How to Beat the Big Wins at Guts Casino & Get £€$1,000

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 by LuckyMobileSlots

Guts Casino are daring you to beat the best win on three of their top slots. It's not as hard, or as high, as you think, and we tell you how to beat the system.


From now till the 17th of May 2015 you have but one calling in life: get the best possible win on either Twin Spin, Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest.

Before you accept this Guts mobile casino mission, know that it’s not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to have the heart of a gambler and the bravery of a slot player to be the one to complete the missions.

The good news?

  1. There’s a possible new record to break every single day.
  2. You can win an extra €1,000 per game if you play on mobile.
  3. You can get free spins even if you don’t beat the record.
  4. We tell you which are the best games to play and how much you’ll need to bet.
  5. Bullet lists should be 5 long. Everyone knows that. So falalala.

A good ghost recon mission is only as good as it’s intelligence. That’s what we are. Your Intelligence agency to your Tom Clancy.

Hey, we are allowed to have fun too, you know?

The purpose and deployment details of this mission

You may, or may not, have seen that one crazy lady, Monica, won €2.6 million by playing the NetEnt slot Arabian Nights at Guts last month. It was their biggest winner to date, and they loved it.

This month, they want more winners. Because nothing says ‘awesome mobile casino‘ like a casino that has a wall of fame of big winners.

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How it works:

  • Play Twin Spin, Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst before the 17th of May
  • Beat the top wins of any of these games
  • Get £€$500 if you beat the record online
  • Get £€$1,000 if you beat the record on mobile

The records to beat:

  • Top win on Twin Spin at Guts: €1,721 / £1232 / AUD $2,483
  • Top win on Starburst at Guts: €980 / £701 / AUD $1,367
  • Top win on Gonzo’s at Guts: €3,224 / £2,308 / AUD $4,500

We should clarify that these are the biggest amounts won in one spin, on each of these games, at Guts. Each have a hell of a lot more potential to go higher.

As we will tell you in a moment.

Should you fail your mission:

That’s ok. There’s still tomorrow.

Yeah, we know, it’s not exactly a great battle cry, but you won’t be complaining when you get a second chance at extra casino money.

Guts casino are giving away either 500 or 1000 on the day the record is broken. So the next day, you get a second chance to break the record, though granted it will now be a little higher.

Plus, if all the records are broken and you’ve played at least 50 rounds on each of the three games, even if you weren’t the one breaking the record, you’ll get 30 free spins on each of the games for the next day.

That said the chance of all three records being broken on the same day is pretty slim, but you never know.

How to beat this Guts Casino mission and come home covered in glory

The trick of course, is in the slot strategy.

And by that we mean making the most of the casino games, knowing how they work, and how much to bet.

Then it’s down to lady luck to give you that golden touch.

The full Guts Bonus
  1. 15 Free spins on Twin Spin
  2. 100% up to 100
  3. 50 free spins on Starburst
  4. 50% up to 100
  5. 50% up to 100
  6. 50 free spins on Starburst

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Step 1: Play on mobile for the bigger prize

All these NetEnt slot games play exactly online as they do on mobile. There’s no difference to them at all.

So why is Guts giving a bigger prize of 1,000 in cash if you make the win playing on phones or tablets?

That’s simple; they want more players to try the Guts mobile casino platform.

Nothing nefarious about it, but they don’t think enough of you know about it, or use it.

Except as a Lucky Mobile Slots reader we know that’s your first point of call.

So more fool them, cause we have no problem spending all our time playing on our smartphones and tablets.

Step 2: Figure out which game you can afford to bet on

Now you could just head to Twin Spin as it has the lowest win of the three, but then that just tells us you haven’t read our mobile slot game reviews properly.

Because then you’ll know that each hold different maximum possible amounts to win in one spin.

  • Starburst: 500 times your bet in one spin
  • Twin Spin: 1080 times your bet in one spin
  • Gonzo’s Quest: 1875 times your bet in a single line win

That means that to be absolutely safe you’d need to bet at least the following to beat the current max amount:

  • Starburst: you should play at least €£$2 a spin to get over the 980 mark.
  • Twin Spin: you should play at least €£$1.60 a spin to get over the 1721 mark.
  • Gonzo’s Quest: you should play at least €£$1.80 a spin to get over the 3224 mark.

If you can’t afford to bet at this level (that’s ok, many don’t), don’t worry. Read step 3.

Step 3: Figure out which is actually the best game to play

Look, we love all three. We are particularly found of one in fact, as you can read in our Twin Spin review.

Other top games at Guts?
  • Enchanted Meadows
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Miss Kitty
  • Big Bad Wolf

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But here is the thing – With Twin Spin and Starburst, the bet we’ve put above is the minimum you can bet so you can beat the top mark.

Gonzo’s Quest, on the other hand, is the dark horse of the race.

And whilst it will no doubt be easier for you to beat the mark if you bet 1.80 a spin, you can bet lower and still win.

Why the Gonzo’s Quest slot is the best in this case

Notice how we we wrote the max win on Gonzo? “1875 times your bet in a single line win”. That means the potential for more wins is higher, but NetEnt don’t publicise it.

That’s because it is the only one of the three slots to have free spins.

So winning in one spin could mean triggering the free spins, and getting 1875 times your win… on just one of those spins. You could end the feature with a much larger overall win, all on one ‘spin’.

It’s the cascading symbols, and 15x top multipliers, that make this one the winner.

You could (and others have) gotten over 3,000 times their bet. Potentially more is possible.

However, be warned, it is the most volatile of the mobile slots, so if you want to play a good 50 rounds start low and then increase your budget.

Talking of which…

Step 4: Bet small then increase your bet size

If you don’t have the money to bet as high as what we’ve said, the obvious answer is simple: start small, get a few bigger wins, then increase your bet.

Do not bet more than you can afford, on the off chance you can win an extra 1,000 on top of an already huge win.

Or, and here’s the great thing: you can make the win using bonus money.

And Guts Casino have a very generous welcome offer of 3 deposit bonuses giving you an extra £€$300.

It allows you to increase your bet size to something that could get you the kind of wins that you’ll be shouting ‘victory!’ at the top of your voice.

Roger, roger soldier! We wish you every success.

And if we don’t see you because you’ve run off to the Caribbean somewhere on your win. It’s been an honour.

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