New Microgaming Slots for September 2014

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 by LuckyMobileSlots

Where are we off in the month of September with Microgaming slots? Setting sail in uncharted seas and heading off state side for a little slice of American life.

New Microgaming Mobiles Slots September 2014
New Microgaming Mobiles Slots September 2014

It’s not quite a brave new world, in fact, it’s a very old world as we get two very old online casino games as new mobile slots in September. Online you’ll get three new online games called “So much Sushi”, “So many Monsters” or “So much Candy”. Basically all three exactly the same game, but with a different theme.

But what about the new Microgaming mobile slots you ask?

The two new mobile casino games in question are Bars and Stripes, a non-classic game despite what it might suggest and Age of Discovery, half fruit machine, half relic of a time gone by. The real obvious things missing here is that neither come with bonus games. Will this harm our reviews? Or bring a refreshing change?

Ha, ha, ha… yeah. Right.

So Much/Many Online Slots

Let’s have a quick look at the online games, because, honestly, they are a bit more exciting than the mobile ones. Not that these three little beasts are very innovative, but at least they are new and have free spin games.

What you have here is one game, with three themes

So Much Sushi slot is all about that wonderful Japanese dish and looks more authentic in look than more cartoony chef slots such as Chinese Kitchen. You can almost smell the wasabi as you spin the reels and it’s by far the most grown up video slot of the three.

The So Much Candy online slot, on the other hand, is definitely far more reminiscent of Candy Crush or Betsoft’s Sugarpop, but not as sugary. It’s like Microgaming couldn’t bear to go the whole way and so tamed the theme so it’s not quite as sweet and pink as you’d expect.

Finally you have the So Many Monsters slot machine, which you’d be unsurprised to hear, is cute, but not girly. Think Monster’s Inc, or the Play’n Go slot Monster Smash. Light, fun theme that everyone can get on board to play.

Update: You can now play these slots online at Go Wild casino and JackpotCity

Split symbol rewards & free spins

These games come with split symbols allowing for more than just 5 of a kind wins on five reels, as some symbols are worth two in one. So you can get 6 of a kind, 7 of a kind, all the way to 10 of a kind for a 25x the value symbol win.

And then there’s the free spins round triggered by 3 scatters, which gives you a choice of 5 free spin games. At one end of the scale you have 8 free spins, with a bigger potential win per line, to 16 free spins with a smaller potential win per line, and then a range in between. It basically sets your slot volatility level, which is always a plus in our books.

Age of Discovery Mobile Slot

We are travelling back in time for this one, when maps had ‘X marks the spot’ and ‘Here be dragons’ as standard. Treasures untold hide in this slots five reels as you set sail with your trusty compass and mangos.

Yes mangos, papaya and avocados. Because… trade? Ships? Slot machines and fruits work? You know the drill.

As we mentioned there’s no free game feature in the Age of Discovery slot game. But this 5 reel, 25 payline game still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve, namely a click me feature which is triggered when you get 3 or more compasses. 32, 250 coins win is it’s main trick on this one, and all you have to do is click the right symbol.

The grand prize is the 60,000 coins you’ll win if you get 5 wild symbols in a row.

And that’s about it.

Needless to say, we are not terribly impressed, mostly because it’s basically the simplest of games, with just wilds and scatters.

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Bars & Stripes Mobile Slot

This is almost the same identical game. 25 paylines, 5 reels, no free games, but a click me feature if you find three or more of the top hats. The top prize you can win during the pick me feature is higher than Age of Discovery, at 47,500 coins. On the downside of that, 5 wilds will only give you 50,000 rather than the 60,000.

Still, considering that you have more chances of getting the bonus symbol repeatedly than you are of getting 5 wilds, we might be more tempted by this one than the first.

However, the most obvious difference here is the slots theme. All American flags, Statue of Liberty, hot dog, beers and Oreos. The stars and stripes and red, white and blue. It’s as American as factory made apple pie.

That is to say, cheesy and generic. The slot machine equivalent of ‘I heart NY’ T-shirt.

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Our thoughts?

Well… well… you always knew we were never going to fully approve of any mobile slot that doesn’t have free spins. Not to be, you know, stuck in the mud and all that, but generally, if it doesn’t have free spin games, we need them to razzle dazzle a little. Big wins, or big features, or a whole host of extra wilds! Something to make them stand out.

However, they are so simple, you might as well play a classic slot and you’ll probably be luckier.

As for the online games, Microgaming is being bold and brash about the way it’s factory churning it’s games. Use to be, you’ll get a few months in between games that had simply had a new theme added on top, fooling players into thinking it was something brand new when it wasn’t. Now, it’s simply releasing the same game with three different themes and allowing us to pick our favourite.

We kinda prefer it this way. It’s more honest and gives players like you choice on theme, rather than fool us into playing an old slot game with the same features but a new design.

Slots from the production line

However, none will be up to the great usual standard of when Microgaming create something truly unique or original. These are games out of the production line and they feel like it.

We suspect we can come up with about ten different Microgaming games we’d prefer to play, and they don’t even have to be big blockbuster games like the Jurassic Park slot.

Take the The Twisted Circus for example, or the oldie but goodie Summertime slot. We’ll even take Hitman as an alternative, and that’s just a fun casual bonus game, nothing that hits that hard.

So where can you play on all these, waiting for the new slot machines that will be, at best, lukewarm?

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