Time To Relive the 1990’s With The Playtech Ace Ventura Slot

Monday, December 14th, 2015 by LuckyMobileSlots

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One of the most over-quoted films of the 90s, Playtech is all about the silly, ridiculous, nostalgia, as they announce their up and coming Ace Ventura slot machine.

New Ace Ventura Pet Detective Slot Coming Soon
New Ace Ventura Pet Detective Slot Coming Soon

We don’t have a date of when to expect this new video slot.

All we can say for sure is that… it’s soon. Very soon. Like, within the next month soon.

Why? Because they’ve just released the video of the gameplay, and what you can expect to get from this 90s throwback slot.

We will, of course, analyse every last frame of this video, mostly because we have too much time on our hands, but partly so you don’t have to.

The Ace Ventura slot video in full:

This is 1 minute 5 seconds long video, which crams pretty much every single feature you will find.

For such a short video it’s full of useful information. So let’s get started with some ridiculously snap judgements.

The bright pastel colours of the 90s

To be honest, we can’t remember any pastel colours in the original Ace Venture Pet Detective film, but we suppose it’s meant to grab the imagination of an era.

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Specifically those of us who grew up on Saved by the Bell and Clarissa Explains it All. It’s cartoonish and simple, but effective.

However, we have to ask ourselves… has it been long enough to truly miss the antics of the pet detective?

Sure, it was one of those movies that spun a thousand catchphrases. And sure, it was funny, in it’s own strange, ridiculous way. But personally, it’s not really in our top 10 movies of all times.

It’s not like we disprove of movie slots, per say. Playtech recently released the Top Gun slot for example and it’s brilliant, because that’s a classic movie that has survived the test of time.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective, on the other hand, feels a bit like they are trying to cash in on those of us who may vaguely remember the movie enough to want to try it. It’s not really culturally relevant, it doesn’t have a mass following of devoted fans, and it doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy feeling about your childhood.

A Saved by the Bell slot would almost have been a better fit.

“God I’m Good!” You better be Ace Ventura…

Basically whilst the theme isn’t, in itself, badly done, this Ace Ventura slot is going to need some seriously good game play to make us stick it out.

It’s not like the Family Guy slot, which to this day still has viewers watching every episode on TV. Playtech are desperately trying to make an old joke funny.

Thank-fully, there’s some good signs that the game play will, at the very least, be interesting. Mostly because it combines several features we haven’t seen before in Playtech slots online.

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For one, there appears to be 3 base game feature that can hit randomly. Namely:

  • Summon Jungle Friends for random wilds; looks like maybe 3 to 5 extra wilds?
  • Turn losing spins into multiplied re-spins: We will never turn down some free re-spins and multipliers.
  • Sneaky walk over the reels for stacked wilds: Wherever Ace Ventura stops you get a stack of wilds on that reel.

All three look capable of giving you some decent cash in your pocket, with the possible exception of the sneak walk wild. If all you get is one stack wild, this is one probably more for filling up time rather than your wallet.

Notice how we haven’t even mentioned the bonus games yet?

The confusing Ace Ventura Pet Detective slot free spins

The video isn’t massively clear on how the free spins work.

It looks like you have to collect 3 animal symbols on reel 5. You trigger the free spins by catching the first animal in your sequence.

Whatever 3 animals you have, triggers free spins with special features. The ones they show on screen are:

  • The white bird gives you wild multipliers on reel 3
  • The bat gives you random wilds
  • The gorilla gives you a symbol upgrade

Our suspicions is that with enough good combos, you could take home the house.

Do NOT go in there… Until we say so

We are going to sit on the fence on this Ace Ventura Pet Detective slot machine.

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The theme itself doesn’t do enough to attract our interest, but the multiple combos during the free spins could help lift this game.

Ultimately, it’s a Playtech slot. The worst we predict this game to be is about 3 stars, if nothing else because all those bonus features should keep you busy enough.

If they can add some thrilling wins that get the heart racing, it could be worth your while.

The reason we say that there’s no point in playing till we try it, is because there are so many worthwhile Playtech mobile slots to actually enjoy, it’s almost not worth playing on their 3 star games.

Honestly, they create some fantastic mobile and online slots.

What about the Ace Ventura mobile slot?

Other than this video, Playtech are keeping the release of this game fairly quiet. We know it’s coming soon, but whether it will be mobile or not is a mystery.

If we were betting men/women (which clearly we are), we’d say yes.

They’ve been pushing their mobile Playtech casinos like mad lately, sending wave after wave of new mobile releases every couple of weeks.

So many great games, in fact, that you’ll be well occupied till you get a chance to read the Ace Ventura slot review and decide for yourself whether it’s worth going in, ass-talking first.

The best place to go play? For our bet, we like Betfred. You get 100% up to £€$200 on your first deposit and they always get the latest slot releases as soon as they come out.

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