Get €£8 Free To Try The New Double Your Honey Slot By mFortune Casino

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Update: This promotion has now ended on the Double Your Honey slot, however you can still head over to mFortune mobile casino to take advantage of it on their latest slot game »

mFortune have launched a brand new casino slot app and have increased their no deposit bonus, giving you €£8 free to try it out.

Get Your £€8 Free Money Bonus At mFortune Mobile Casino
Get Your £€8 Free Money Bonus At mFortune Mobile Casino

We should point out that if you are a new player to mFortune casino, you can get €£5 free, as standard, to try out any of their unique mobile slots apps.

That said, because the Double Your Honey slot is brand new, they’ve increased the offer only on this particular game as a little incentive to show off their latest fare.

We will have a quick look at how to claim this no deposit casino bonus, the terms and conditions, and whether the game itself is worthwhile.

How to get the mFortune free no deposit bonus

mFortune work a little different from most online phone casinos out there.

This Offer Will Run Out Soon

mFortune tend to keep this offer live for about 2 weeks whilst the game is new. Don’t miss out!

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For one, they create all their own unique slot games.

Sure you can play them over your desktop, but there’s no doubt these are made to fit beautifully as Android and iPhone / iPad slots, primarily.

If you want to claim the bonus online, you simple go to the casino, register, and open the game.

How to claim this mobile casino bonus

On mobile, however, you need to realise that each of their casino games have been created as a separate slot app. So, you’ll have to download the specific game to start playing.

It’s much easier than you think.

  1. Go to mFortune Casino
  2. Click on the Double Your Honey slot (you don’t have to register or anything yet)
  3. You’ll be prompted to download the app – either via iTunes or simply over your browser
  4. Click ‘ok’
  5. Open the game on your phone/tablet, click the register button, claim your £8 free!

You won’t need to go back to the casino again; you can deposit, withdraw, even download other games, all within the mFortune casino slot app.

Why does it say “80 free spins on Double Your Honey” on the site?

Here is where this download mobile casino and us part ways somewhat.

Basically, they know that casino free spins are popular. And because you can only get the £€8 on one game, you can technically call these ‘free spins’, because you get to spin for free, with their casino bonus money.

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But they use 80 free spins for any slot, all the time.

They give you €£8 free, and sure if you lower enough paylines and coins, you can, technically, get 80 free spins.

More like 26 free spins, rather than 80

However, this is a 15 payline slot, and the minimum bet per line is 0.02. Meaning you’d have to have only 5 paylines active at minimum bet, in order to play 80 free spins.

That seems wrong to us. To experience everything this Double Your Honey slot has to offer, you need to play all paylines – which means playing at 0.30 minimum bet.

Meaning you actually get 26 free spins, not 80.

The really good news – no casino wagering requirements

One of the things we’ve always loved about mFortune is how they run their free money bonuses.

When they give out bonus, and they use the word ‘free bonus’, it’s as close as it gets in the gambling business.

No, you can’t withdraw the £€8, but anything you win using that no deposit bonus is immediately yours to keep – no wagering requirements attached.

The other side to that is that you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus ever, but that’s a small price to pay for getting real winnings.

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Is it worth playing the Double Your Honey slot?

That’s the big question isn’t it?

Double Your Honey Mobile Slot Screenshot
Double Your Honey Mobile Slot Screenshot

Should you get the £€8 free bonus on Double Your Honey, or should you take £€5 free on any of their other slots that are proven and tested as excellent?

We have to say, having played this game a while we can confirm that it is… Beelightful.

That’s their puns, not ours, we promise.

Fun, reliable, happy mobile slots

The thing about mFortune games, which you have to remember, is that they are all, mostly, fun easy-playing games.

They don’t tend to have the huge jackpots like in the Mega Moolah slot, or the big in game wins like you’d find in the Bruce Lee slot.

Instead, these give you quick hits of pretty wins, with lots of bonus features keeping you entertained throughout your spin.

Some are done better than others, but all tend to be pretty much unbreakable. We’ve taken a phone call mid play, and come back to exactly where we were – mid spin.

There’s something to be said for knowing you’ll always be able to pick up where you left off.

15 paylines, 3 bonus features, jackpot slot

Now, just because they don’t have crazy wins, doesn’t mean they don’t have worthwhile wins.

All the mFortune Video Slots Are Jackpot Slots

Every time you play you can win thousands in cash, thanks to individual progressive jackpots

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This Double Your Honey slot game is a little old fashioned in that it depends on you to get at least a 4 or 5 of a kind win to really get the budget rolling.

Meanwhile, whilst you wait for that one lucky spin, you have 3 bonus features to keep you occupied.

The first is the free spins, which are really just a breather in-between all the action. The you get the click me beehive bonus, where you spin to win multipliers.

Finally, you have the most exciting feature of them all – the fact that every time you get a queen bee symbol win (the highest symbol on the board) the game gives you a chance to multiply that win by 2x.

A pretty, unconventional theme

If you like your mobile slots clean and simple… Double Your Honey is not it.

It’s got lots happening on screen, from buzzing bees swapping the reels symbols on every spin, to little animations on every win and on the background.

But that’s part of the charm of these mobile slot casino apps. They can afford to be a little crazy, because they are downloaded straight to your phone.

Ultimately you have nothing to lose, just £€8 to play on a different sort of game that is perfect for summer time fun.

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