Tetris Slot Game To Become a Reality! Here’s What We Know So Far

Sunday, July 19th, 2015 by LuckyMobileSlots

It's official, The Tetris Company and Scientific Games Corporation have signed a deal that will bring online casino players the game of their childhood to their screen.

Is Tetris Coming to Casinos Online & Mobile?
Is Tetris Coming to Casinos Online & Mobile?

Anyone born after 1990 might wonder what the excitement is all about getting a Tetris slot game online.

Isn’t that, like, the really old simple block game where you drop shapes to create lines?

If you have to ask that question, then clearly you don’t remember countless hours of wasted afternoons playing on the GameBoy, trying to beat your high score, whilst dreaming at night of that strange compelling electronic music.

It was an addiction. One that infiltrated the subconscious of a generation so much so that, to this day, even non-gamers know what ‘Tetris’ is without having ever really played it.

For nostalgia sake, you can play Tetris here, for free.  And if you’re done going down memory lane, it’s now time to get to the interesting news.

Namely that the guys behind WMS slot machine and Bally Games are going to use that nostalgia to win you money.

Why is a Tetris slot machine necessary?

Putting aside our feelings of childhood competition, it cannot be denied that in it’s 30 year history, Tetris simply refuses to die.

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We hadn’t played it since about circa 1992, so we were hugely surprised to find that Tetris has evolved, and found new fans – specifically on mobile and online.

The Tetris website states that there’s over 525 million paid mobile downloads in the app stores, and “billions of games played online per year” based around the original concept.

“Scientific Games is continuously looking to expand its portfolio of gaming products with top-tier brands that our customers know and love. We look forward to working with the Tetris team to bring the iconic video game experience to our slot machines for players to enjoy on casino floors.” Steve M. Saferin, President of Scientific Games’ Properties Group.

You have to admit, the concept should work

And here’s the thing. Tetris is a simple game. And for all of our talking about all the video slots with bonus games, and cool new concepts, at heart slot machines online are simple games.

In fact, the machines we love the most, tend to be the ones that are simple. Look at the Stickers slot, with just wilds and re-spins keeping us company, for example.

In theory, the simplicity of both means that Scientific games can really go to town with this Tetris video slot and create something that is as playable as the original, with, hopefully, big winning opportunities.

Nostalgia is in folks

It’s a sad day when you have to look back and realise that you’re not the ‘next generation’ anymore. You’re the old generation.

Which leaves many of us wanting to regress to a time when we were young, carefree, and full of glee.

Slot software providers know this, and with having to come up with different new online slots every month means they have to get creative with their themes.

Which means dragging up blasts from the past that will get us to open up the games and playing.

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Want some examples? How about The Microgaming Cool Wolf slot, which is so clearly inspired by the 1985 film Teen Wolf?

Or, more obviously, NetEnt’s Neon Staxx, which is so 80s that it’s wearing shoulder pads and shouting Hammer time.

Then there’s the bright and colourful Reel Rush slot, inspired on another childhood video gaming favourite, Mario Bros.

We could go on, but we think you get our point.

When, where, how and whom?

You might be wondering who is Scientific Games and are they worthy of holding your precious childhood moment in their grubby unknown hands?

The reason why we rarely talk about ‘Scientific Games’ here at Lucky Mobile Slots, is because it doesn’t often come into our conversation.

Scientific Games is the mothership to the likes of Williams Interactive, Bally Technology, Barcrest slots and more.

Think of how Google owns Android phones and YouTube. All three are separate entities and companies, but ultimately, Google provides the cash and direction.

So just like you’d talk about watching a video on YouTube, we talk about playing WMS slot games, rather than a ‘Google video’ or ‘Scientific Games slot’.

Scientific Games also create some of the best, baddest slot machines for real casinos, from Nevada to Macau. This is not some little back ass company in the middle of nowhere.

This is the big leagues of slot machine creation.

When are we likely to see the Tetris slot online?

You’re guess is as good as ours.

Ok, maybe our guess would be a little bit better as we’ve been around the casino gambling block for a bit longer than most.

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But the point we are making is that, so far, both Scientific Games and the Tetris Brand have been quiet about an exact launch date. Which is perfectly normal as the deal was only just signed.

Our guess, is within 8 months to a year. That tends to be average time between signing big brand deals and releasing the games to casinos worldwide.

Will it be mobile and where will I be able to play?

We make no promises, though it would be a damn shame if they had such an awesome video gaming brand, and not put it on mobile phone casinos.

After all, it’s where it’s got it’s biggest fan base at the moment.

People like us, downloading a game of our childhood onto our iPads and iPhones in order to pass away a few hours on the long commute home.

“From computers and consoles, to mobile devices and more, the Tetris brand’s game portfolio has grown to include offerings for every platform that has been in demand by gamers across the globe. In light of our partnership with Scientific Games, we’re thrilled to engage in a new platform that will bring Tetris to millions of slot machine gaming fans worldwide.” Stated Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Blue Planet Software, sole agent for The Tetris Company.

The Tetris Company certainly seem keen to get their game onto as many platforms and places as is physically possible.

As to the where, good WMS casinos (we’d bet our original 1989 Gameboy that Williams, rather than Bally, will be creating the game itself) are not hard to find.

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