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NOTE: We are sad to say that Sheriff Gaming is no more. You won’t be able to find their games at any casino, but if you enjoyed Sheriff, read all about Betsoft mobile slots instead. Similar look and feel and a greater variety!

With a distinctive 3D style that lets them stand out from the pack, Sheriff Gaming might still be learning, but they are continuously bringing out new and exciting mobile slots.

Sheriff Gaming are on a roll. Since mid 2013 they have continued to release one or two mobile slots a month to their Mobile Smart range, determined to not only join the likes of BetSoft and NextGen gaming as the more prolific mobile casino game provider, but beat them in quality and style.

And whilst they do not always manage to do either, when they do, it’s a mobile video slot that really adds something wonderful and different to the mobile slot genre. Not happy to just go back through their back catalogue of online video games, they have continued to improve and innovate. Stumble they might do, but they always pick themselves up and sometimes even surprise us.

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More about Sheriff slots

If you meander your way through the catalogue of Sheriff Gaming online slots, you might start to notice that their graphical style is remarkably similar to that of Betsoft Gaming.

This is not so surprising when you know that Sheriff Gaming was born from some internal rivalry within BetSoft, which made one man go out on his own and set up his own enterprise. ‘Nemesis’ might be a strong word to use, but let’s just say that there is no love lost between these two.

So how does this affect our young and exciting Sheriff Gaming? Well for one, they have inherited the deep love of 3D graphics so becoming in both of these casino software companies, with pin sharp details to the drawings that make them stand out on the big and small screen. More ‘funny and cute’ than ‘realistic’ this platforms game style look means that their casino games can usually be easily pointed out in the middle of a busy video slot picking screen.

It also means that when you load the games, you know what to expect. These guys don’t really do classic or simple slots, these video slot machines jump at you from 5 reels, multiple paylines and with video bonus features that make your jaw drop.

It’s all terribly exciting.

Except When They Try and Do Too Little with Too Much

Sometimes, sometimes… it doesn’t go so well for them. Being as their 3D video slots are hugely graphical, if that’s what the slots depend on to make them exciting and they remove elements to make them load faster on mobile… you see where we are going with this right?

Look at Frog Royale for example, a fairly entertaining online slot, but when you turn it mobile it becomes… fairly average. This is mostly due to the fact that this low volatility slot  machine has most of the thrills in the big impressive graphical wins and bonus features. On mobile, the features are there, but without the graphics, suddenly the fact that you’re not winning an awful lot becomes a lot less exciting.

It also makes their mobile slots sometimes a little slow to load. But at least once loaded you don’t have to load any more bonus features within the game, like BetSoft make you do. Once you are in, you are in.

And Once In, You Might Not Easily Walk Out

Because what Sheriff Gaming are doing is continuously trying to find something new they can bring to the table, not just release another slot for the sake of a slot. This is far more true in their online portfolio than mobile portfolio, but that second list is growing and we are sure we will see more and more impressive casino games each month.

Look at their release Extreme. It is not, granted, as smooth to play on mobile as it is online. But boy is this a slot with very interesting mathematics that hits very big when it wants to. How many mobile slots can you say that will give you 60 to 100K in winnings? Not many without a progressive jackpot that’s for sure.

And even their online classic games such as The Amsterdam Masterplan was beautifully translated to mobile. They prove that if you have a great online slot, there is no reason why it can’t be a great mobile slot. Just so happens that they also have some fairly average online and mobile slots too.

But hey, no one is perfect right? And at least they are clearly aware that they are going to need to keep doing new and interesting things to try and compete with the likes of Net Entertainment and Microgaming.

And if you want to know where to play mobile slots by Sheriff Gaming Mobile Smart here is a list of our recommended mobile casinos: Vera&John, Leo Vegas and Guts

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