Improve your Chances at Getting a Slice of the €£1 Million Sky Vegas Casino Giveaway

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Sky Vegas casino are having a massive promotion where they will be giving away thousands in cash every day. We tell you the best way to get onboard this cash train.


We should begin by telling you two things about this huge Sky Vegas casino bonus giveaway:

  1. This promotion runs everyday until the 18th of December 2014
  2. They are actually giving away more than one million in cash. But “the £1 million casino giveaway” sounds better right?

The thing to bear in mind here is whether or not you can get your hands on the cash. It’s all well and good saying they’ll be giving away over a million, it’s another actually winning said money.

As such, we are going to explain how the promotions works and what you can do to increase your odds of winning a slice of that pie.

How The Sky Vegas Casino 1 Million Giveaway works:

Everyday Sky Vegas casino are giving away 1,500 of cash prizes, ranging for a top prize of £5,000 to a more conservative £5 consolation prize, and everything in between.

And everyday, they will draw out 1,500 winners for each of the cash prizes available from the player pool of the day before.

You can win more than one prize if you have more than one ticket and there’s a bigger weekly raffle you can also get involved in.

Collecting raffle tickets for the daily draws

The first £10 played through on any games at the Sky Vegas mobile or online casino will get you one raffle ticket. Doesn’t matter if it’s video poker, roulette, slot machines or some random arcade game hidden in the background of this gambling site.

However, once you’ve earned your first Sky mobile raffle ticket of the day, you’ll have to be a little more selective in your game playing.

Win Cash Everyday

Play and wager £€10 and get your ticket for a chance to win a cash prize everyday at Sky Vegas

You’ll get one ticket for every £10 you wager on casino slots and instant win games, or £50 you wager on table games thereafter.

However, the following games are totally excluded: All Live Casino games, Celtic Spirit, Poker Keno, Texas Hold ’em shootout, Triple Chance Hi-Lo Mini Game, Caribbean stud poker, All Baccarat variants and All Video Poker variants.

So basically, stick with playing slots, cause everyone knows that mobile phone slots rules.

How much can I win each day?

So you got your tickets. All good. Now how likely are you to win a decent amount of cash?

Everyday they are giving away:

  • 1x £5,000
  • 2x £2,000
  • 5x £500
  • 25x £50
  • 500x £10
  • 1,000x £5

That’s 1,500 prizes a day for almost 2 months. Thats an impressive amount of prizes.

And then, there’s the £25,000 cash a week

Also called, the golden ticket. And it’s golden for a reason; it’s damn expensive to get into this draw.

Don’t believe us? You need to collect 250 normal raffle tickets, in one week, to get your one golden ticket. That one ticket will then be put in one of the weekly draws to win £25,000.

There will be seven draws in total, so 7 prizes of 25 grand. Or every friday until the 18th of December, if that’s easier to remember.

Collecting 250 tickets in any one week isn’t terribly difficult, but not exactly easy. That’s £2,500 worth of wagers, and if you have that kind of cash to splash at this popular casino, then awesome! You have a great chance of getting yourself an extra bonus prize AND enough to treat every one to that winter chalet alps ski spa retreat you’ve been talking about lately.

However, if you don’t, there’s still 5 grand a day up for grabs, which is very decent.

Did we mention there are no limits?

The good news is that if you earn 10 tickets, you could be a lucky son of a gun and win 10 of the 1,500 daily prizes the next day. If you collect 250 tickets, you could win 250 prizes the next day AND the 25,000 at the end of the week.

Though if you do, you should bottle your sweat and call it ‘Eau de Luck’. We’d be the first to buy it.

The point is, you can collect as many tickets as you want and win more than once. It’s up to you and your budget.

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However, we should always point out that you should never go over your casino gambling budget. Play for fun, and for the bonus chance of winning extra cash, but don’t depend on it. This is a raffle and only a lucky few will get prizes.

Still, if you are going to play your favourite slot machines online, on your smartphone or tablet, might as well play somewhere that giving you over a million in cash worth of prizes. Chances are, at some point, something will come your way.

6 Tips and Tricks to Get A Slice of This 1 Million Pie

There are a couple of things you can do to help you improve your odds. Some are obvious, but we still like to be thorough and tell you because sometimes the obvious is only obvious once you’ve read and thought about it.

1. Play Mobile Slots

This is number one in the obvious list, but come on. If you have a 100 cash budget, I’ll collect 10 tickets if I don’t win another penny in the slot machine and I am massively unlucky. If I play on table games and my bad luck continues, then that’s only two tickets for the next day draw. It’s not rocket science – 10 gives you better odds than 2. Because if you’re not collecting slot machine tickets, someone else will and they will win.

2. Pool your weekly budget together

This is a bit controversial, as usually we play when we are bored or on different days of the week. And if you have a good mobile casino budget, then go ahead. However, if your funds are limited, try and pick one evening and collect tickets only then. Much like any lottery, the more tickets you collect, the higher your odds of winning. So you might as well aim for that one big prize and play once a week, rather than 3 times, but lower your odds.

3. Play on double ticket slot games

If you don’t like rule number two, or if you want to increase your odds even further, there’s an easy way to double your chances. And that’s by clicking on the ‘promotions’ tab and checking out which of the mobile slot games will give you double the amount of tickets for that £10. Mostly, these are good games (when we checked last it was the fun Merlin’s Millions slot) and, as we mentioned before, more tickets = better odds.

4. Don’t play on Thursday, Friday & Saturday

No, we are not being superstitious or weird. We are a little bit of both on our best days, but we genuinely have a good reason for this. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays tend to be, generally, the busiest days at the casino. So you have more people playing, collecting tickets and lowering your odds of winning. Play on a Monday on the other hand, and you’ve got a better chance of one of your 10 tickets to win something, as there are simply less tickets (and less players) to win one of the 1,500 prizes.

5. Keep track of your tickets & winnings

Look, we are not trying to teach a grandmother to suck eggs, and whilst knowing how many tickets you’ve accumulate is useful, especially if you are aiming for that golden ticket, more importantly, make sure you check to see if you’ve won.

You can always ask the friendly staff at Sky Vegas casino to tell you both tickets and winnings, but to be honest, it’s hard to miss as when you log in to your Sky Vegas account you’ll be greeted with a congratulations message when you win. Just remember to log in the day after playing – take a minute on your way home via your mobile or something.

6. Play slots for fun

This Sky vegas casino promotion lasts until the 18th of December. Chances are, if you play there regularly, you’ll win something. That’s too much cash and too many prizes, not to walk away with at least a free £5.

But at the end of the day, this is a raffle. So whether you win £10 a day, or £5,000 in one go, the point is that this is an extra bonus to your day to day casino play.

So before you do anything, we recommend you go and register at Sky Vegas and get a free £10 to try out their platform. Play around with it, see if you like what they have to offer and then start playing. They are very generous with their first deposit bonus, giving you a 200% bonus up to £1,000, so plenty here to get you started on your path of ticket collecting glory.

And then whether you get a little or a lot of that 1 million cash prize, you’ll be happy no matter what.

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