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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its... the best collection of Superhero and comic book slots on mobile right now!

The golden age of Comic Book slots is upon us and we take a look at what kind of superheroes you can expect to grace your reels and mobile casinos.

In olden days we had capricious Greek Gods having wild affairs, noble Egyptian Kings saving the day and Norse Warriors fighting for Valhalla.

Now? Our myths and legends are created by men who can draw fantastical beings who fly from the page and straight into our hearts.

There’s no doubt we now believe that people can lift mountains, survive gamma explosions, and avenge the most gruesome personal murder. It’s part of our day to day culture and a form of escapism that fits beautifully with casino games.

After all, superhero slots may not save you from life, but they might save you from a few moments of boredom and monotony, and isn’t that what we all seek when we come searching for a casino hero?

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