6 New Microgaming Slots for June, But Which Have the Best Wins?

Monday, May 25th, 2015 by LuckyMobileSlots

Microgaming will be launching 6 new slot games in the first week of June 2015. Some are brand new, but online only, others are simply new to mobile. But which will give you the best, biggest, baddest wins?

New Video Slots from Microgaming in June 2015
New Video Slots from Microgaming in June 2015

Clearly some of the Microgaming online slots we will be writing about below are ‘new’ in the sense that you’ve never seen them before.

In fact, all mobile and tablet games are, technically, old. In as much as you can go to an online Microgaming casino and play them.

That said, Microgaming release so many new slots every month, there’s nothing wrong with re-discovering a game you might have missed, or that has been lost since the dawn of slots.

To make it easier for you to see how good the new ones are VS the old ones, we’ve listed in terms of how much you could potentially win.

And by the looks of it, the new mobile slot releases will be better than the online ones.

Top New Microgaming Games to play right now

1. The old/new Fish Party

This one took us a little bit by surprise. Set in an lovely, if slightly goofy looking, aquarium, you have pretty little bubbles floating up on the reels as you spin starfish, clams, pufferfish and sea snails.

The reason it surprised us is that we weren’t expecting the Fish Party mobile slot, the one with the most laid back theme, to have the highest possible amount to win.

The default maximum win is 97,200 in cash. Which, translated into real numbers, is 6480 times your overall spin bet.

Think about that. If you bet the minimum bet coin size, with the max 10 coins (to get that multiplier), of 3 cash spin, you could win 19,440 in a single spin. That’s huge! Definitely worth fishing for.

Stacked wilds, symbols and 243 ways to win

Of course, that said, it doesn’t mean you’ll be getting those kind of wins easy. There are no multipliers here, so the way to get to the wins is by either using the 3 stacked high wilds in the base game, or the ‘super stacked wilds’ (7 high) in the free spins.

And the free spins are the easiest way to get the big wins, as the highest paying symbol, the treasure chest, also comes stacked during this feature.

Still, what we love is that the big wins could come out of nowhere, at any point.

And the crazy thing is, we’d never played Fish Party till we opened it up in order to talk about it here.

Too many Microgaming slots, not enough time, we guess. Still, this is actually a fairly new slot, as it was released in March 2014 – so only a year old.  An excellent addition to their mobile games portfolio.

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Update: This game is out to play and you can read our full Fish Party review to find out all the facts.

2. The old/new Kings of Cash mobile slot

The Kings of Cash slot, on the other hand… is more old than new. We are talking November 2011 old.

So don’t expect popping graphics or advanced animations. Set around the kings of playing cards – so the king of diamonds, the king of spades etc… – this bright red slot almost ravages the senses when you open it up.

There is a lot of red on this screen.

But it’s not actually that dangerous

And surprisingly for a game that likes to pay out little and often, keeping your budget fairly steady, it has a sweet 1,000 times your bet top win.

Sure it’s not as big as Fish Party, but we promise you this: Kings of Cash will be nicer to your wallet in the long run. Mostly because it hits often and you get two bonus features over 15 paylines.

If you are wondering where the big wins are hiding, it’s not in the free spins as you’d expect, but actually the click me game. A little like the original Tomb Raider slot in that way.

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Update: You can take a look at our Kings of Cash slot review to get more info and find out which mobile casino you can play this at right now.

3 – 4. Hound Hotel / Kitty Cabana – online only

These two are brand new Microgaming slot machines.

Never before seen, and to be released as online games only.

Why do we put them together? Because they are basically the exact same slot. Don’t believe us? You can view the video of the Hound Hotel slot in the official Microgaming YouTube channel if you like.

We picked the kitties to show you because… we’ll you’ve seen our logo right? We like kitty cats.

So which is the best to play?

Honestly, both are adorably cute and very much the same. The max you can expect to win in a single spin is 480 times your bet.

But with frequent wins, and 5 different types of wilds, we suspect both the Hound Hotel and the Kitty Cabana slots will be one of those casino games that will have a chain reaction of wins over several spins.

And though we hate to admit it: Hound Hotel is probably the better one; but only because it has the same top win, but you’ll get some sort of win about 50% of the time, VS Kitty Cabana’s 40% of the time.

5. Cashville Mobile Slot

Personally we’re not sure what to make of the Cashville slot.

It’s probably one of the oldest Microgaming games, first making it’s appearance back in July 2005. But then again, we did a Liquid Gold review only the other week, and we actually quite enjoyed it, despite it’s age.

But Cashville looks and feels old. We’re not sure the mobile screen is going to save it.

20 paylines of oil tycoons

From the cigar smoking Texas cowboy, to the pink poodled lady, this slot theme doesn’t do much to inspire us.

There are no free spins, only a simple click me bonus that isn’t as hard hitting as all that.

However, it does provide you with a 2,500 times your bet win, in the base game!

So technically, Cashville needs to be way further up our list. But the reason we’ve moved it down is because this looks to be a very high variance machine.

That means, difficult to get those wins, but when you do… well, you might not become an oil tycoon, but certainly a good start.

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6. Pistoleras – online slot only

Though the least interesting of the games, doesn’t mean Pistoleras won’t be able to provide something fun for those of you who like to mix the wild west with a dash of voluptuous lady killers.

That said, these ladies aren’t hiding real bullets in their guns. Pistoleras is a far more easy-playing game for those who are new to slots.

The max you can win during the free spins, for example, is 440 times your bet, which isn’t bad for a low variance machine.

Good returns on 25 paylines

Especially one which should, theoretically, keep you busy with tons of free spins (up to 25) some decent multipliers (3x) and a click me bonus that can get you 60 times your bet.

And if the bonus features come quick and often, then you won’t notice that the wins aren’t earth shattering. These girls will give you just enough cash to have a good time in this one horse town, and then walk away with purse slightly fatter in coins, to play what’s the crowning glory of these releases: Fish Party.

Time to head to a great Microgaming mobile casino and test the waters before the big release.

Because let’s be fair, if you’re going to win big this June, it’s clearly going to be on the mobile slots.

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