying to get the white belt, followed by yellow, red, blue, purple and black.

But it takes time, dedication, and (let’s be honest) a fair amount of cash.

The better belt you have the bigger your chance of finding generous casino bonuses at each new level.

But you don’t have to join the adventure if you don’t want to

The thing about a loyalty program is that it’s only as effective as your loyalty.

The good news is that you don’t have to ‘join’ the casino adventure if you are not into that kind of thing; Casumo is more than a decent casino in every other way.

Every week they give out bonus offers, despite your belt level or progress. Every 30 minutes they have original slot tournaments that win you free spins and cash, all for playing your favourite games.

You don’t have to join the adventure to get rewards; the adventure is just another way to get rewarded for playing at a fun, always original, mobile phone casino site.

Because they are not known as the boredom crushers, for nothing.

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