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Not your usual Mr Green Casino promotion, they will be giving different offers on different days of the month. Usually you have to sign up to know about it, but we got the full schedule for your viewing pleasure.

Grab Yourself Some Free Spins & Play in Slot Tournament this September
Grab Yourself Some Free Spins & Play in Slot Tournament this September

Unlike their usual month long offers, Mr Green has decided to give you tidbits of competitions and casino bonuses this month, teasing you into trying out their platform.

You will need to be a Mr Green member before you take the offer below however, but you can expect a minimum of 10 free spins no deposit when you register and 100% bonus on top.

If you want the full list of mobile casino bonuses you’ll have to read our Mr Green Casino Review bonus section. Much like his beautiful green suit, they like to tailor their bonus offers to your place of residence.

We should also point out that this month the Mr Green offers are surprisingly not mobile friendly. We still write about it because there’s plenty here to enjoy, but if you can’t get away from your iPad then you might want to rethink this offer.

And now for our feature presentation. The September offers, when and what you have to do to get them, and if they are worthwhile.

11th September: Cash Drop

What is a cash drop I hear you ask? You are clearly a Mr Green casino newbie. Every once in a while, they like to give away random amounts of cash to players who play a featured game they want you to try out. How many players? It’s a mystery. How much cash? Between €£5 and €£250 each.

How do we know it’s any good? Because Mr Green casino has always been generous and this isn’t their first Cash Drop. Expect anything from €£2,000 to €£5,000 worth of cash prizes in total.

The exact casino offer

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Play Jokerizer slot on the 11th of September
  3. They will randomly pick players each day who have played the Cash Drop game and credit their account with anything from £5 to £250 in real cash.

Yeap, that’s real cash for those of who thought that all you’ll get is bonus money. This cash you can play with, withdraw and generally use as you want.

Is it any good?

Mr Green have done a few of these, at least one a month, and they appear to be popular with players. It’s easy to see why; the prize is real cash and all you need is blind luck to get it.

Plus, it usually means having to try a new slot game you might not know about; always a fun pastime. And if you play the slot and love it, then all the better for it.

We couldn’t see any tricky terms and condition, only that you had to play on the online version of the Jokerizer, not the mobile phone slot. Which is a shame in our books, but not a deal breaker.

13th & 14th September: Wild West Slot Tournament

It’s a good old fashioned slot tournament in the grand tradition of NetEntertainment. You have Saturday and Sunday to get to the top of the leaderboard and convince all the other slot players out there that you are the bestest, most awesome, lucky, slot player. Ever.

Also win cash. Did we forget to mention that?

The slot tournament terms:

  1. Head over to Mr Green
  2. Load up the incredibly volatile Dead or Alive slot machine and play at any time between 00:00 Saturday until 23:59 Sunday
  3. Your highest percentage win over 20 consecutive spins/rounds will determine your position on the leaderboard.
  4. The Top 5 players will be rewarded with $€£2,000 of cash prizes

How much cash you ask? A decent amount: 1st will get £1000, 2nd £500, 3rd £250, 4th £150 and 5th £100. Again, this is cash, not bonus money.

Is it worth it?

Depends whether you have the cowboy cojones to take on the slot Dead or Alive. This is an online game only, so not mobile friendly, which is a shame as Dead or Alive is easily one of the best, but often skipped over, NetEnt games.

The reason is simple; winning on this game is hard, but when you do win, the amounts can be life changing. Not Mega Fortune millionaire making, we grant you, but we are taking 1,000x your bet upwards.

It gives the kind of thrills only hard core gamblers can afford, so more casual players may want to avoid this little game. It also makes for an interesting slot to have a tournament on as the leaderboard fluctuation could be huge. One minute you are number one with a 200x your bet win, the next some takes the crown with a 450x win.

16th September: Free Spins on Attraction

A simple free spins deposit offer, this little beauty is curiously and wonderfully uncomplicated. Whether or not you find this casino bonus attractive (ha!) is whether you’re attracted (double ha!) to the recently released slot Attraction (triple… no that’s actually the name. Our bad).

How to get the free spins:

  1. Yeah, you have to go to Mr Green. Surprise!
  2. Deposit £€20 today, get 25 free spins tomorrow
  3. OR deposit £€50 today, get 60 free spins tomorrow
  4. OR deposit £€100 today, get 140 free spins tomorrow

You can only have one of the three offers above. So pick which one wisely.

Worth my deposit?

We all love free spins offers. To be honest, we love free spins in the slot games, full stop. Trying to get something for nothing is a long held natural human instinct.

In this case it’s not nothing, but then you have to consider that the deposit you make you can use to just play on any slot you like. So if you like to gamble (which we assume you do as you are reading this post) then you might as well get yourself some extra free spins.

The slot Attraction isn’t one we’ve personally spent too much time on; not because it’s not good, but it didn’t instantly grab our attention and we needed to go play the latest new slot for mobile, which means we only have a limited amount of time online. And giving Attraction 15 minutes of our time is hardly a good place to write a slot review, so this is one you’ll have to decide for yourself by trying out the game.

It is a NetEnt slot, so we are pre-disposed to having happy thoughts when we open it up, of course.

What’s the common denominator?

In case you didn’t catch our ever subtle clues… you’ll need to go to Mr Green casino before you can take the offers and decide whether this is the venue for you.

Crazy we know.

They are a great venue, have many great games and every month they have extra competitions and bonuses to offer. Plus you got to love the mysterious man in green right?

No? Ok, then back to the huge amount of casinos bonuses as a legitimate reason to play.

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