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We have developed our latest slots search engine that lets you find slots you like to play quickly and easily using one or more of 13 different factors. Simply choose the criteria you want, press 'Search Slots' and scroll down to see what our slot finder has found

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How to use our casino slot filter

Don't be scared. It may look big with lots of different filters, but once you know how to use it, our casino slot finder will help you get to your perfect game.

First things first: every time you click “Search Slots”, you'll get the results below and the filter will clear. So if you want to search again, you'll need to put your criteria back into the slot machine search.

Obviously if you only have one criteria, you are more likely to get more results, but the whole point is to try and narrow down the thousands of mobile slots out there, to just 5 you can try.

As a general rule try and stick to three criteria at the most. If you are looking for features only, stick to the features – you have three to pick from and see what results you get.

If you are a fan one one particular casino game software, then find one criteria and see what you results you get. You can then add another criteria if you get too many results.

What do each of the criteria means?

Slot Title: If you know the name of the slot you want to play, just type in and start spinning.

Software: This is the casino game studio that creates the games. There's a lot of them. For fans of specific creators only.

Themes: Did you want to escape to Monte Carlo, or spin Diamonds and Pearls? From Ancient Egypt to heading over the rainbow with the leprechauns, there's a theme for everyone.

Features 1, 2, 3: If you've fallen in love with expanded scatter slots with wilds, just pick your favourite features and find your favourite video slots.

Volatility: What is slot volatility? We've written about the subject many times, but if you're not sure remember this “low variance = low risk and low wins, high variance = high risk and high wins.”

RTP: The return to player rate here is calculated as anything above the number you put in. So if you want to find slot RTP's of 96% or over, just type in 96.

Min Bet: This is any slot where you can bet the amount you set up. So if you want a slot where you can bet a minimum of 1 a spin, you'll get all slots that have that amount – even if the real minimum bet is 0.10 or 0.20. Stick to amounts to under 10 a spin.

Max Bet: This looks at the max bet amounts. If you type in 0.50 you won't get any good results. Generally sticks to amounts of over 10 a spin.

Number of Reels: Your choice here is between 3 to 15 reels. It's not really as useful as most of the other criteria, but its fun if you are looking for something a little unique.

Paylines: This is the number ways to wins or paylines from a slot game.You have so much choice with betways, so use this power wisely. If in doubt, leave this as the last criteria.

Slot Types: You get four types: Megaways, Grid slots, Video Slots and Classic slots. Megaways have 117649 ways to win and 6 reels. Grid slots tend to pay in clusters and come in grids of 5x5, 8x8 or 10x10. Video Slots have 5 reels and 3 or 4 rows of symbols. Classic slots, on the other hand, tend to only have 3 reels and something between 1 to 8 paylines.

Slot Rating: That's the rating we've given our slot review. We've written a little bit more about it below.

Jackpot: Tick if you want a game with a jackpot. Leave blank if you want all slots, including jackpot ones.

Be careful when using paylines

So we had to make sure that every single game is on the list, and there's some that just don't fit no matter what we do.

Ways to wins are probably going to be your biggest misstep. Ever since the invention of 243 ways to win slots, casino providers have been tripping over themselves to give you more interesting ways to give you more paylines.

This become all the more complicated once the Megaways slots came into play, and you have slots with expanded reels, changing ways to win on each spin.

So, for example, you will have only one game in our list with 25,088 ways to win, because we've only ever played and reviewed one game. It's not a usual amount of betways.

So if you are looking for slots with a certain amount of paylines great. If you are trying to find casino slots games with a certain number of paylines and another criteria... stick to the 'standard' numbers. So 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, 243, 117649 etc...

If you try and narrow down the paylines too much, you might stumble into 'no results' with a huge amount of frequency.

How the slot rating works:

When we write our slot reviews, we write them not because we think that one game is better than the other, but because it's a good game of it's type.

So, in other words, we don't compare a Megaways slot to a classic 1 payline fruit machine. We take a look at whether the game delivers on what it promises.

Does it have a good design and animation? Does it work well on mobile phones and tablets? Does it have a good top win for its variance? Are the features useful or just there to distract you?

However, generally you can expect:

Don't think that only 5 star slots are worth playing. We don't give that rating often, so if you only search by 5 stars you probably won't get a huge selection.

4 stars usually means that we didn't like a little something. Maybe the design wasn't up to scratch, maybe the RTP was a little low, maybe the betting range excluded low limit or high limit players.

Either way, it's not a deal breaker, and as long as you like the type of slot game it is, you'll enjoy the spin.

And then we have the 3 stars games. It's not that we didn't like them, it's just... middle of the road games. Middle of the road is ok sometimes.

It's not great, but it's not bad. Your money won't be wasted, though maybe these slot games won't take your attention for hours. These are casino games that will entertain for some quick 10 minutes spins.

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