Microgaming Studios To Create The Village People Slot… Yay?

Friday, September 14th, 2018 by LuckyMobileSlots

Microgaming has announced that they're now in bed with the iconic Disco Group The Village People! Question is... do we really need a Y.M.C.A. slot in 2019?

Microgaming New Village People Slot Coming In 2019
Microgaming New Village People Slot Coming In 2019

Big brand slot games are big news. We were all excited for the Jumanji slot by NetEnt, and certainly, The Mask by NextGen will probably be one of the standout games of 2018.

And it’s not just the big names that draw us in. It’s the fact that when the casino game studios get a brand, they have to do something interesting with it because they signed a contract.

You don’t sign a contract with DC comics (for example) and not put your blood, sweat and tears into making something they’d be happy to sign off – just look at the Superman Movie slot review or Justice League DC52 slot.

However, in this case, the brand is a little… different. We’re not so sure what Microgaming is going to do with this one.

What will the Village People online slot look like?

Now, not everyone will know who are The Village People, so let’s give you a quick instant refresher:

If you haven’t at some point in your life danced to this tune, whether at summer camp, at a wedding, or in your room (because this is a no judgement space)… then you’re lying.

We’ve all done it. We all know the moves. We’ve all put our hands up and ‘air-written’ Y M C A to this tune.

So in a sense, we can see why Microgaming studios decided to develop the Village People Online Slot. If you are going to do a music slot you have to make sure that the tunes are iconic enough that everyone will recognise.

It means you have some guaranteed gamblers ready to take a spin to a Macho Man slot game.

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Macho Man, In The Navy, Go West and a YMCA slot?

You know, we’d forgotten how many Disco hits the Village People actually have under their belts.

In fact, 2018 is their 40th Birthday of some of their biggest hits which mean that there’s still plenty of people who enjoyed the original songs as they came out.

But even if you weren’t born sometime in the 70s, we can probably all hum one or two lines of at least a couple of songs, right…?

Andrew Clucas, Microgaming COO, adds: “Village People is an iconic brand that has created an impact on pop culture with songs that have remained popular with mainstream audiences since the 70s and 80s.”

That… that makes sense. Right?…

Why this might not be a good idea after all:

What? How could you not love the idea of a music slot machine based on a band that made some disco hits 40 years ago that we all love to hate?

Because here’s the thing. We can all probably hum a couple of tunes. We’ve all done the dance.

But have we done it with all the joy in our hearts? Or with a little shame and a blush? Or even… because Granny made us?

This is not a cool hip brand. This is not like NetEnt making the Guns n Roses slot game, where everyone can sing every song proudly and happily.

It’s more like watching 4 ageing men dress up like a cop, a biker, a cowboy, a builder, a sergeant, and a Native American Indian for Halloween and knowing, in your heart, that there’s something not quite right.

What we know for sure about the Village People slot

One thing we know for sure is that this will be a Village People slot game – not five games based on each of their top songs.

So you’ll be getting every song, and every member of the band, all in their 1970s Disco glory.

“Microgaming is proud to announce the development of a new game which will feature the band’s greatest hits and members for the first time in online slot form, adding a new dimension to our extensive portfolio of branded content.” Continues Andrew Clucas, Microgaming COO.

It’s going to hit every nostalgia note from the band who are said to have started the disco revolution worldwide and become known as the ‘Kings of Disco’.

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Why this new Microgaming slot might just work

Look, we know we just said it might not be a good idea, but here’s the thing.

No one is asking you to dance to YMCA in front of everyone at your second cousin’s Beth wedding. You get to enjoy all the different tunes in the privacy of your own home, on your favourite iPad casino.

“A brand as iconic as Village People is sure to lend a great deal of fun and nostalgia to the themed online slot game” Stated Steve Green, spokesperson for the Village People brand.

So hey, sing Macho Man in the top of your lungs. Your dog/cat won’t care, and your family have been judging you for years, so one more day won’t make a difference.

The point is, this might just fall nicely into the guilty pleasure column, like the Spinal Tap video slot or even the nostalgic Thundercats game.

If Microgaming can put together some decent Village People slot game bonus features, then this theme might just be popular enough to play.

Branded Music slots don’t go out of style

When using a brand for your slot machine, make sure it’s one that is going to be iconic enough that it will last through the ages.

Village People might not be that cool, but it’s certainly iconic. And people forget, for the time, they were really edgy.

At a time when being gay wasn’t about being loud and proud – they kinda were and made it ok for a whole generation to feel that way.

So you know what? Let’s celebrate a little bit of Gay Disco history and applaud Microgaming from bringing us a brand new Village People slot in 2019.

As soon as we know more, like what is The Village People slot release date, what are the slot features and bonus, and, of course, any video of the gameplay, we will write about it right here.

Meantime, if Music is your thing, try Turn it Up by Push Gaming or even the Guns and Roses NetEnt game at one of the best Microgaming casinos around.

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