Are Mr Green’s New Casino Bonuses Better?

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Mr Green casino have made some dramatic changes to their new player welcome bonuses for a selection of folks; specifically the Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Ireland, Netherlands and the “rest of the world.”

Get Your New Casino Bonus, Including Free Spins & Bonus Money
Get Your New Casino Bonus, Including Free Spins & Bonus Money

Yes we said, ‘rest of the world’. So if you are from the UK, Germany, Austria or Norway, you get your own little unique bonus which you can read about in our Mr Green mobile casino review.

Everyone else, listen up, because Mr Green are changing the rules of the game and their welcome bonus. So what can you get now and is it any better than before?

Let’s look at them one by one, feel free to skip down to your relevant bonus section.

New Irish Casino Bonus

The Mr Green casino bonus for Ireland was incredibly generous. As a  no deposit free spin bonus goes, it was a doozy. You got 40 free spins, no deposit, on Golden Shamrock and then 200% up to €250 in bonus.

The new bonus is not as generous. Gives you more bonus money granted, over more deposits, so on the other hand you could play for quite a while longer. However, they’ve clearly tightened the rains on a bonus that was out of this world and we are surprised they didn’t do it sooner.

So we should just be grateful that they open their doors so wide to begin with, and still enjoy a decent offering from the Man in Green.

The new casino bonus is:

  • 10 Free spins on Starburst, Fruitshop or Scarface, on registration
  • 1st deposit – 100% to €100
  • 2nd deposit – 50% to €50
  • 3rd deposit – 25% to €100
  • 4th deposit – 125% to €100

Total: 10 free spins + €350 worth of cash.

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New Dutch, Australian, Canadian & Rest of the World bonus

Just because they’ve stuck them all together for simplicity, please do not think you mean any less to Mr Green casino. There just comes a point where you can’t do a bonus for every country in the world or you turn people like us, who have to write about it, into gibbering wrecks.

It is, surprisingly, incredibly similar to the one above, except, well you get a different mobile slot to play on. Mobile casinos have a wonderful way of testing games and seeing which work best for which markets, and which is an all round favourite for all.  They have found the second one in a newly released NetEnt slot game.

The new casino bonus is:

  • 10 Free spins on Lights slot
  • 1st deposit – 100% to €$100
  • 2nd deposit – 50% to €$50
  • 3rd deposit – 25% to €$100
  • 4th deposit – 125% to €$100

Total: 10 free spins + €$350 worth of cash.

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New Finnish Casino Bonus

So if you’ve read the ones above (Though why would you? As a Fin you should have skipped straight down), but if you did, you’d think yourself very clever and think that you also get multiple deposit offers.

Well you don’t. What you get instead is the jackpot of casino bonuses as apparently Mr Green loves you the most Finland. Must be all the pickled fish. To be fair, your old offer was very similar, except you got less free spins. So technically it’s only a small improvement, but an important one none-the-less.

The new casino bonus is:

  • €5 free no deposit bonus to play on any game
  • 30 instead of the old 20 free spins, again no deposit required but it’s changes to Lights slot
  • 1st deposit – 100% to €200

Total: €5 free + 30 free spins + €200 worth of cash.

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New Swedish Casino Bonus

The founders of this casino are Swedish, so it will not surprise you that they treat their fellow country men well. And why not, it’s a beautiful country full of cheap pine furniture, smoked salmon and dill.

That’s right, we’ve been there. Or Ikea. Close enough. No?

Well, forgive our ignorance as we tell you that you also get it pretty sweet. Not only do you get an increase in the percentage of your first deposit (from 100% to 233%), but you also now get 100 free spins rather than 50 free spins of old.

The new casino bonus is:

  1. 20 free spins no deposit on Lights again (it’s the new favourite)
  2. 233% first deposit bonus of 1,000 Kr (yes it’s an odd %, but it over triples your first deposit)
  3. 20 free spins on Lights, everyday for 4 days

Total: 1,000 Kr in bonus money and 100 free spins.

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New Polish Casino Bonus

The Poland casino bonus is, depending on your view point, kinda, sorta better. What do we mean? Well it basically rewards you if you deposit more. So you can deposit less than 150PLN and get the exact same offer as before, or if you deposit 150PLN or more, you’ll get more free spins.

The way we see it, it’s all an improvement right? Use to be only 10 free spins, now you have a chance to get 50 free spins if you have the cash for it. If you don’t you still get the old offer, but on a better slot (NetEnt’s Beach slot is not half as good as Starburst).

The new casino bonus is:

  1. 10 free spins on the Starburst slot when you register
  2. 100% up to 500 PLN
  3. If your first deposit is of at least 150 PLN, you will get an additional 40 free spins on Starburst

Total: 500 PLN bonus + 50 free spins on Starburst

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An improvement almost all around

Ok yes, if you are Irish you got kinda screwed. But think of it as having been lucky enough to be in Mr Green’s list of ‘occasionally giving away incredible offers‘.

Everyone else definitely get’s more for their money. More free spins, more deposit bonuses, bigger deposit bonuses. It seems to us like Mr Green is fighting hard for a spot in everyone’s hearts.

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