Where to Play A New Generation of Mobile Slots: The New Spin16 Games

Friday, July 3rd, 2015 by LuckyMobileSlots

Leo Vegas mobile casino have integrated a brand new casino games provider, Genii’s Spin 16. And before you walk away know this: you’ve not played these types of mobile slots games before.

THe Next Generation of Brand New Slots On Mobile
THe Next Generation of Brand New Slots On Mobile

Look, we know that every casino slot software provider claims to create something ‘new’ and ‘unique’.

But let’s be honest, the evolution from one arm bandits to the modern video slots is mostly for show. You spin, you win, you lose.

All that’s really happened over the years is that they’ve added more reels, more paylines, bonus games and prettier graphics.

Sure, that might be an oversimplification, but ultimately true.

So we don’t say it lightly when we state that Leo Vegas casino have boldly gone where no slot player has gone before.

Introducing the new Spin16 mobile slots that provide you with 16 different ways to spin.

What? How can you have 16 ways to… spin a video slot?

Boggles the mind, right? If there’s one thing that all slot machines have in common is that they have one spin button.

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Basically, using your fingers on your touchscreen device, you can now spin any reel up, down, left or right. Which sounds like a gimmick until you realise that which reel you pick to spin, directly impacts the wins and multipliers you’ll get.

The best way to explain it is with a quick 2 minute video.

Though we warn you, whomever does the voiceover stole the Queens English and ran away to have a jolly pleasant cup of tea with it.

Explaining for the Spin16 slots work

It certainly put a whole new spin to the words ‘interactive’ doesn’t it?

You can, of course, play the Genii Spin 16 slots online, but as you can no doubt tell by the video, they had mobile and tablets in mind when they started creating these little gems.

If you couldn’t see the video (perhaps you’re reading this on a work computer, don’t worry we’re not judging you. We browse ‘inspirational’ websites from time to time too), then you’ll see that when you pick a reel to spin, a yellow arrow will show.

After you’ve spun, a green arrow – the house pick – also spins. Depending on where that green arrow falls, you’ll get a different result if you get a winning line:

  • Match neither reel nor direction and you win what you win on paytable for those symbols.
  • Match direction up or down, and you’ll win 2 times the win.
  • Match direction left or right, and you’ll win 3 times the win.
  • Match the reel, but not the direction, and you’ll win 5 times the win.
  • Match both the reel and direction, and you’ll win a huge 10 times the win.

Kinda cool right? Your choice of which reel to spin genuinely has an effect on the kind of slot wins you can get.

“The games are still very much video slots – they retain enough similarity to [be] recognised… but also feel new and improved. We’re very excited about the potential of Spin16 and feel it can truly shake up the slots market.” Nick Barr, Genii sales director.

But in our opinion, this is actually not the most interesting feature of these Spin 16 games.

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Spin hot or spin cold

You’ll notice on screen that you have two extra buttons – spin hot or spin cold.

Here’s the clever bit. The Spin16 slot will then choose which of the 16 directions to spin for you, depending on the historical data of the players currently spinning the slot online.

So that’s players everywhere.

If you spin cold, the machine will pick one of the reels that has recently been hit the least.

If you spin hot, it will pick the reel that has recently been hit the most.

What all this means for your gameplay?

Two things:

  1. You can let lady luck decide, pick a reel at random, and try and catch those multipliers. We recommend you spin left or right as it gives you bigger multipliers overall.
  2. You can play a little more old school, with just pressing the hot or cold buttons. Personally, we’ve had the best results with the hot buttons, but it’s a little soon to tell.

Mostly, it means you get a different way to play slots on mobile, whilst still keeping the simple big slot wins you know and love.

Though if we are honest, it can mean that you’ll be watching the arrow spin, more than the actual paylines. If you don’t hit the arrow on a win, it can be crushingly disappointing.

But then get that 10 times multiplier, and all is quickly forgiven.

Play exclusively at Leo Vegas casino

There are currently three Spin16 video slots you can play at the moment.

We will have the full mobile slot reviews soon, but needless to say, these are simple 5×3 mobile phone slots, which are remarkably similar. In short:

  • Big Game: African animal themed game, you have 30 paylines, wilds, scatters and can win up to 45,000 coins.
  • Horn of Plenty: A simple fruit machine, you’ll play over 50 paylines, with wilds, scatter and wins up to 18,750 coins.
  • Age of Spartan: Graphically the nicest to look at, you’ll fight the evil Persian empire over 30 paylines, with wilds, scatters and wins of up to 20,000 coins.

You’ll only find these Spin 16 Games at Leo Vegas casino, exclusively, till the 17th of July.

Currently, as this is phase one of the Spin 16 slots, you’ll notice that the big focus is on the directional spins, and hot and cold buttons. There’s no free spins, no mini-games, just slot… roulette. Basically.

Coming on the 8th of July

The latest addition of the Spin16 games, the unknown Elementium slot.

And we mean unknown. We literally know nothing about it other than it will be exclusively available at Leo Vegas until the 31st of August.

Basically, what we are saying is, that if you want to try the Spin16 slot machines, there’s only one place to play at the moment.

It’s certainly one of our favourite mobile casinos, but don’t believe us, try them free with 20 free spins when you register and then get a huge £1,000 / $€700 in bonus money over 4 deposits.

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